Bingo Bowl 50 Ball Bingo

Want to play Bingo Bowl 50 ball bingo online? There are plenty of sites offering this fun game.

50-Ball Bingo is a new unique way to play classic bingo games with a whole different set of bingo balls, something that completely changes the flow and pace of the game.

Thanks to the lower amount of balls than other bingo types like 75-ball bingo or 90-ball bingo, the overall outcome of the game can feel surprisingly different, especially when you are on a risky winning streak.

But what makes 50-ball bingo different? Is it the type of game you would want to check out? Here’s everything you might want to know about Bingo Bowl 50-Ball Bingo, as well as some tips on how to play and what to expect.

What is 50-Ball Bingo?

50-ball bingo is just like any other (number)-ball bingo games, with the key difference being the number of balls in play. There are other smaller rule changes to make the game a lot more engaging to play, so it isn’t just a complete mechanical rip of another bingo game with the ball number changed. For as little as 5p for each ticket, it is also easy to get started.

The game has some unique design elements, as expected, which can make it a very different kind of experience compared to regular 90-ball games.

How do ball counts impact bingo games?

The amount of balls used in bingo games does not change the game at a fundamental level, but it alters how long each round will last. 90-ball bingo is the most common, but the best online bingo sites host a wide range of games, some of which heavily alter how many balls are put in play. Generally, this falls between 75-90 balls, so 50-ball bingo is a clear exception with its own set of rules and win conditions.

Fewer balls can also mean that bingo games go a lot faster. 50-ball bingo is going to last much less time than 90-ball bingo, which makes these 50-ball bingo games a lot more rapid and less sluggish. If you are used to slower styles of bingo, then it might take some time to adapt to 50-ball bingo games.

How to Play Bingo Bowl 50-Ball Bingo

Playing Bingo Bowl 50-Ball Bingo takes a simple first step – buying the online bingo ticket. These are 5p (£0.05) each, and when you are in the pre-game menu, you have the option to buy multiple different cards simply by clicking on them.

These are regular bingo-playing cards in terms of how you use them – you need to mark off every single number on your card.

The Basics

If you are new to online bingo, then knowing the game is important. No matter what kind of pattern, bingo ball setup, or bonuses are on offer, you want to understand how the game works and how you can actually win.

In this game, the 50-ball setup means that there are only 50 possible balls that can be called – once the 50 ball limit is reached, somebody should have won. This is 40 balls less than a 90 ball game, so a typical 50 ball game will go almost twice as fast – especially 50-ball online bingo, where the game can be entirely automated.

How to Play

To get started with this 50-ball bingo, simply buy your tickets and wait for the numbers to be called one by one. Like most bingo sites, this is a purely automatic process with no option for other players to cheat or alter the outcome, so you are getting an entirely random set of numbers that will *eventually* lead to a full house.

Once you get enough numbers called off to win, you will get some winnings, and the game will end. If somebody else wins first, the game will usually end too. Bonus features can activate under the right conditions but are not a constant factor and won’t activate if their triggers have not been hit.

The Differences

50-ball bingo is a bingo variant that also includes a unique kind of visual style, and it is easy to see this the moment you start the game up. Instead of a flat grid where numbers are called, you are knocking down bowling pins – each call sends the ball down to knock over one of the pins, a nice way to show off the random nature of the calls. This also means that there are no straight lines – just the pins.

What does this mean? Well, each bingo card essentially requires a full house to win: you do not have the option of settling for a line. The game will keep going even if you fill out half of your card, and you can’t take a smaller amount of money if you manage to create two lines on the card itself.

Playing the Game

Actually, playing 50-ball bingo is not tricky at all. You buy your card and then wait for calls, hoping that your tickets will be filled out first. You do not have to manually call any of your numbers, and they will be picked out normally over the course of the game.

If you have played 90-ball games in the past, you know the basics of what to expect, but 50-ball bingo games last far less time than 90-ball ones.

How Long do Games Last?

