12 Tips for Playing Progressive Jackpot Games

Have you ever played a progressive slot game before?  If not, you may be missing out on some pretty big prizes.  Progressive slots are lots of fun.

You can unlock huge jackpots simply by adding to a communal pot as you play along.

Some of these slots are shared by multiple sites, which means you should consider looking at several platforms and sites before you get started!

But what are some of the best ways to make the most of progressive jackpot sites?

Here are some tips you should bear in mind before you start putting any of your money in.

1. Minimum or Maximum?

This is absolutely crucial.  If you’re going to make any money from big wins, you are going to need to budget for the highest of stakes.

Think about balancing between minimum bets and maximum bets.

You will have more chances to win a progressive jackpot if you place multiple minimum bets, as opposed to one or two maximum bets.

2. Look at the Random Factor

On the flip side, random progressive jackpot games will give you more of a chance at the big prizes if you pay more money in per bet.

Therefore, in these circumstances, you might want to max bet every so often.  What you choose is really going to depend on the game you are playing.

3. Make Sure You Know What to Do!

Not all progressive jackpot slots and games are the same.  Do make sure to read all the rules and small print carefully before you get started.

Otherwise, you could end up throwing hundreds of pounds into a game without ever activating the progressive feature!

4. Understand That It’s All About Luck

Ultimately, slot games are always about luck.  There are no sure-fire ways to win progressive jackpots at this time.

Therefore, the best thing you can possibly do to prepare is to accept that winning is a random event.

There are no guarantees you will win the big pot, but then again, you have to be in it to win it.

Let the random nature of the prize drive your interest, rather than letting it hold you back.

5. Peruse the Pay Table

As with all slot games, you should take time to look carefully at any pay tables you are offered.

This will help you to understand how certain line bonuses work, if there are any scatter features, and how far your bets will go per line.

Some people like to be surprised by the pay table, but when you are playing progressive games for real, it pays to clue up.

6. Check Out the Stats

RTP, or return to player, can be a really good way of seeing how well a game pays out.

In other cases, some progressive jackpot games will let you know what their jackpot payout percentage actually sits at.

Don’t always take these details as read, however, as all games are designed to be random and to mix up your chances of shooting for that big cash pot.

7. Don’t Keep Pursuing

The pitfall of playing a progressive jackpot game lies in the fact that it can feel like you are only ever a few spins away from getting the big prize.

Some games can lead you into this thought process with phrases such as ‘jackpot must be won by x amount’.

Take a deep breath, and make sure to avoid just playing these games for the chase.

There really is no real way of knowing when you’ll activate the jackpot, if at all.  Stick to a budget or time limit, and tap out.

8. Consider Auto Play

Ever used the auto play function on a normal slot game?  It’s in pride of place in progressive games, too.  It may actually help you get a better shot at the big prizes.

As mentioned, lots of minimum bets are going to be better than only a few maximum bets.

Why not roll up a few minimum bets on the auto play feature and see what happens?

You’ll be throwing everything you have at the game, which means you’ll have a better reason than most to really claim back some big money.

9. Play at the Right Time

As mentioned, many progressive slot games will let you know when a jackpot could be likely to drop.

These games will also let you know what you can expect from a cash pot each time you log in and play.

Consider looking at the current pots on offer and decide whether or not you think they are about to drop.

It’s impossible to tell, exactly, but play these games for a while, and you may build up a strategy that works for you.

10. Check the Terms and Conditions

Always, always read the small print.  This not only applies to the games themselves but any bonus deals which may be tied in.

If you’re taking advantage of a bonus code, you may not be able to take money away if you win the big prize.  How gutting would that be?

On top of this, make sure you understand your limits.

Some games and sites have cash out terms, which means if you win £500,000, a site might only let you take it away in small increments.  Read everything!

11. Read What Players Have to Say

The best people to consult regarding progressive jackpot games are, of course, the players.

Progressive players will let you know if games are worth pursuing, and what you can do to make the most of the slots involved.

You should also read up on how much players have won previously from any given games.

Check out our reviews on the following:

12. Don’t Gamble or Get Distracted

Finally, let’s be clear – if you’re serious about taking away the big prizes, don’t get distracted by the little ones.

Some progressive jackpot games offer gamble modes, which allow you to double-or-quits your winnings.  It’s just not worth it!

Invest money in getting after that big prize if you’re serious about it.

However, once again, make peace with the fact that progressive prizes are randomly given out – no matter what you do!

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