Marina’s Bingo Review – Up To £40 Welcome Bonus

Fancy taking a dip into some seriously snazzy bingo and gaming action?  Marina’s Bingo bonus codes are available for you to take advantage of now, meaning you can find yourself better off in no time just by activating the right deal. They are offering a bonus of up to £40 as well as 50 free spins when you sign up to play.

This nautical themed site is relatively new, having launched in early 2018, and those who have been around the online gaming scene will likely already be able to tell that the site is part of the wider Dragonfish network of gaming platforms.

While it may not be the most neutral of sites on the network – if anything, it has tons of character and a great theme, there’s still plenty of reasons why you’d want to get yourself involved in some of the games and bingo rooms and events here.  Even if you’re not that big a fan of the water, this site is well-designed and which makes the most of the flexible Dragonfish engine available.

The promo codes are particularly interesting – they don’t offer straightforward or predictable cash matching or the like off the bat – and we’ll go into what makes the welcome bonus so worthwhile a little further on in this Marina’s Bingo review.

The site is focused on rewarding players who stick around, which means that despite its fairly casual appeal, it seems it really will pay well for you to stay loyal.  There’s more to a site than just its deals and its looks, however, and this review is here to dig a little deeper into what makes the site so worthwhile for new players to get involved in.

Marina’s Bingo Promo Code

The opening deal and Marina’s Bingo promo code is a little different to that which you may find elsewhere on the web, and even elsewhere on the well-trodden Dragonfish network.  Current deals will allow you to pay in at least £5 to get cash matching with a maximum bonus of £40 in free bonus cash.

You’ll also get a nifty 50 free spins to use on the popular Fish and Chips slot game, meaning that this really is an aquatic deal that’s all-in.

Wagering requirements will vary depending upon what you use your bonus credit on – the bonus codes come with a 6x wagering tariff for bingo (deposit and bonus inclusive) and a 40z tariff for other games.

This is fairly competitive, especially from the slot games angle – meaning that there is clearly something here for seasoned players in it to win it, too.  Do be careful – as you’ll only be able to make use of bonus funds for up to a week after you receive them.

More Promotional Offers

Further promotions on-site do differ a little bit from the Dragonfish mainstream which is always welcome – meaning that while there are elements here which are familiar, they’re wrapped up in a way which will entice new players from all over the web.

This is a site which rewards loyalty well, offering you extra bonus codes and even the chance to lower your wagering tariff on certain deals along the way.

This is a nice series of twists we think will go down well with the vast majority of players.  Beyond this, there’s community games and jackpot opportunities, too, so take advantage whenever you can and login regularly to grab a chance at winning some serious mermaid moolah.

Games Available

There’s lots of big, brassy games for you to dive into at Marina’s Bingo, with the aforementioned Fish and Chips being a big draw as it falls in with the general theme of the site!  There’s titles such as 88 Fortunes, Aloha! and Aftershock Frenzy, too – all big games that do come as standard with many Dragonfish titles, though this is never a bad thing.

Some players who have seen and played their fair share of games will likely find some of the titles and the features here very ‘samey’ indeed, but that isn’t to say that they’re not worthwhile getting into.

Dragonfish offers solid gameplay and guaranteed fair payouts across all platforms, making it among the most respected standards in online gaming bar none.  This site is simply one of the latest to make the most of the software and the platform’s variety of games and features.

There’s certainly more of a weighting towards bingo here though there are casino games nestled in amongst the slot standards.  Game rooms are available in a nice variety and there’s a balance between slots and bingo here which is fairly rare, even on some more inclusive sites online.  We therefore like the fact that the brand goes out of its way to offer a little bit of everything.


The Dragonfish software is well-trodden and well-loved, and newer bingo sites using the engine are becoming more and more unique in their approaches to making the most of your promo code and the games that come attached.

This is a site which looks the part on both desktop and portable sites, and the platform and catalogue is generally very easy to navigate and speedy to access and load from.  This is the best of Dragonfish in action – these sites are always very accessible for new players and give plenty of information before you decide whether or not you’d like to register.

Dragonfish’s games line-up and standard promo codes aren’t necessarily in as full display here as you might think, and while eagle-eyed players will likely find some similarities along the way, newer bingo dabber won’t have much of an issue getting involved at all.

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

There’s plenty of coverage here for the majority of card and e-wallet users, meaning that you can use the likes of:

  • Visa
  • Electron
  • Visa Debit
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

It’s well worth making sure you bank with an option that’s right for you – transfers to cards and banks can take longer, and e-wallets can see money returned in a day or two.  All things considered, however, withdrawal times here are fairly standard – request your winnings and you’ll get them back in a couple of days, likely 7 working days at most.

There are now plenty of bingo sites with Bitcoin if you’d prefer to use this cryptocurrency method for making deposits.

A great thing about the Marina’s Bingo withdrawal policy is the fact that you can take as little as £5 away with you – meaning that you won’t ever feel under pressure to stack up plenty of cash before you feel obliged to take money away.  It’s always worth looking into deposit and withdrawal policies before you get started with a site – particularly if you are invested in a platform enough to be wanting to play games there often.

Marina’s Bingo Mobile

Dragonfish sites work marvellously well from platform to platform, meaning that there is certainly no harm at all in logging in with your Marina’s Bingo login via your phone or tablet to take on some of your favourite games in a portable format.

Those players interested in a Marina’s Bingo mobile app may have to wait a little while – Dragonfish sites don’t always lead with downloadable programs – though the bingo mobile site here does more than enough to allow both bingo and slot games to be enjoyed on a fluid and efficient basis.

We experienced no problems during testing and, in some cases, preferred playing on the go as opposed to via desktop PC.  You won’t miss out on any deals or functionality by logging in from your phone – why not give it a try?


This Marina’s Bingo review shows another great example of a site that makes the most of the brilliant Dragonfish engine even in modern times – unlike its contemporaries, this site offers a keen balance between casual and pro gamer appeal, offering big deals and plenty of reasons to stay involved as a loyal gamer.

The theme, the layout and the various promo codes and games on offer all stack up well, even if some players may find them all a bit too familiar. What’s more, the bonus terms and cash-out policy are well worth sticking around for. This site genuinely cares!  Get involved with great games, chat rooms and more besides.