40 Ball Bingo Games

We’re now seeing the introduction of different versions of bingo that have less balls and take less time.

For instance, the 40-ball bingo game is one that’s rapidly growing in popularity. It’s a faster game and is also easier for all players to enjoy.

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Read on to find out more about 40-ball bingo. We describe the rules, how to play and also pinpoint the best versions of the game.

Best 40 Ball Bingo Sites

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40 Ball Bingo

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What is 40-ball bingo? It goes without saying, it’s a game of bingo with just 40-balls. This adds a huge twist to the game.

We’re used to 75-ball and 90-ball when playing this game. That means that this version is shorter and easier. If you want constant action and excitement, then maybe this is the game for you.

It’s a type of game that’s been integrated into themed bingo.

Rules of the Games

The rules of this particular game are a lot like any other bingo game. The main rules remain, only with a twist. This game’s been created for those that don’t want to play for a long time.

Here are some of the rule:

  • 40 balls
  • Less columns
  • Less rows
  • Play for full house
  • Many games have added features and jackpots

The guidelines can vary between games.

There are additional rules to this game, with the chance to grab a jackpot and uncover clovers.

The main difference between all 40-ball games and usual bingo is that the game is over quick when playing with as little as 40 balls.

How to Play

So now you know the basic rules, how do you play?

It’s similar to normal bingo, only this time you have just 40-balls that are called out. Cross off the ones that you get.

The game will only last minutes, allowing you to play even when you have a little time to spare.

It’s possible to play for big jackpots, prizes and even bonus features.

The row is smaller, and the game is packed full of excitement. You won’t be waiting around.

The premise is very much the same as usual bingo, but this time you can have the game completed in less time.

If you are playing one of the specifically themed games such as Rainbow Riches, then this has its own rules.

You can make it onto the bonus feature, play for jackpots and stake once you enter the bingo room.

Check the rules and conditions before entering this particular game. It’s a fun game that is full of different themes and ways to keep you engaged.

Best 40 Ball Games

What 40-ball games are the best?

That’s the big question and it’s not an easy one to answer. One that we have repeatedly discussed is Rainbow Riches.

The familiar game is spread across a number of platforms, only it’s usually a slot game. This is a spin on the usual theme, and it comes as a bingo game. This is a favourite in the bingo community.

Let’s talk about Rainbow Riches Bingo. It’s a game that offers the graphics and excitement of slot games, only with the classic bingo features.

You can also enjoy the prospect of the bonus feature, a game that can be triggered. Check out jackpots and other fantastic additions.

Most of the 40-ball games that the big sites use is the aforementioned game. Other than that, there are classic 40-ball bingo games that have been made to speed up the current version.

40 Ball Bingo Websites

You can find the Rainbow Riches variant spread across different websites. Expect to play the game at the following websites:

Above are just to name a few. The huge bingo companies are incorporating this particular game into their line-up. Each of the above all brandish the Rainbow Riches Bingo game.

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