Coconut Island Bingo Game

Coconut Island Bingo is a fairly recent launch from the famous Gala Bingo, offering up a unique 50-ball bingo game for all comers!

Coconut Island Bingo is a rework of the site’s original 50-ball game packed with coconuts and palm trees; it comes as an exclusive title at Gala Bingo. The rework on Playtech has made it more like original bingo with a background theme of a beach.

But how does it hold up, and what should you know before playing? Learn more about this game and how to play it on licensed bingo sites. You can also find a full catalogue of bingo games using our 2024 guide.

How to Play Coconut Island Bingo

Coconut Island Bingo is a 50-ball bingo game, meaning that it’s a lot faster to play with lots of action compared to traditional bingo such as bingo 75-ball, 80-ball bingo games and games with 90 balls.

The main feature of this game is the backdrop and overall theme, the original version of this game also revealed the next call when coconuts tumble but that’s no longer a bonus feature.

50-Ball Gameplay

The simple 50-ball setup gives players the choice of buying between 1 and 60 tickets for each game, with the average price of 5p per ticket unless it is a multi Stake game.

This means that there are no real wagering reqs or wagering terms to worry about if you want to try for the jackpots.


Winning is a straightforward idea – the game keeps calling numbers until a full house is won. The only other standard bingo prize is for one line – it is one line or the house, nothing in between.

The prizes here are simple as well, which makes the game play smoothly no matter how experienced you are with bingo.

Special Features

The biggest detail to know about with Coconut Island Bingo is the game names, such as Starfish, Hammock, or Reef. These all award different bingo game modifiers and bonuses to players, meaning that the actual bingo games themselves can vary even if the setup is still the same. This system is similar to how the original game’s prizes worked, but it has been tweaked now.

These benefits are not really a new introduction to the gaming industry, but they can change the way that things feel while you aim for bingo jackpots. It also shakes up the 50-ball bingo formula enough to make it appealing for longer-time players and customers since prizes are not always the same.

Jackpots and Prizes

The site-wide jackpots offered by Gala Bingo are held monthly, weekly, daily and hourly, alongside the Bingo Boss Jackpot. These are exclusive to the Gala Bingo site, so you will not be able to find them elsewhere.

The Updated System

The original jackpot system used different jackpots, such as the progressive Treasure Chest Jackpot or the fixed Oyster Jackpot. However, the new version of the 50-ball game does not do this, making it a lot simpler in the process. Instead, the different bonuses are based on the name of the game or bingo room itself, and jackpots are more stable.

Coconut Island Bingo Bonuses

The bonuses that Coconut Island Bingo offers is the main thing that keeps the game feeling fresh, changing the content around without altering the way that numbers are called or the digital bingo balls are handled.

When you see those coconuts (the balls) moving, you know that the 50-ball games will always be the same basic idea but tweaked based on the bingo room you are currently part of.

Should I Try Coconut Island Bingo?

Unlike a lot of other games, Coconut Island Bingo is a rework of an older game that actually removes some of the features that made those games a bit less consistent.

House wins are still the way to go, but each bingo room for Coconut Island Bingo feels different, and there is no obvious news about any of the older features being brought back in their original form.

Looking at an article on sites like Loquax LTD shows that the return of the game was a fairly decent piece of news, getting some fair attention.

Are There Other 50 Ball Bingo Games?

As well as the original bingo games with fifty balls – you can also find Bingo Bowl and Bingo Beats, which are twists on the usual 50-ball games.

Is It Safe?

The T&Cs for the bingo brand are simple: they show one consistent company number and prove that the house has been regulated (meaning that ball numbers are not cheated or fudged). If you have room for another bingo game in your life, this is an excellent choice.

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