How Do Free Spins Work?

Whilst playing in an online casino you will most likely, sooner or late, come across free spins.

How Do Free Spins Work

Free spins are a main promo tool and offer an entertainment factor for the casino. They’re given as either a method of reward for players to entice them into playing more or as a feature of the slots as a bonus during the game.

You get free spins on slot games, which is referred to as spinning the reels. Casinos and slot sites will give away free spins as a marketing ploy, so players can attempt to win some cash without risking theirs.

How it works varies, depending on the site or slot game. The basic principle remains the same. Seeking out free spin offers boosts players online gambling experience.

What Exactly Are Free Spins with Online Casinos?

Free spins are logical when you’re aware that, in online casino terms, a single bet on a slot machine is called a ‘spin’.

It refers to the physical action of spinning a reel on a slot machine, despite digital video slots only having a virtual reel. A free spin is a spin of the reels, or one single bet, given to you for free.

Free spins are the best way to make money!

Winning Some Free Spins

The confusion comes from the distinction between free spins, from promos with free spins won during a game. The latter is when you get a given symbol combination on the reels or a certain feature.

Nearly all slot games offer some kind of free spin round. When it’s triggered you’ll get a set number of free spins automatically.

Free Spins Received from Promotions

This next form is the most popular form of free spins. The promotional kind. Usually given via a welcome bonus or a kind of marketing offer.

You won’t be lucky enough to get these in the middle of a game, they’re given and good to go. If you’re fortunate, you can get the jump on the slot and make some money without spending any of your own.

How Do Free Spins Work?

Free spins work differently depending on how they’re awarded, either from a promotion or a game. The main premise is the same. You spin the reels. Credit doesn’t get deducted from your account balance and instead a free spin is taken.

Typically the slot game makes this clear by showing the next spin is free, usually with a counter.

Promotional Free Spins

If a promotion has awarded you with free spins they’ll usually be ready to use when you start a slot game on which the spins apply. Promos usually give spins for a specific game or a small selection. Make sure you pick the right game(s).

When you arrive, you should get a display that makes it obvious that you’re playing with free spins. To be sure, double-check on the stake and ensure your balance hasn’t gone down after that first spin.

Free Spins Won During a Game

If free spins are given at a certain stake amount, you might not be able to adjust this. If you’re given free spins via a bonus round, they usually count as the stake size that you were playing with at the time. They might also offer extra benefits, like a multiplier, awarded on each free spin.

If you’re lucky, they might retrigger and keep benefitting from free spins. They might take place in a different game mode, using different values, symbols and potential to win the jackpot.

How Do I Earn Free Spins?

There are a few different ways to get free spins when playing slots online. Check out our tips below.

Make a Deposit

The simplest way to get free spins is via a welcome bonus. A lot of sites offer free spins in addition to, or instead of, a typical cash match bonus. The main offer might be something like “deposit £5 and get 20 to play with”, but the added bonus of “30 extra free spins on X Game”.

Remember that free spins awarded via a promotion like this usually have some kind of terms and conditions or a limit, like bonus money does.

Read the Terms and Conditions

To give one example of a limitation is a cap on your potential winnings amount. This will be the amount that can be converted to real money, from the bonus.

Say you might get 200 free spins. Despite how much you win from those spins, you can only ever withdraw £30 (eg). Or you might have to play your winnings a set number of times before you’re allowed to withdraw (like a standard cash bonus).

The same can be seen with non-welcome bonuses. Check the terms of the offer. Free spin offers are usually on a given slot and there’s a requirement to make a deposit before you can have them. This won’t always be the case but they can originate from interactive offers like a random reward.

More Free Slots Bonuses

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Hunt Out the Offers

Hunt around for zero deposit free spin offers. They’re quite rare these days but some sites still let you have some free spins simply for opening an account. Hopefully without making a deposit.

This is an awesome way to get something for free. Plus you get to try out the site and familiarise yourself with it at no cost to yourself. They’ll have a wagering requirement or cap, but with zero deposit needed there’s really nothing to lose by giving it a go.