Infinity Gaming Solutions Affiliates

Many people are starting to make serious money from casino and gaming affiliate programs.  Infinity Gaming Solutions is a leading name in white label casinos. They also offer affiliate marketing for bloggers and website owners who regularly write about the industry.

You can join here to become a partner with this brand.

The Infinity Gaming Solutions affiliate program could offer many people a lucrative way to make passive income on the side.  But how do you get started, and what’s involved?  Take a look at our full guide below for more details and why it’s worth getting involved.

Who Are Infinity Gaming Solutions?

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Infinity Gaming Solutions is an umbrella brand for a variety of gaming sites and brands. They are a company which looks after several online casinos. They work with developers and studios such as Nektan, Aristocrat and NYX Gaming.

Their games catalogues are always full of fantastic, fun titles, and their sites have a fervent following.  IGS sites are quite mid-range for the online casino and gaming scene. But this should never be enough to put everyday players and affiliates off.

Features and Services

IGS is a brand that many people trust.  Their main site lets you take a closer look at their white label services. It also offers you the opportunity to contact the team to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Their affiliate scheme requires you to promote their sites and games. You can do this through your blog or website according to their rules and regulations. Providing people click on the links you provide to their sites; you could make a lot of money back from the deposits they put forward.

But, it is worth remembering that all affiliate schemes carry a modicum of risk. Especially as you are going to need to post about these sites on a regular basis to reap the benefits.

That’s why it’s always worth reading reviews, and checking what other people have to say before you get started!

Sites They Promote?

IGS deals with a handful of casinos which are already popular with a select crowd. This means it should never be too difficult to promote their games libraries and online casino lounges to the right people.

At present, IGS looks after these sites, which you can promote through the Infinity Gaming Solutions affiliate program:

  • Slot Frolic
  • Midaur Casino
  • Cocosino

Midaur Casino is IGS’ leading brand, however, it’s great that there are a couple of other choices. Do make sure you take a close look at the small print for the affiliate scheme before you get started.

Otherwise, you may end up attached to a program or deal that you are simply not comfortable with!  Don’t get tied down unless you want to, or unless you can really help it!  IGS is a leading name in online games with lots of happy users, however, so you are in good hands.

Potential Earnings

It’s always worth checking out your potential earnings from an affiliate scheme before you start giving any details across.  Unfortunately, IGS’ main site doesn’t give too much information away about the scheme.  You may have to contact them directly to find out exactly what to expect.

We have been able to find out some information on potential earnings which may whet your appetite. According to initial releases, the standard rate of commission for affiliates sits between 25% and 45%.

Sources suggest that this has been as high as 50% on the past via promotional deals. However, as stated, it’s worth looking into these details with the brand directly.

Do be aware that the 25% to 45% scale is based on the money that your clickers bring into a site. The more money your clickers make for a site in the long run, the more you can expect to make back in commission and personal revenue!

Payment Methods

It’s worth looking at the payment methods involved in any affiliate program. But, again, details are sadly a little sparse on this front.

We again advise you contact IGS for information on the Infinity Gaming Solutions affiliate program. If we do get any details to share with you in the meantime, we will!  Be sure to bookmark this page!

More Affiliate Programs

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Become a Partner With Infinity Gaming

IGS offers a good rate of commission for any potential partners. Become a partner with Infinity Gaming and you could claim back a lot of passive money through simple marketing and promotion. The Infinity Gaming Solutions affiliate scheme will furnish you with tools to promote and monitor your rising wealth.

But do be aware that it’s going to take work for you to really get up to speed.  Are you up to the challenge?  Contact Infinity Gaming Solutions affiliates to learn more.