The Goonies Slot Machine

The Goonies is a fan-favourite movie from the ’80s, and this slot machine comes with as much enjoyment.

The Goonies Slots is a 5-reel video slot game with 20 paylines and a movie theme. Powered by Blueprint, this medium variance casino game has an RTP of 96% and bonus features like Wild Willy Bonus Scatters, Key Symbols & Bonus Games, Skeleton Organ Bonus Pick, Fratelli Hideout Bonus, & Multipliers.

In this The Goonies Slot Review of October 2021, we take an in-depth look at the bonuses, jackpot wins and lots of movie characters.

Best Goonies Slot Sites

From our research, we have created a list of the best Goonies slot sites:

Hey You Guys

You’ll see lots of familiar characters and quotes from the movie itself. You will hear several quotes, including – “Hey you guys” at the start. This is also a welcomed sound during the game as it is often the start of a randomly gifted bonus.

Set against a map backdrop, players get the genuine feeling that they’re about to go on a big adventure. This exciting game comes with well-known characters, including Sloth, Data, Chunk and Mikey. Other symbols include the likes of hidden treasure symbols, a skeleton, scales and coins.

The Goonies slots is one of the most popular games online based on an existing movie.  The Goonies is a cult film, one of many that Blueprint has chosen to launch as a tie-in slot. Blueprint’s library of games are all great fun, and you can get your hands on many movie-themed slots.

The Goonies slot not only appeals to 80s kids but also those looking for tons of features. Though there are only 20 paylines, the number of extra rounds more than makes up for it.

This video slot offers vibrant reels and colourful graphics that stand out; the game has been designed with lots of images, a backdrop and a number of movie references.

Slot Info

The GooniesAttributes

Casino Game:

The Goonies Slot Game


20 pay line slot 


5 reels games 


Blueprint Gaming casino software 

Minimum Bet:


Max Bet:



Medium Variance




Slot Theme: 


Bonus Features:

Wild Willy Bonus Scatters, Key Symbols, Key Symbol Bonus, Skeleton Organ Bonus Pick, Inferno Free Spins, Goonies Go Wild Free Spins, Sloth Free Spins, Fratelli Hideout Bonus, Multipliers

Max Win:


Free Spins:


Release Date:


Play The Goonies Slots Online

Therefore, plenty of people who love the nostalgia of the time will love the official Goonies slot. It’s a Blueprint game with plenty of paylines and features to enjoy.

There are plenty of great ways to play The Goonies slot online.

  • Take a look through our guides and lists of slots and casinos. It’s one of the most common games you’ll find at mid to large casinos.
  • Search Google for casinos offering deals tying into the game.
  • Why not try looking around sites you are already registered with? If you play at a big-name casino, it’s likely The Goonies slot may already be there.

How to Play The Goonies Slots

Playing The Goonies Slot is simple; follow our step by step guide:

  1. Firstly, find the best promotions and best sites to play The Goonies.
  2. Once you load up the game alter the stakes and paylines using the + and -.
  3. You can then press spin and play to match symbols.
  4. Land winning combinations and wait for the chance of bonus features.

It is that easy, load up the slot and enjoys the gameplay; you can play a fully functional game from your mobile. Play from your mobile, tablet or desktop without the need to download any software – you can enjoy from either iOS or Android.

What Symbols Trigger The Goonies Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The One-Eyed Willy Bonus Symbol is the scatter symbol, land three of them to unlock the bonus round and determine what bonus you get to enjoy. Spin a wheel to determine what type of bonus you will get; it will land on one of six bonuses.

You can then choose that bonus round or gamble – if you gamble, then you get to change it for a bigger bonus, but there’s a possibility that you could leave empty-handed. Wait until you reach the gamble screen before making your move.

You get the chance to land several different bonuses that we detail below. But there are free spins; get 10 free spins on the round – Super Sloth Free Spins, Hidden Tunnel Bonus and more.

Interactive Features

Land one of the many random bonus features at any given time. This is another One-Eyed Willy Bonus that can pop up at any moment with One-Eyed Willy’s Riches. You may see Chunk jump onto the screen shouting “Hey You Guys”, and you will know this is the pre-cursor to a bonus.

