Slot Payment Methods

When it comes to playing online slots you may want to check out the payment options first, you can pay by the conventional debit card or use plenty of other payment methods.

Slots payment methods come in all shapes and sizes with credit and debit cards being the usual player choice but you can also use many of the other secure online payment service options with e-wallets, pay by phone and more. Pay within seconds with PayPal, Trustly Neteller or Visa.

Our team of experts give you an insight into how payment methods work and the ones that will suit you best when making a quick, safe and secure deposit.

What are Slot Payment Methods?

Slot payment methods are ways in which you can make a deposit or withdraw on a casino or slot site. These methods can be enjoyed from your phone, tablet or laptop. Secure payment methods come in many different forms and have evolved from the day when they used to be only one option.

Payment methods available online fall into the following categories:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Debit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Credit cards
  • Pay by mobile
  • Phone Bill
  • Bank transfers

Different Payment Methods

Trusted online casinos provide a number of payment options, here’s a list of the different payment methods that you can use at online sites.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are one of the most common payment options, you will find this secure payment method available at most online casinos. Visa and Mastercard are debit cards and are the standard options for online casino players that wish to use debit payments.

Debit cards are low-cost, quick and secure. They’re also useful with high deposits, allowing big deposit limits. Deposits and withdrawals are quick, it takes 1-3 days for withdrawals to show in your bank and deposits are instant.

Although debit cards are safe and secure, the casino keeps a copy of your casino account details on their system. This adds an extra security risk, if their site was ever to be hacked, although rare, this would put your financial information in jeopardy.


Maestro is a debit card and is accepted at most online casinos. Enjoy your online account and make all deposits with your Maestro card. You can easily pay online and use this payment method to deposit funds into your online casino account.

Payouts take up to 3 days and are often processed within 24 hours.

Debit cards are the most common for online casino players, they’re easy to use, quick and do not require any registrations. We believe debit cards are a great option and almost every online casino has this payment method available.

Visa Electron

Visa Electron works similarly to normal visa debit card options but there are generally more restrictions on this type of card. If you exceed the amount on the card then you will not be able to make a deposit.

Lots of online casinos and slot sites now accept Visa Electron. Withdrawals also take around 1-3 days.

You will also get fast withdrawals, security and low costs. But this card is far more restricted than most of the other casino payment method options.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are not accepted in the UK. Due to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) regulations, credit cards are no longer legal deposit methods for gambling. UKGC does not want online casino players to gamble money that’s not theirs.


Mastercard and Maestro credit are not accepted at any online casino sites. With that said, Mastercard debit and any other debits are completely fine and accepted as online casino payment options.

You cannot use credit to gamble in the UK, the commission has rendered the option useless, making it illegal for online slot sites to accept credit cards. If you’re hoping to enjoy pure slot excitement in Britain, then you will want to check out the alternative payment method options.

Not all payment methods are accepted in the UK and this is one of the banned payment options. It is not the same payment method as the Mastercard debit, the debit card is accepted.


E-wallets are popular payment methods available at most online casinos. Slot sites allow you to deposit and withdraw via e-wallets such as Neteller, PayPal & Skrill. It’s fast, secure and is safe than most other payment methods.

E-wallets are secure, none of your details will be kept on file or shared with the slot site whatsoever, essentially offering an extra layer of protection. All withdrawals are processed within hours, making e-wallets the fastest payment method.

They’re a favourite payment method of ours due to the safety and prompt processes but it’s worth checking the terms, some e-wallets charge for deposits and some casinos charge for e-wallet payments. An e-wallet is a digital bank account and is often used.


PayPal is the most popular e-wallet used across the globe. It’s well-known for being a common payment method for all online shopping, bills and more. It’s known as a cornerstone in online gambling, you can deposit funds to your casino account within a click.

Being one of the most common payment methods, it’s straightforward, fast and secure. In fact, it’s one of often considered the most secure payment option. This particular e-wallet is one of the most accessible wallets.

