Golden Goddess Slot RTP

Golden Goddess is the pillar of fun themed slot games and it continues to enthral its biggest fans. It has a popular design that continuously keeps players coming back and there are a number of reasons for that. The fantasy-themed slot game is one that offers a generous RTP and also has a number of different ways that you can win.

From the moment you start playing you will understand exactly why this IGT powered game has as many accolades as it has. We have trialled this particular slot game ourselves and we were as impressed as everybody else. It has an engaging theme that creates a fan following in itself but it also comes with ways to trigger a bonus feature, methods to win big lump sums and also ways to extract remarkable promotions.

IGT is a renowned software provider that is leading the way with the innovative tools and that is transparent when it comes to their protégé, Golden Goddess. They have designed the game with 5-reels and 40-paylines. There are many combinations that could see you win a dream amount. There are just as many that will offer you the opportunity to enjoy a small win and top up your balance. It is important to play a game with a good RTP to up your chances of withdrawing a good amount.

Golden Goddess Return to Player

If you are unsure of what RTP means, it stands for Return to Player and it is a way to study the win percentage. It is no good playing a slot game that showcases a low percentage, as you will have less chance of winning. The game has a 94.75 RTP, a seriously impressive figure that ensures that you have the chance to cash out with winnings.

There are various symbols and bonus features that can be activated and subsequently pay you money. Many of the best slot games offer a variety of in-game bonuses which you can claim while playing.

If you love Greek Mythology, fantasy themes and exciting games that easily become quite immersive then you’ll want to find out more about this particular slot machine.

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RTP for Golden Goddess Slot Machine

Above we have highlighted the RTP for Golden Goddess slot machine and it is something that you should take into account. It is a good percentage and enables you to enjoy a good return when betting on your favourite slot. Although there is a lot of brilliant features and things to watch out for- we also recommend this game due to its RTP percentage.

You can also find a number of Golden Goddess free play options through sign up bonuses or ongoing offers on the site. Be sure to check these out when joining new gaming sites to make sure you get the most for your money.

Golden Goddess Slots Features

This romantic story begins with background music and also the option to alter the line bet. Choose from 1 to 50 and decide the stake you would like to play with. This affects the amount that you can win.

Find a wild logo that substitutes all symbols except for the bonus. This is a desirable symbol as it is one that works to your advantage. Also, enjoy the bonus feature by lining up the rose symbol. The bonus symbol needs to appear on reel 2, 3 and 4. If you get three or more you will receive 7-free spins. Many players have been known to land big wins on this feature.

Just when you think you have seen it all, you discover the Super Stacks feature. This is a unique bit of gameplay that can be activated by the bonus. You can accumulate these stack symbols and ultimately give yourself another chance of winning prizes. You can also play Golden Goddess on mobile using your phone or tablet if you prefer a more portable gaming experience.

There‘s a range of Golden Goddess slot features and once you are familiar with the game, the rules become second nature and you know exactly what to look out for.

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