Pick from the three key symbols, and the key symbols unlocks the following:

  • Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle – Get a bonus triggered, you can then enjoy Chunk Truffle Shuffle. Unlock Chunk and receive tons of wilds. If you’re a fan of wild reels, then you will love this bonus.
  • Mikey’s Hidden Treasure – Mikey makes whole reels turn wild, offering you a huge win and more chances of landing win combinations.
  • One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost – Access One-Eyed Willy to get bonus symbols and to unlock further games.
  • Data’s Colossal Symbols – Data unlocks the ability for up to three reels to go colossal, meaning a big win. The colossal symbols will be positioned on three of five reels, and it then flicks through all the symbols before randomly selecting one.
  • Super Sloth’s Win Spin – Unlocking Sloth gives you a guaranteed win, and the symbols will transform into winning symbols.

Bonus Games

The One-Eyed Willy symbol is a scatter, and three of them unlocks the bonus wheel. Spin the wheel to land one of six bonuses, and you could potentially land five additional bonuses after your bonus too.

Once you get the bonus activation, you’ll be able to land one of six bonus round and get the chance of landing the other five additional bonus rounds:

  • Skeleton Organ Bonus Pick– Choose from the organ keys for the organ to rack up multipliers and bonus features. Hunt for keys to unlock more bonuses too, you could visit the Hidden Tunnel for more bonuses. If you reveal a character, each one represents a total bet multiplier.
  • Inferno Free Spins – Turn full reels wild and retrigger free spins as the inferno moves across. You can enjoy consecutive reels wild symbols. It represents the wild symbol, and you constantly get opportunities to capitalise.
  • Fratelli Hideout Bonus– Get an instant win or unlock further bonus features. You can choose from the organ keys to you reveal big cash prizes, bonuses or lose a life. Losing a life could eventually force you to collect your current bonus win. During this bonus, you will only have the top reel symbols available, offering more chance to win.
  • One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure – Rack up big cash values and multipliers until Willy decides it’s time to stop!
  • Goonies Go Wild Free Spins – Goonies Go Wild Free Spins offer lots of wilds and bonus spins. Get transforming wilds and extra prizes to unlock along the way. Retrigger more spins packages if you’re lucky. This is a fantastic
  • Sloth Free Spins – Use Super Sloth wilds to change symbols and rack up the money, with a chance to retrigger. You will get the opportunity to land extra free spins, pick from the copper pot medallions to reveal your prize.

Paylines and Stakes

The Goonies slot allows you to play from as little as 10p per spin.  You can play up to £10 per go, too. There are 20 paylines, which you can set before you make your first spin.

Regardless of bonuses and interactive features, it’s always worth checking the paylines and stakes of any game you like the look of.

The Goonies Slot is an adventure with some amazing rewards, the Blueprint Gaming video slot has 12 bonus features and various ways to activate these incredible bonuses.

The Goonies Slots Software

The Goonies are showcased by the well-known Blueprint Gaming. 

While testing the game, we had no problems with The Goonies slots software.  It works amazingly well from desktop to phone, and the gameplay is exciting. Blueprint Gaming is one of the leaders in the casino industry.

We experienced no crashing or slowdowns. Therefore, if you are tired of playing games that lag or clog up constantly, it’s likely to be a good choice.

What is The Goonies Slots RTP?

The Goonies return to player percentage is 96%.

As always, we want to make sure you get a fair RTP warning. RTP, or return to player, lets you know how likely an online slot game is likely to payout.

The Goonies slots RTP review online shows that you can expect RTP of around 96%.  This is relatively high, meaning that you can expect it to be fairly generous across its lifetime.

Slot Volatility

The Blueprint Gaming Slot is a medium variance game.

The middle volatility slot provides regular wins and not too big of a risk. You can play for some juicy wins and still get regular returns.


The Goonies offers lots of rounds. Once you land a bonus feature win, you can enjoy Mikey’s Hidden Treasure Bonus, Skeleton Organ Bonus, One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure Bonus Boost, Inferno Free Spins, wild reels, a mystery win and plenty of opportunities to collect big cash prizes.

Modifier award truffle shuffle and other big bonuses could offer huge win prizes and total bet multiplier win opportunities.

Look to land a winning combination with the various Goonies characters. You can also lookout for the additional feature bonus and much more on this exciting slot’s gameplay.

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