When you withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your bank, you may incur charges. Always check the terms and conditions before committing to your payment.

Find out more with our full list of PayPal slot sites. It’s easy to deposit funds via an e-wallet over a payment card, you can also enjoy fast withdrawals. Make online transactions in an instance and enjoy the latest welcome casino bonuses.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is still a new introduction to payment types and is gaining more popularity. Many online casinos have recently added Apple Pay to their payment methods. This deposit method was created for easy use.

It’s also secure and offers an extra layer of security. Something that’s unique to this type of payment is that you can use a fingerprint security option. Use the touch ID on your phone to verify your online wagering.

This isn’t accepted at all UK casinos but we have made a list of online casinos that allow Apple Pay.

Google Pay

The Google Pay App is another way of making quick payments, it’s been integrated into shopping payments in recent years and has now been introduced to casinos. Play online casinos and use this app as a deposit method. It is secure and simple to use, it’s also got a fingerprint ID.

This option is Google’s answer to Apple Pay and is similar. Despite being the Android version, it is compatible with both Android and Apple. Many online gamblers prefer this option as it is encrypted and doesn’t require your bank details to be saved.

Check out our favourite Google Pay slot sites.


Neteller was a pioneer and one of the first to partner with online casinos. Before Neteller, most online casinos weren’t using e-wallets. Now you can make instant deposits and quick withdrawals.

A Neteller account is fast, your withdrawals can be paid within hours instead of days. It is another secure e-wallet, any casinos that you join are likely to have this payment method.

Deposit within a minute, sync your Neteller account to your casino account and easily make your deposits and withdrawals when playing your favourite slot games. Find our list of Neteller slot sites and play using this easy payment.


Skrill is another e-wallet, this online wallet makes depositing simple and has been around for some time, formerly known as Moneybookers. It is fast, secure and efficient just like the other top wallets.

Skrill specialises in mobile payments with an app that can be downloaded for all devices. It even provides a 1-tap option, making deposits quick and easy.

Again, with the payment method being an e-wallet, your details are not shared with the online slot sites and will not be kept on their files.


PaySafeCard is a prepaid card, you can top up the card with your chosen amount. Once you have added funds to the card, use it to deposit funds. You can deposit anywhere from £10 to £100.

Secure prepaid cards such as this one are easy to use and help you budget what you spend. You can load the card with funds you’re willing to spend. This makes it simple to keep control over what you wish to gamble on slots.

PaySafeCard is available in over 40 countries and has a free mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. Prepaid cards are perfect budgeting tools and are easier to obtain, anybody with a bad credit rating may want to utilise this way of making a casino payment method.


Entropay is a prepaid card by Visa, you will need to load the card with funds before being able to spend. It’s a safe and easy way to make payments, it also allows you to keep track of what you spend.

The joy of Entropay is that you won’t go overdrawn and it’s easier to monitor the money you gamble. It is known for the added security and even has a free mobile app that’s compatible with all users. Seems it is a well-known online casino payment method, you are able to enjoy big welcome bonuses using this form of payment.

This is another reputable company that is part of the prepaid cards list.

Pay By Phone

One of the more unusual ways to make a deposit is to pay by phone bill. You can gamble without worrying about the money, the costs will be added to your next phone bill. This is one interesting option that has been overlooked, if you don’t wish to worry about an instant transfer, then this offers the capability of paying at the end of your phone bill cycle.

It is important to take care when gambling on Pay by Phone slots. It is easier to lose track of expenditure and should be used carefully. The UK Gambling Commission isn’t keen on these online casino payments for the previous.

Your charge will come from the mobile network provider, the deposit will be added to your monthly bill rather than charging your bank card at the time. Withdrawing funds works the same way, as usual, the funds will be added to your bank.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are often preferred by high rollers, due to the amounts you can deposit and the protection offered by the bank. Transfers are straightforward, simply enter the casino’s details and reference. You can then send your deposit to the casino’s bank account.

