52 Ball Bingo Games

Are you a fan of card games and bingo? You can get both in one with the 52-5 games.

The 52-5 bingo games combine both a playing card game and bingo. It’s faster than traditional games, and you buy hands to play. There are progressive jackpots available and lots of chances to win.

Play 52-ball bingo and play a faster game with bigger jackpots – it’s a rare game but we tell you everything you need to know before playing in 2024.

You can also find a catalogue of bingo games as we list all of the best games in one place.

52 Ball Bingo

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You’re probably wondering what 52-ball bingo is and how it works. So, what is it?

It’s a game with 52-balls, and it also offers other changes. Unlike the classic game that requires a bingo ticket, you will have five playing cards. It’s your job to gather chips each time your card is called out.

Rather than bingo balls, you will be using playing cards. Hence there are 52 (there are 52 playing cards in a deck).

As soon as you have paid in and joined a game, your five playing cards are revealed. Cover each card that’s called with a chip, and the first player to cover all five will be crowned the winner.

Find a range of prizes and jackpots that can be achieved. Due to the nature of the game being a combo between cards and bingo, you are unable to cover a line.

You will be playing for a full house which entails all five cards being called out.

How to Play 52-Ball Bingo

Playing 52-5 bingo is straightforward and offers elements of table games and bingo all in one. There are 52 cards in a playing deck, and that’s where the name derives from. You will need to buy a hand and will be given five cards – the cards are then announced, and you get to mark each one off with a chip.

Once you mark all cards with a chip, you get a full house. You can buy more than one hand to increase your chances of winning.

Rules of the Game

You will have five cards and hoping that all five are called out and covered with a chip before any counterparts manage to do so before you.

Here are some rules of the game that you may be unaware of:

  • The game is played with cards
  • You have five playing cards instead of a ticket
  • 52 cards are called out per game
  • When your number is called out, you will cover the card with a chip
  • Jackpots and prizes vary
  • Maximum of five tickets per game

Top Rated 52 Ball Games

This game is catching on; many of the major bingo sites are now including this game in their catalogue. Find the top rated 52 ball games, also known as 52-5 bingo.

The name derives from having 52 numbers called out and five playing cards that you need to match.

The game has been designed and changed by different software providers. One is called Cinco that’s exclusive to Tombola. In this game, there are three jackpots and lots of prizes.

Each game has its own variables and prizes available. There are progressive jackpots, prizes and much more.

Check before joining and find out how much it costs to join.

Find all of the games and sites that have this particular game. Most famous bingo games consist of 75-balls and 80-balls but this time we have taken a look at a slightly different version.

With less balls, you can expect this game to be a little faster-paced and also have different features to keep you excited…

52 Ball Bingo Sites

This isn’t one of the most popular versions of bingo. Unlike 75-ball and 80-ball games, this bingo premise is not readily available. With that said, it is growing, and we have even seen Dragonfish create a version of 52-5 bingo, find the best bingo sites for this game.

Here’s a list of sites that provide this option:

There are many other sites that also back this concept. It allows players to enjoy bingo in a different way.

Games are quick, interactive and engaging; enjoy the game from your mobile phone or tablet. You can play many of the bingo games whilst on the move, which makes it even more desirable.

After the likes of Dragonfish have put this game on their radar, it has created the chance of bigger sites hosting the game and offering to their audience.

We advise customers to look around, check the game out and be sure to take advantage of all the best promotions that are online.

Our site pinpoints many of the best welcome offers; find the best welcome offer for bingo games and sites!

If looking to play 52 ball bingo online you have come to the perfect website.

We have searched high and low to gather the best 52-ball bingo sites with the latest promotional offers.

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