Flash Fives Bingo Game

If you want an element of bingo fused with an exciting card game – then you are in the right place.

Flash Fives is a famous bingo title from Dragonfish UK Limited; the 52-5 bingo game comes with a 52-deck of cards and aspects taken from traditional bingo cards. The aim is to cover the card with a chip and land a full house. It’s a fast-paced game with a twist.

If you prefer this quick bingo game over traditional games such as bingo 75-ball and bingo 90-ball, then you will love this take on the classic. You can also find a list of other bingo games with our complete list.

How to Play Flash Fives Bingo

Like any other 52 ball bingo system, Flash Fives Bingo (from Dragonfish UK Limited) replaces the traditional bingo balls with the 52 cards of a playing deck. In Flash Fives Bingo 52, 5 cards are given to each player instead of a ticket. These 5 playing cards, instead of a bingo ticket, are what you have to keep track of across the game history.

Ticket cards are called out like bingo balls, but from the standard 52. 5 cards will match the 5 playing cards in your hand, and if the number and suit called match one of your cards, you can mark that off. This is generally known as a 52-5 bingo game. The big advantage of 52-5 bingo games is that they are fast and easy to get into, allowing you to play several games in a session.

  • Type of Game: 52 ball bingo
  • Cost: 5p
  • Jackpots: Housey Bingo Jackpot
  • Bonus Features: Playing Card special features

Getting a Full House

There is only one winner for this type of game, which means that there can be a pretty good full house prize if there are a lot of players in the game room when the game begins. This is a fun, fast, accessible game with some healthy bingo bonus prizes to be won if you get lucky with your winning tickets.

To win a Flash Fives Bingo round, simply get a full house on your ticket. The game ends when someone gets a full house from the calling board, and the prize money will depend on the number of players involved in the game.

This is a relatively popular bingo option, so you should not be waiting in the lobby for too long while you wait for your Flash Fives Bingo game to begin. New games start every few minutes in most casino sites, so you should be able to play fast and freely for a chance at some good wins.

Special Features

There is only one special feature in Bingo Flash Fives, and that is the system of playing cards that sets this game apart from other bingo games.

The 52 5 bingo system uses a 52 card deck instead of the classic 90 ball system, which helps Flash Fives Bingo to stand out from the classic bingo design.

Prizes to Win

Bingo Flash Fives does not have the flashy prizes of some new bingo sites out there, but its five cards system gives it a simple winning system for the game. Flash Fives works with a standard calling board, and when you see all five of your cards up there, you can call a full winning house.

When a full house is called, the first player to do so is not the only one who could win with their tickets – multiple winning players can happen at the same time if their number of tickets matches up. At this point, the jackpots are split between the winning players.

Because of the winning tickets fives system, the return to player (RTP) rate of Flash Fives bingo games varies significantly. It all depends on how many tickets you have bought for the games in question, as well as how many other players are in the same game, and how many tickets each of them have bought.

That means that the return to player rate could be great in one game but terrible in another, and there is no set number that you can rely on here.

Flash Fives Bingo Bonuses

Flash Fives is easy to play with a 5 card ticket, but there are no significant bonuses or extra features. It is a simple and easy to play bingo card game, and the only real difference is that instead of a classic ticket, you get a selection of playing cards.


The jackpots in the Flash Fives game are variable, given that they are made up from a pool of the bets placed by all the players in the game. That means that if you are playing a big game with a large number of players in it, you could win a huge jackpot from Flash Fives bingo.

If you are playing a smaller game with fewer players, then the potential jackpots will be lower. That means that your chances of winning big are directly related to your chances of victory. If there are only a few players, you have a higher chance to win something, but your jackpot will be lower.

If there are more players, then the jackpot will be much higher, but you will be much less likely to win the game.

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