It’s important to check the information is correct including the bank details, it can usually be found on the casino payment methods list or page on the casino’s website. Transferring money is straightforward but is often considered more tricky than simply using the Visa payment.

Make a bank transfer the same way you would usually make a transfer.


Instant wire transfer is less popular as it requires more effort and is to be done in person. You can visit a partner store in person and pay in cash, this will then be deposited into your casino account.

This can be an awkward payment type, as you will need to find casino operators that allow a wire transfer and you’ll then need to visit the casino site.

Western Union

Western Union is an international money transfer company. They have physical stores spread across the world and anyone who has a Western Union account can deposit into the casino account in person, online or by phone.

There are lots of branches across the world and many travellers result to this trusty transfer company. Either add funds regularly or utilise the company for a one-off payment.

Make a casino deposit with your preferred form – either in person, on the web or by telephone – this is one of the most versatile payment method categories.

Activate the latest casino bonus with this trusty payment that does not necessarily require a bank card or bank account, yet you can often access the latest welcome bonus.


Cryptocurrency is still a new addition in the grand scheme of things and it’s not widely used across slot sites. Crypto is rare at gambling sites but some casinos accept crypto currencies. This currency is celebrated for its safety and is likely to be one of the most secure ways to make a payment.

The downfall of cryptocurrency payment methods is that it is new and unused by most casinos, it is also confusing for many who are still unsure of how crypto works. Nevertheless, it’s another addition to a lengthy lineup of payment types.

Online slot sites are now opening up to the possibility of including different cryptocurrencies, keep a lookout for casino sites that include crypto payments. Some casinos accept bitcoin or other types of coins.

We have written more on the future of Cryptocurrency and slot sites, discover the pros and cons of this new move and concept coming our way.

How We Rate Payment Methods

We have taken a look at all of the leading payment providers and analysed them individually, we only recommend trusty payment options.

Here’s what we look for when reviewing slot payment methods:

  • Secure Payment Option – It goes without saying that the best slots payment methods keep your details and transactions safe. We list all of the most secure payment options in this full guide – e-wallets have an extra layer of security opposed to a bank account being placed on your casino account.
  • Fast Withdrawals – One of the main things that casino players look out for is the time it takes for withdrawing funds. Most debit card payments are made within 1-3 working days whereas e-wallets pay your winnings within hours.
  • Ease of Use – It is integral to have a simple deposit method to utilise. Some e-wallets have 1 click options and other payment options make it easy and fast to deposit into your accounts.
  • Diversity – We like to look for online slots sites that have a range of payment methods and not just one. This gives you options, use your bank account, e-wallet or prepaid cards all at the same site. Bear in mind, you can only withdraw funds through the same account you deposited.
  • Maximum Deposit – An online casino account often has maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts this can also be affected by the payment method. You will want to find a payment option that suits your preference.


What is a Secure Payment Option?

Secure options mean that they’re encrypted, have lots of security measures and are trusted companies. Here are secure payment methods to deposit into your casino account:

  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Pay by Phone
  • Debit Card
  • Prepaid Cards

Can I Use My Phone Bill to Gamble?

Use your phone bill to gamble, you can deposit into your online casino account without paying right away. Simply pay from your phone using Boku or another option, the funds will then be added to your monthly bill.

Your online casino deposit will not be taken from your bank account right away instead, it will just be added to your phone bill.

Can I Withdraw Slot Winnings on an Alternative Payment Method?

The majority of online casinos only allow you to withdraw, the same way that you deposited your funds. For instance, if you deposit by debit card and land slot winnings, then you will need to withdraw by your debit card. The next time you gamble, you can deposit from PayPal and then withdraw winnings on PayPal.

Will I Be Charged to Deposit on Slot Sites?

Most online casino operators will not charge a deposit fee but there are circumstances where a site will need to charge for certain payment types. There are no hidden costs and this is something that will be easy to check before you deposit. Always read up on the payment methods before you make your deposit.