These bingo rounds take around a minute or two at most, depending on how long it takes for somebody’s numbers to be called. Since a full house is needed to win, it can be an intense wait for the last couple of numbers to come up before other players are called, but there is no way for them to unfairly influence the game.

What Else Do Players Need To Do?

The simplicity of Bingo Bowl 50-ball bingo means that players do not really have to do anything in addition to buying the cards. The entire game is set up to run automatically, and there is no really special things that customers are forced to do to keep the game moving.

Compared to a standard 90-ball bingo game, this is fairly normal and means that rounds can go very quickly sometimes.

Is Bingo Bowl Hard to Learn?

The addition of new bonuses does not actually make the game any more complex, and there are no weird words or terms to learn. Unlike the spins system of a slot machine, there are also no special gimmicky “spins” that can throw you off.

UK players also do not need to learn non-UK terms, which is something that can occasionally be a problem when UK players try to play US-based games.

Special Features

Bingo would not be bingo without some special features, and this 50-ball bingo game has two major ones, both of which are fairly special. These are not the same bonuses you will see on branded games like Coronation Street bingo or site bonuses like those on Sky Bingo, but also are not the player-activated games that slow the round down.

Either of the bonuses can trigger as long as the conditions are correct and the game is not already over, but one won’t necessarily activate the other. There is not a min deposit to make them work, and they are not like slot spins: there are no “free spins” equivalent to get free games.

Kingpin Jackpot

The Kingpin Jackpot is a split-up bonus that tracks across multiple 50-ball games, acting as its own ticket. This ticket works like a standard full house ticket, except players have to mark off their numbers on this special ticket by getting a full house during a regular game when one of the numbers is also on their ticket.

This basically means that you are collecting numbers across each bingo game, trying to mark off each number for the ‘Any Number’ prize of £5. However, if you manage to win on the final pin and fill the card out, you will get a £50 ‘House’ bonus instead. This gives you some extra money with your other winnings… if you can get lucky with your number calls.

Lucky Strike Jackpot

The Lucky Strike jackpot is a progressive bonus that grows if it is not triggered in a while, seeding at £$2,500 to make sure that even instant triggers come with a big payout. To win this jackpot, you have to complete a full house in only 15 calls or less – this means that your numbers have to be called out within the first 15, or you won’t get the bonus at all.

Winning these bonus funds is extremely beneficial, though – you get 50% of the money for yourself, and the other half is split between all other players, meaning that everybody wins at least something! This can trigger at any time with no forewarning – it all depends on your luck and how quickly you get a full house result.


There are no game-based features or prizes in Bingo Bowl, meaning that the bingo site does not take you out of the experience to play a mini-game for prizes. This means that every one of the prizes and bonuses you can receive is completely random: the bingo room relies on your tickets being lucky.


The winnings of normal Bingo Bowl’s 50-ball bingo games can depend on the ticket price, as well as which bonuses or other boosts are triggered.

Unlike many 90-ball variants, each ticket has to be a full house, and there are no sub-prizes for filling out certain parts of the ticket, so there will usually only be one winner at a time (not counting potential bonus wins).

The max offer for this bingo variant can vary, especially when you include site-specific bonuses or extra winnings that are not always available.

Regular Winnings

Your regular winnings come from just playing the game – if you manage to reach a full “bingo” on your bingo ticket, then you will be the winner of that round, and the game will reset. It is not really possible for two people to have identical tickets, so Bingo Bowl should only ever have one winner per room at a time.

The amount you win from the bingo game depends on the current total winnings. These can occasionally vary based on how many tickets are purchased, as well as other factors, but it won’t always increase very far in a regular game.

Any Number

The Any Number bonus is always £5 in Bingo Bowl. Bingo Bowl players trigger it by marking off any number on their bonus card when they win, and multiple players per bingo room could theoretically get bonus funds this way. The special ticket does not replace your existing tickets and acts more like a second source of winnings.

