Gala Bingo Wavertree – Now Buzz Bingo

You can visit Buzz Bingo Wavertree, which used to Be Gala Bingo,  to enjoy an exciting night out and possible win some top prizes. Check out all the information below to find out what’s on offer at this particular club.


You can also see the opening times and contact information in case you need to get in touch with them directly. There is also some info on the pricing at this venue so you can plan before you go.


Wavertree Retail Park, Wavertree Road, Liverpool, L7 5LZ,



(0151) 5221240


Payments Accepted

Buzz Bingo Wavertree
Cash, Credit Card

Buzz Bingo Wavertree Opening Times

Open: Monday-Sunday 11am-12pm

Buzz Bingo Wavertree is open 7 days a week from 11 am. Games of bingo can be played most mornings along with every afternoon and evening.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:30 am – 12:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 am 10:30 am – 12:00 am 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Session Prices

The morning sessions currently cost just £2 each. Sessions in the afternoon vary from £1 – £10 whilst prices in the evening range from £3 – £12. Tickets to afternoon and the evening main events also include the early session in the price which means even better value and extra opportunities to win!

Prices are of course subject to change so we advise you phone or check online using the details above before you arrive.

About Buzz Bingo Wavertree

Buzz Bingo Wavertree is located in the North Shore area of the seaside resort which makes it easily accessible by car, bus, or the nearby train station.

There are 2000 comfortable seats in the huge venue, as well as plenty electronic terminals that can be used to play. Promotions, bonuses, competitions, and giveaways will keep everyone happy here, plus there are numerous events and trips that you can participate in throughout the year.

There is a great range of food to choose from at the cafe including some rather delicious desserts too. There are two bars where you pick up a drink, sit back and take a short break, or for a brief change of scenery why not go and have a few spins on the fun arcade machines. Disabled guests will find parking, easy access, seating, and toilets, plus hearing loops are available if required.

The Buzz Bingo Brand

One of the best bingo brands is Buzz Bingo, previously known as Gala. You should get yourself a trustworthy and also responsible bingo hall operator. There are now more than five million members at Buzz Bingo – including online and offline. The provider has tried to make a community by means of fun, enjoyable games.

You are certain to discover a Buzz Bingo hall close by you.There are more than 143 Buzz/Gala Bingo halls in the United Kingdom. This means there’s 143 possibilities to meet new friends, have fun and win prizes.

It’s not only bingo that’s on the cards! There are numerous big slot games like Rainbow Riches, Coronation Street, Monopoly and several others as well. There are also games which are limited to Buzz. There’s refreshments on offer at these clubs too, so you can take advantage of this too. If you’ve got an arranged party, ensure that you reserve seating and enjoy the special gaming promotions.

Because there are over 143 halls across the UK, you are sure to come across a club nearby. Have you thought to scroll through our directory of halls to see where your nearest Buzz Bingo locations are? They’re bound to look forward to welcoming you to the club!

If you need to see a list of Buzz Bingo halls to find out where your nearest chance to make new friends and win big is, simply use our directory page. You can then search through and find where your nearby club is. It’s FREE to become a member and with a lot of halls to choose from, you could be on your way to becoming a member of the bingo community sooner than you’d have thought.

Daily Prizes and Jackpots

The providers pay out more than £2 million daily in prizes and you will find over 350,000 winners each month, but if that is not enough to help you get enthusiastic maybe the promotions will. There aren’t any joining fees when you register to Buzz.

Why don’t you consider a guaranteed daily jackpot of £2,000? In the event that that is insufficient, you can also play in the guaranteed win when you spend £10. You can also enjoy playing various slots along with other games which have guaranteed jackpots accessible, giving you an enhanced likelihood of winning.

All the Buzz Bingo clubs have distinct club deals but they all offer you great value, a fair possibility to win plus an unrivalled buzz of the chase, all in a safe and entertaining environment.

Prices and times for the halls will vary in accordance with location along with day, therefore it’s best to check with your local club to find out their times and costs. Every Buzz hall’s prices may be unique. One good reason the cost may be different is because of the location – a few areas cost more; additionally, the day or even time might also affect the prices.

Some times and days might be more expensive than others. Bingo can begin from as low as 25p with regards to the promotions that are being run by your local club, so check with them to see which are the very best deals for you.

The costs of bingo sessions can vary from place to place, if you wish to know how much sessions are at your specific local club then it is better to check out the costing list for more info.

Make certain to use our directory to locate a club local to you and you may then look at the price list.

You will notice that the more you play, the more affordable the game titles shall be. Additionally, the more games you take part in, the more fun you will have.

So, what is the price of Buzz Bingo tonight? Price ranges can vary depending on the day, time as well as location. It might be more costly at nights and weekends, because this is the most popular time.

Nonetheless, availability of time slots may also depend on the various club offers available, therefore it’s well worth checking with your nearby hall as some may be less expensive than others because of the special offers that they are presently running.

Club membership with Buzz is your ticket to a world of fun, enjoyment, thrills along with potential big prizes. Buzz Bingo present a ‘Play Happy’ policy, which is what the brand is all about. The staff at each of the clubs are helpful as well as friendly which explains why so many people like this provider. Meet new friends at Buzz Bingo Wavertree when you wait for your numbers to be called out. Sign up today and join the fun and also excitement at Buzz.

The Area of Wavertree

Wavertree is an area of Liverpool, in Merseyside, England, and is a Liverpool City Council ward. The population of the ward taken at the 2011 census was 14,772. Historically in Lancashire, it is bordered by a number of districts to the south and east of Liverpool city centre from Toxteth, Edge Hill, Fairfield, Old Swan, Childwall and Mossley Hill.

The name derives from the Old English words wæfre and treow, meaning “wavering tree”, possibly in reference to aspen trees common locally. It has also been variously described as “a clearing in a wood” or “the place by the common pond”. In the past the name has been spelt Watry, Wartre, Waurtree, Wavertre and Wavertree. The earliest settlement of Wavertree is attested to by the discovery of Bronze Age burial urns in Victoria Park in the mid-1880s. The Domesday Book reference is “Leving held Wauretreu. There are 2 carucates of land. It was worth 64 pence”. Wavertree was part of the parish of Childwall in the West Derby hundred.

Original source – Wikipedia

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