Fruity Friends RTP

Fruity Friends is a non-progressive video slot that’s captivated a loyal audience since 2012, despite a classic slot design, it also has a modern gameplay. In this article, our team review the game itself, revealing some of its most sought-after features, the RTP and the gameplay.

Sweeten up your game selection with this out of the ordinary reel machine; it comes with fruity symbols and ways to trigger a bonus feature. Your favourite fruit for this game will most likely be the orange as it is able to unlock bonuses.

One of the most asked questions in regards to slots is about the pay and the winnings. That directly links to RTP, which stands for Return to Player. We take a look at the Fruity Friends RTP as well as other statistics and features that will affect the payout.

Return to Player for Fruity Friends

If you are wondering about the return to player for Fruity Friends slots, then you are in the right place. We sum up the statistics about this slot and all that you need to know, including the variance and the gameplay itself.

The innovative software of NeoGames created the game back in 2012, and although there haven’t been many updates since, it remains a modern platform. It showcases a classic design with five reels, but it comes with colourful graphics. You’d expect nothing else with the different colour fruits that grace your screen, but the characters and interaction really makes this game.

  • RTP: 93%
  • Reel Layout: 5×3
  • Paylines: 25
  • Max Win: 500000
  • Variance: Medium

As you can see from the above, the RTP for Fruity Friends is 93%, which left us a little disappointed. The industry standard is around 95-96% and to drop down to 93% is something that should be considered by users, it isn’t the most appealing RTP but there are a number of reasons for you to join in. Find out more about playing this game for free here to see the bonuses available.

As discussed the RTP isn’t the best and it will become noticeable in the payout frequency and gameplay. But with a medium variance and the chance to enjoy big wins, it becomes less relevant. There are many ways to win and enjoy bonuses, for that reason we encourage you to try it out for yourself. Those unsure of whether or not to stake their own money should take a look at the free spins and free bonuses available.

Fruity Friends Slot Game RTP

Something we love is a game that provides interaction, which means letting the player interact and contribute to outcomes. It also means providing characters and other engaging aspects to a game. This slot does exactly that with their line-up, it comes complete with a number of bright fruit symbols, big wins and of course bonus features.

The main bonus feature is the one triggered by three oranges- yes it does sound bizarre. Rather than a fix of vitamin C, you’ll also get the chance to play free spins. When activating the free spin bonus, you get the opportunity to pick one of three fruit baskets. After doing so, the game reveals how many free spins you have unlocked. It can vary from 10, 20 and 30, pick the luckiest basket before starting the bonus feature. You’ll also get the chance to win more free spins by simply landing more than three oranges on paylines.

Another noticeable feature that you should be aware of is the gamble feature. Each time you win during a spin, you get the opportunity to gamble the full amount of half the winnings. You pick a red or black card, if you are correct then you will double your win amount, if you’re wrong then you’ll lose those winnings. It is an awesome added feature that gives you the chance to have fun and win that bit extra during the spins.

It’s the facets above that add to the Fruity Friends slot game RTP and make it a slot that is well worth playing.

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Possible Returns on Fruity Friends

There are huge returns and possibilities for big wins; it may be time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. The possible returns on Fruity Friends are 500000 coins and it provides lots of chances to win. You can multiply your stake with some of the big wins and jackpots readily available.

The interactive slot has a variety sure to keep you engaged from start to finish. Knowing there is potential to unlock some of the huge cash prizes is more of a reason to register to a casino and make use of the free bonuses.

If you are looking for ways to play for free or to pick out some interesting promotions then you should do the following:

  1. Use the work of our team to find the best promotions in relation to Fruity Friends.
  2. You can then check the terms and conditions, as well as the promotion details.
  3. Simply register to the site and then activate the bonus before enjoying this game.

The above offers a great opportunity to make use of great promotions and ways to trial the game itself. There is a lot to enjoy online and this game provides a list of features from the gambling function to the bonus.

What’s more, you can play the game from wherever you like, the software provider is a well-renowned company with lots of experience. This ensures that you are privy to the best gaming experience that is uninterrupted, fast and wholly seamless involvement. Play from your computer, laptop or other device, as this software makes it simple to enjoy playing on the move.

You can play on your smart device without the use of an app. Simply find the game on a casino platform, and then visit the site on your Internet browser. All it takes from there, is for you to search the game catalogue for this particular game, then upload the slot, place your stake and enjoy.

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