Remember that the content of the bonus ticket is random, just like a regular ticket, so it is not a guaranteed win on any given game.


The house bonus funds can be earned by filling out the entirety of the special card, which instantly gives you £50 in bonus cash. This can be triggered on any games within a Bingo Bowl online bingo room, but since the chances of two players winning at the same time are effectively zero, it is unlikely that two players will activate it at the same time.


The jackpot featured in 50-Ball Bingo Bowl games can increase as people fail to win it, meaning that it will gradually become worth more and more over time. Unlike a 90-ball bingo game, rounds are quick, so you will likely see it jumping up by small amounts quickly.

Jackpots are technically a bonus activity but do not have any real wagering requirement, don’t need you to give up extra information, and aren’t treated like a slots bonus from a regular gambling site: they are specifically handled in this 50-ball bingo game and become bingo bonus winnings if you trigger it.

Are Jackpots Rare?

Jackpots are one of the rarest results from this game, given the number of people trying to win it. Since this game does not use typical bingo squares, there is not a certain number to hit or a particular set of squares to look for – without squares, it is all based on the numbers on your bingo-playing card, which means that they are similar to ticket winnings.

Remember that the jackpot has to activate in a certain number of turns. This means that it is not as common as bonus spins are on slots. For example: while spins are something that happens in slots, and bonus spins are an extension of that, the jackpots in Bingo Bowl require a high degree of luck with absolutely no idea of predicting when they will happen.

Withdrawal Restrictions

The numbers behind withdrawal restrictions are based on the bingo site that you are playing on, not the game itself. High-traffic sites might have stricter limits on the numbers that you can transfer at any given time, but this won’t always change very much. Be sure to check ahead of time, just in case.

Min deposit details, wandering requirement info, and other specifics are also generally a thing that the sites will set, and the bingo game does not have much of an impact on that.

Bingo Bowl Bonuses

Unlike a 90-ball bingo game, the bonuses in Bingo Bowl are purely up to chance. A lot of online bingo sites try to do this, but many still include mini-games or other ways for experienced customers to influence their results. Here, everybody gets the same 50-ball bingo setup with no bias. The numbers you draw are the numbers you get.

As mentioned earlier, your cards are the source of most of these bonuses, which means that they are tied to the tickets you end up choosing. There aren’t any ways to predict which ones will have 50-ball bingo bonus features hidden away in their numbers.

Where Can I Play 50-Ball Bingo Bowl?

Bingo Bowl is available on a variety of online bingo sites, from places like William Hill to Gala Bingo. The experience is the same across all of them: Gala Bingo won’t offer any special full house bonuses that William Hill does not unless it is some kind of general games bonus that can be used for the 50-ball bingo game. For example, Gala Bingo T&Cs might have certain rules, but most Gala Bingo T&Cs won’t impact your games.

Since most bingo site options have a wide range of games for their customers, you can expect to find Bingo Bowl alongside other brands’ games, from famous names like Rainbow Riches bingo to hidden gems like Coconut Island. Do not worry about trying to find it urgently: unlike other games, jackpots are fairly constant, so you won’t usually be missing out on much.

Be sure to play on a registered bingo site with a valid company number and registration info. These numbers or disclaimers can be a good way of identifying if a site is actually qualified to host gambling games.

Is Bingo Bowl Worth Playing?

Compared to other bingo games like Coconut Island, as well as 90-ball bingo in general, getting a full house on Bingo Bowl is much more rewarding and has the potential to trigger interesting bonus systems. It is one of those games that offers good prizes for a bingo site game that you do not see many ads for, a small, somewhat obscure, but very well-made bingo game.

The addition of the bonus tickets makes it easier to keep track of potential prizes, too. You are able to refer back to the card at any time and see what you would need to win the 50-ball bingo bonuses with your tickets.

As a 50-ball bingo game, it stands out from other choices like Coconut Island for being unique yet distinct, and the bonus numbers on your extra tickets are a great way to handle the bonus features.

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