Emmerdale Bingo Game

Capitalising on the Yorkshire country miles, Emmerdale Bingo Gala games offer this super 90 Ball Bingo game for soap fans and gaming fans alike.

Based on the popular ITV show, the Gala Bingo lobby allows you to embark through an online journey across Yorkshire’s most famous village, following the Emmerdale Trail and winning the Gala Country Miles bonus.

  • Type of Game: 90 Ball Bingo games
  • Cost: 10p
  • Jackpots: Emmerdale Trail
  • Bonus Features: Country Miles bonus and unique bingo calls

How to Play Emmerdale Bingo

Set in the iconic white Range Rover Evoque car, you travel across each village street and character house and through each bingo line to win either one line or two lines, or even a spectacular winning full house.

Utilising the traditional 90 Ball game from Gala Bingo, you play throughout the village and car trail to win the Yorkshire prize, listening along the way to the special online bingo calls in the hope of winning lines or a full house. These calls are adapted in a Yorkshire accent to mimic a typical Emmerdale character.

Special Features

As the Emmerdale Bingo game and the prize potential progress, the white Range River Evoque drives through the Emmerdale Trail and through the village.

Many game locations may be spotted along the Emmerdale trail, allowing your location to match a specific jackpot call. Locations along the village include The Vets at spot 80, The Grange B & B at spot 60, the Dingles’ Garage at spot 90, and the Woolpack Cafe at spot 40.

An example of a unique special feature of the Emmerdale Gala Bingo virtual game is the bingo calls that include the Home Farm Tree, number 33, the Hotton Bus Never Comes, number 61, and Tom King’s Up In Heaven, number 57. Additionally, there is the bingo call Dingles Like to Skive, at 35, and Sheep on the Run, at 71.

Prizes to Win

Game prizes include £75 if you win a full house and the white Range Rover Evoque arrives at the Dingle’s Garage. Alternatively, you could win £50 if your car arrives at other game locations. However, remember that if other roomies have purchased tickets inside of the game, the prize will be shared.

Emmerdale Bingo Bonuses

The game provides bonus prizes that may be activated if you purchase at least 6 tickets in the game. Every time that your car moves through the village, 0.011 miles is added to the total country miles that you build up.

You must build your country miles to a total of 50 miles, which equals 4545 moves at 0.011 miles per move. The 50 miles allow you to achieve a £2.50 bonus in total. Check out the Coronation Street bingo game as well for another soap-themed game to play.


There are numerous jackpot prizes to win in Emmerdale Bingo. As you travel through Emmerdale village, each iconic location corresponds to specific jackpots. For example, you may land at the Woolpack Cafe Main Street at number 40 or the Grange B & B at number 60.

Alternatively, you may receive a jackpot feature at The Vets at number 80 or the Dingles’ Garage at number 90.

Our Verdict

This unique virtual platform from the bingo specialists at Gala offers great gaming play for dedicated soap fans, maximising gameplay and traditional Emmerdale calls.

New customers may be able to score special promotions, such as 3 days of free bingo when a deposit amount has been purchased, and the promotion has been claimed.

It is also recommended to search the internet for further promotions and special offers to achieve free game boards and free spins so that you can gain the maximum chances for your money.

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