The best casino payment methods will not charge you for making a deposit.

How to Deposit & Play Online Slots?

Online slots are often part of online casinos and online slot sites, simply sign-up and register your preferred payment methods. You can then log in and deposit funds before choosing your favourite online slots to play.

What Casino Games Can I Play with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is one of the newest payment additions at a number of online casinos. Find casinos that accept Apple Pay and once you add money to the online casino accounts. Once you have added to your balance, you can then enjoy any of your favourite online casino games.

Online gaming has never been easier, rather than using your online banking, simply pay within seconds with Apple Pay or Google Pay casino payment options.

What Are the Best Withdrawal Methods?

The best withdrawal methods are debit cards or e-wallets. E-wallets offer the fastest withdrawals and debit cards offer lots of security when it comes to withdrawing funds. Many online gamblers look for the fastest payouts and that’s why lots of players gravitate towards PayPal over online banking.

Are Welcome Bonus Offers Limited to Debit Payments?

You can enjoy a welcome bonus when you make your first casino deposit, but on occasion, some casino payment methods aren’t accepted. This depends on the online casino and the payment method but for the most part, you can make a casino deposit from your preferred method and still enjoy the welcome bonus.

Check each offer and what cards are accepted. You are able to enjoy the latest casino bonuses and welcome bonus offers with a number of methods. Make the most of bank transfer casino sites, and other online gambling options.

What is the Best Payment Method for Big Deposits?

Bank transfer is the best option for those looking to make huge deposits. This depends and should be checked on the casino you wish to join. If you want to make a big deposit when online gambling, you will need to check the terms and conditions. A debit card is another way of depositing big amounts.

Use bank transfer, wire transfer and debit card payment for big deposits and withdrawals. Always check casino operators for their terms, as they may vary.

Should I Use An E-wallet Payment Method or Credit Cards?

E-wallets trump credit cards when gambling in the UK, the Gambling Commission has banned depositing for slot games using a credit card. E-wallets on the other hand are simple to use, have fast withdrawals and have lots of security.

Many online casino players prefer e-wallet payments over any other casino deposit options.

What Are the Most Common Deposit Methods?

You cannot use a credit card to deposit at British casinos and that’s because the UKGC has banned using credit to gamble. They don’t want customers to use credit for deposits as this can lead to dangerous gambling.

Other payments are easily accessible to deposit for slot machines, you don’t physically put your bank card into a machine or pay on a slot screen, you simply deposit at the casino and then use your funds to play your favourite slots.

You may need to check the categories, some online casinos require you to deposit into the “Games” category to play slots.

How to Check What Payment Methods are Available at My Chosen Casino?

Log in to your casino account and check the banking section, you will then find the various payments available to pay. You will also often find the payment types available at casinos on the footer of the homepage.

What is the Quickest Way to Withdraw Funds?

There’s a common misconception that debit cards offer the fastest withdrawals when in fact, e-wallets can payout your winnings almost instantly. They note their withdrawal times as a matter of hours but many casino players report the transactions as working almost instant.

Cryptocurrency slots also offer instant withdrawals, the moment you withdraw funds you will see it leave your casino accounts and enter your crypto account.

Which is the Safest Slot Payment Method?

All our listed methods are safe and secure but some payment options trump others with their due diligence. E-wallets are safer than debit cards because they offer an extra layer of security, no details or bank account information is shared with the online slots sites. The safest slot payment is e-wallets, cryptocurrency and Apple Pay.

A debit card offers security in terms of insurance, your bank will often have you covered if anything was to go wrong, this provides you with peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

We prefer casinos that have a variety of payment choices, which gives us the chance to enjoy secure payments from debit cards, e-wallets and transfers. If you are looking for fast withdrawals then you will want to try e-wallets but if you want insurance then you may want to use your debit card. Find the best option for you and be sure to use our full casino reviews.


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