Bingo Royale 90 Ball Bingo

Bingo Royale is a recent return from Jackpotjoy, a rework of their original game before their major site revamps. Bingo Royale comes with a Royal Pardon and other bonus features that make the game unique. It’s a 90-ball game with a twist and comes with jackpot wins available.

After a new makeover and some feature tweaks, the classic bingo game is back and better than ever, but how does it hold up compared to other modern offerings? Here is everything you will want to know.

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What is Bingo Royale?

This bingo 90-ball game takes the same steps as many other varieties of bingo: 90-ball bingo setup aside, it is a straightforward aim for one line, two lines, or the full house, with a bonus feature or two to keep bingo games fluid and unpredictable. If you know how to play any regular bingo games for real-money gambling, you are already mostly there.

Bingo Royale saw a sudden return after Jackpotjoy took it down for a long span of time, coming back to multiple bingo site hosts with brand new content and a refurbished game look. It is still the same game underneath, with all of the simplicity that makes games like Bingo Royale worth playing for new players and customers.

How to Play Bingo Royale

Bingo Royale follows a 90-ball bingo setup, meaning that there are 90 potential balls that can be called. The winning game patterns are one line, two lines, or the full house, the latter of which is the biggest prize for most players.

The game has been simplified and streamlined for entertainment purposes, making it easy for new bingo players to get used to.

90 Balls

At its core, Bingo Royale is a typical bingo game aimed at any person who wants to try out a few bingo / 90-ball bingo games and see if their ticket numbers come up. Bonus winnings are an option, and the simple but fun patterns allow for the easy understanding of which number you are actually waiting for next.

As a 90-ball bingo variant, it lasts longer than other types, meaning that newbie bingo players have more time to adapt to the game itself.


There are also chat rooms and some social media features (such as a possible Facebook connection), making it a lot simpler to socialize, socialize, socialize while you are playing!

Of course, if you would prefer something solo, you never have to talk to other players – the chat rooms are a totally optional part of the experience. The game’s aimed at an adult audience, so you can expect the bingo room players to be just as invested as you are.


Playing is simple: buy bingo tickets (or your bingo cards, depending on what you prefer to call them) and wait for your numbers to get called. There is nothing else to it – no extra purchases, no wagering requirement, and no need to stress.

Even if you do not get a full house, a line win can still be a good profit for the average player. A slow internet connection also should not be an issue for you when cash prizes are on the line.

Bingo Royale Special Features

All bingo games have gimmicks, and unlike casino gaming, these online bingo rooms can pull off some interesting quirks. Instead of just calling bingos, there are two alternate features that can activate to shake up your bingo 90-ball win at the last second (or, for the Super Jackpot, before the game is even over).

Simplified Tickets

The simplified tickets system is an optional feature that serves as a great upgrade, thanks to the game’s recent return. When toggled on, your tickets will hide any number that has already been called, making it easier to keep track of each number that you are still waiting for.

This is great for removing some excess information while you are gaming and is a useful feature for any bingo 90-ball game, where numbers can take a while to call.

The Royal Pardon

The biggest feature of Bingo Royale is the inclusion of The Royal Pardon mechanic. At the end of the game, His Majesty might appear in his palace and call five extra number balls – if this causes a full house win, then The Royal Pardon activates.

This gives you a share of The Royal Pardon Jackpot, which can quickly lead to massive bonus winnings – but you do not always know if His Majesty will even appear.

Super Jackpot

The second feature is the Super Jackpot. This is a fixed jackpot feature of £1000 that will be given to any player who can call house in under 36 calls. This feature’s value increases during linked games at the cost of disabling The Royal Pardon, so it can become a very desirable bonus to earn.

These calls need to happen before that threshold – if your calls happen one number over, the game will not give you the bonus, so the calls have to be exact.

Bingo 90 Royale Bonuses

These two bonuses are the key part of this 90-ball bingo game that people forget to consider: there are not any in-game bonuses other than the two jackpot features, meaning that every player has a chance of triggering the jackpots and getting a huge boost to their real-money gambling profits.

Unlike some other bingo games, The Royal Pardon can also be triggered by multiple people within a short span of time.

There are no mini-games with bonus offers: some bingo games have hidden slots, where spins can give you benefits, but you will not find any spins here. The closest equivalent to the spins would be the jackpots, which are still entirely random and can’t be gamed with little tricks like refreshing the page to try and change your numbers.

Jackpots and Prizes

The main prizes in any game will usually be the normal money that the winner will get from their tickets: these obviously increase depending on the value of your result (one line, two-line, and full house, which is the highest in value), although there should not be anywhere where these winning amounts change.

The biggest offers are the jackpot prizes, naturally. These do not require any extra purchases and are entirely bonus functions, meaning that you can get them on top of normal prizes for winning. There are no minimum wagering requirements other than the cost of the winning ticket, and players do not need extra information or experience to be able to achieve these jackpots properly.

Should I Try Bingo Royale?

Bingo Royale is a game that manages to be simple without being boring, something that new players can appreciate. For new customers who are just getting into bingo, 90-ball bingo can sound like a lot, but it is actually quite a decent place to learn. Games go on for a lot longer, and bingo tickets have no unnecessary gimmicks to them, meaning that you can use the game as a device to learn how bingo works.

For people who are already customers of many of the best bingo sites, this can be a good break from more complex games. All you need is to wait for each number to be called out – there are not any mini-games you need to play for bonus bingo room modifiers or free tickets, and you are not overwhelmed with ads for other games. In fact, the interface is not just free of ads but free of unnecessary details almost entirely.

Is It Safe?

The game itself is safe, as long as you play on sites properly registered where they need to be registered (usually the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, the Great Britain gambling authorities, and anywhere else that’s needed to operate in the UK). The Gibraltar Gambling Commission is generally the biggest one here, so any UK site that is not registered with the commission at 4 Waterport Place, Gibraltar, could be risky.

Keep in mind that no Gibraltar registration can also mean that things like cookie details are not accurate. Most casinos or gambling sites that operate in the UK need to be registered with Gibraltar, so sites that do not mention 4 Waterport Place, Gibraltar in their terms and conditions or do not have a company number or account number might not be entirely legitimate.

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