Crystal Maze Bingo Game

There are many different bingo games cropping up every single day, from progressive jackpot slots to simple classic bingo games. The Crystal Maze Bingo game from Gamesys Operations Limited is a popular new option themed around the classic TV show The Crystal Maze.

It is flashy, familiar, and fun and has some exciting twists that you might find particularly appealing if you are a fan of the Crystal Maze tv show already.

  • Type of Game: 90 ball bingo
  • Cost: 15p to 50p
  • Jackpots: 38 calls or fewer
  • Bonus Features: Crystal Dome minigame to win free tickets at the end

This is a great option for many players, and to see if it fits your preferences see our ok or positive review of this game!

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How to Play Crystal Maze Bingo

Crystal Maze Bingo, by Gamesys Operations Limited, is a classic style 90 ball online bingo game with an extra minigame at the end that is sure to delight fans of the classic tv show. We will get to that later, though!

The majority of the game will take place in a randomly selected one of the original crystal maze zones: Medieval, Future, Aztec, or Industrial. These do not affect how the game plays, but each zone has a completely different aesthetic, giving a different vibe to Crystal maze Bingo in each zone.

Every game of Crystal Maze Bingo that you play will offer you a range of prizes for one line, two horizontal lines, full house, and the potential for jackpots. If you call house within 38 calls, then there is also a progressive jackpot that you can win. Tickets are a very affordable 15p, but you need to buy at least six tickets to access the special bonus round.

The zones are the fun part of this game, with all of the classic crystal maze zones featuring in the game.

  • The Industrial Zone features some grim elements, with heavy metal doors, smoking pipes and dodgy electric cables littering the room, as well as heavy metal doors and a bubbling pond of toxic waste.
  • Aztec: the indigenous dwellers of Central America may be dead, but various challenging games remain: float, climb, and solve riddles in an ancient temple under the ancient sun.
  • Future: beam into a world of fun, flashy adventure: fire lasers, close faulty airlocks, and race to tackle mind-bending equations.
  • Medieval: mumsy may be long dead, but this zone offers you a world of ruined castle remains: solve long lost clues, fire ancient artillery and solve royal puzzles that have baffled kings and queens for centuries; chat and solve puzzles in a maze tm of adventure.

Special Features

The big special feature of Crystal Maze Bingo is that if you have bought six tickets or more, then you can play the Crystal Dome game at the end after the full house is called. This is a special minigame that lets you win free tickets for another game by clicking on gold tickets without accidentally hitting any silver ones.

As well as your personal gold ticket score, there is also a community score. If everyone else playing does well and hits certain targets, then you can all win more free tickets. This additional game is not easy, but the potential rewards can be great if you manage to do well. This game is available at many of the best bingo brands online if you want to sign up and play.

Prizes to Win

The RTP rate of Crystal Maze Bingo is a reasonable 80-85%, which offers acceptable prizes. The big money here is in the progressive jackpot, however, which starts from a seed value of £1000 and only goes up from there, with a percentage of every bet being added to that starting value!

It is not the best RTP out there, but this bingo game is fully licensed with the Gibraltar gambling commissioner rgl by Gamesys operations limited, so you know it is safe and trustworthy.

Crystal Maze Bingo Bonuses

The big bonus available is in the Crystal Dome at the end of the game. When this bonus triggers, click on the gold tokens while avoiding the silver ones to win tickets for the next game for free.

This can be difficult to do, but if you are good enough to click on 25 or more gold tokens, you can win free tickets for the next game.


In addition to standard bingo payouts based on a standard return to player (RTP) system, this game features a progressive jackpot (pj symbol).

That means you can win massive prizes if you are lucky! If you can complete a full house in under 38 numbers, you can win the progressive jackpot for a much higher return to player (RTP) reward.

This comes with an added timed jackpot, with jackpot timer, a special feature that works as part of the visual ball countdown. Complete a full house before the timer runs down completely to win the progressive jackpot!

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