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We have lots of information about all of of the Buzz bingo clubs – previously known as Gala – that are in the UK and our information will include the opening and closing times, the costs and the locations of each club.



Rowlandsway, Civic Centre, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 5RG



(0161) 4376908


Payments Accepted

Buzz Bingo Wythenshawe GBP Cash, Credit Card £

Buzz Bingo Wythenshawe Opening Times

Open: Monday-Sunday 11am-12pm

Buzz Bingo Wythenshawe is open 7 days a week from 11 am. Games of bingo can be played most mornings along with every afternoon and evening.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:30 am – 11:00 pm 10:30 am – 11:00 pm 10:30 am – 11:00 pm 10:30 am – 11:00 pm 10:30 am – 11:30 pm 10:30 am – 11:30 pm 12:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Session Prices

The morning sessions currently cost just £2 each. Sessions in the afternoon vary from £1 – £10 whilst prices in the evening range from £3 – £12. Tickets to afternoon and the evening main events also include the early session in the price which means even better value and extra opportunities to win!

Prices are of course subject to change so we advise you phone or check online using the details above before you arrive.

About Buzz Bingo Wythenshawe

Buzz Bingo Wythenshawe is located in the North Shore area of the seaside resort which makes it easily accessible by car, bus, or the nearby train station.

There are 2000 comfortable seats in the huge venue, as well as plenty electronic terminals that can be used to play. Promotions, bonuses, competitions, and giveaways will keep everyone happy here, plus there are numerous events and trips that you can participate in throughout the year.

There is a great range of food to choose from at the cafe including some rather delicious desserts too. There are two bars where you pick up a drink, sit back and take a short break, or for a brief change of scenery why not go and have a few spins on the fun arcade machines. Disabled guests will find parking, easy access, seating, and toilets, plus hearing loops are available if required.

Buzz Bingo Club

One of the leading bingo operators is Buzz Bingo. It is great to be one of the largest, but first and foremost Buzz takes pride in being the most reliable as well as responsible. Over the past two decades the Buzz bingo family has swelled to more than 5 million members, around the country at the bingo halls, and on the internet also. You are able to play some great games from the community created by Gala.

You will find plenty of Buzz Bingo halls around your town.In reality, in the UK there are more than 143 halls. Therefore you will be able to enjoy 143 probabilities of meeting new associates and winning some great cash prizes.

There is more than just bingo, too. There are many big slot games such as Rainbow Riches, Coronation Street, Monopoly and plenty of others also. Unique game titles can also be played such as Gala Gold. There is refreshments available at the Buzz halls too, so you can take full advantage of this as well. If you’ve got an organised party, ensure that you reserve seating and enjoy the special game offers.

With more than 143 halls across the country and a incredible five million members now, there’s guaranteed to be a Buzz Bingo in your area. We have got a directory page where you can check out the nearest Buzz Bingo locations. They’re sure to look forward to welcoming you to the family!

You can view a list of clubs nearest to you as well as in surrounding areas by using our directory page. You can then search through and find where your nearby hall is. It is FREE to become a member and with a lot of clubs to choose from, you may be on the road to becoming a member of the bingo community earlier than you would have thought.

Play at Bingo Clubs

There’s over two million in prizes that’s paid out daily by the providers and more than 350,000 winners per month. For a start, there is no joining fees with Buzz Bingo, but that is tip of the iceberg. You can receive a £2,000 jackpot on your sign up!

Not enough? Okay, what about a guaranteed win every day whenever you pay £10? And that’s just the bingo; there’s also a huge range of slots as well as games with different guaranteed jackpots too, so there is a great deal to help keep you interested and much more possibilities to win.

All of the Buzz Bingo clubs have unique club deals but all of them provide amazing value for money, a fair possiblity to win with an unrivaled thrill of the chase, all in a secure and fun setting.

The halls across the UK have all got distinct prices as well as opening and closing times which may rely on your location and the day you’re going, so be sure to find out times and costs with your nearby Buzz club.

The different halls could have different costs. This may be because of the location of the hall, the day you are planning to come and play with us, or the actual time of day. Peak hours might be costlier than quieter times , so it’s worth checking out first if you’re worried. You can enjoy bingo for only 25p depending on the current deals at the nearby club.

Various locations will have distinct price ranges for the bingo games, so you might like to have a look at the price list to find out more. Be sure to use our directory to locate a club in your area and you may then check out the price list. You will find that game titles will become cheaper if you get more involved. You’re sure to have a lot of fun at Gala/Buzz!

We can support you in finding out how much Buzz Bingo is. Lots of things can change the costs; this consists of the day, time and location. Evenings as well as weekends usually are the busiest time, therefore you may find these sessions will book up quicker than quieter times during the day or in the week. Nonetheless, availability of time slots may also depend on the different promotions available, so it’s well worth checking with your nearby hall as some might be cheaper than others because of the special offers that they’re currently operating.

You’re going to have a lot of fun at Buzz, which explains why a club membership is ideal for everyone. Buzz pride itself on its ‘Play Happy’ policy, which is what Buzz is. The banter among players as well as staff is exactly what makes Buzz popular and the reason why it constantly attracts new members to the family. Meet new friends at Buzz while you await your numbers to be called. If you’re ready to join the fun, become a member today.

Wythenshawe (/ˈwɪðənʃɔː/; pop. 100,000) is an area of south Manchester, England.

Historically in Cheshire, in 1931 Wythenshawe was transferred to the City of Manchester, which had begun building a massive housing estate there in the 1920s. With an area of approximately 11 square miles (28 km2), at one time Wythenshawe was the largest council housing estate in Europe, although private home ownership in the area has grown.

The name of Wythenshawe seems to come from the Old English wiðign = “withy tree” and sceaga = “wood” (compare dialectal word shaw). The three ancient townships of Northenden, Baguley, and Northen Etchells formally became the present-day Wythenshawe when they were merged with Manchester in 1931. Until then, the name had referred only to Wythenshawe Hall and its grounds.

For many centuries the Tatton family owned Wythenshawe Hall and much land in what is now Wythenshawe. Manchester Corporation, which was in desperate need of land to house the city’s rapidly increasing population, pressured Mr Tatton to part with the land in 1926. What was once farmland was transformed into one of the largest housing estates in Europe.

Due to spending cuts the hall was temporarily closed to the public in 2010. One proposition was that Manchester City Council could sell the building to the National Trust. A Friends Group was formed to support monthly open days and events at the hall.

In March 2016 the roof of the hall and an upper floor were severely damaged by a fire, in an arson attack, with the clock tower also damaged.

Original source – Wikipedia

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