Inferno Slot Machine

Venture down to the land below the surface of the Earth – where the flames burned hottest.

Inferno is a hot slot game with lots of exciting features including scatter symbols, a big jackpot and the opportunity to gamble your wins for the chance of winning more.

In this Inferno Slot Review, the wins might just surprise you whether you’re ready or not! Read our complete breakdown with everything that you need to know.

Inferno Slot Sites

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About Inferno Slot Game

Can you handle the devilish heat? If you see red, then you are in the right place. Take a seat, pets, and let the game begin. In this five-reel, five pay-line hell-themed video slot game, Novomatic Software takes players into the depths of hell, where fire and brimstone flank the reels. Here, anyone can land the red-hot wins and the flaming jackpot prize.

In all the twists and turns of hell, you will not be able to find free spins, bonus games or even wilds. But, stay and play, and you will be rewarded with a scatter. It just gets odder and odder, doesn’t it?

This game may lack some features, but nothing great comes easily; you have to earn the 80 thousand jackpot. So stay on and see how far down you will have to go to reach that coveted prize.

The devil’s in the details – funny because he does not seem to appear anywhere on the reels. Novomatic Software has put another classic twist in one of their video slot games, this time making a subdued looking version of hell’s fiery pit and inserting some slots in it.

The entire reel begins with players already in Inferno itself. Like most classic, old school slots, this game does not bother with giving an introduction to the game’s theme or even have a separate bonus game. It puts focus on the main game.

Unlike many a video slot game, the Inferno slot does not contain the usual lettered and numbered symbols (such as A, Q, J, K, 10, 9).

Instead, it focuses solely on classic symbols such as the cherry and other fruits, all of which give an air of retro or classic design. The colours are very bright and bold, sticking mainly to yellows, reds, and other fiery shades.

Just like other classic slots, this game does not rely heavily on background information or music, choosing instead to let the reels remain quiet. It does add an air of calm during the spins, even though players are spinning in what is supposed to be hell.

Although quite simple looking, players will surely appreciate this classic arcade-style game.

Do not be so quick to judge; sometimes, less means more. For the Inferno slots, players will surely receive more by expecting less. So what are you waiting for? Try out the infernal slots and see just how much you hell can give.

How to Play Inferno Slot Online

Before descending into the fiery pits of the inferno, here are some things to remember:

  1. First, Click the Bet Level (+/-) section to set the amount to bet. Secondly, Click the Bet Value (+/-) section to set the value of the coins. Alternatively, you can choose to place the highest bet allowed, and you can do so by clicking the Max Bet button. Lastly, to start spinning, you can use the Spin or Autoplay button.
  2. Choose your paylines, you can adjust them with the other (+/-) section, this allows you to change the lines that you play.
  3. Press spin or use the auto play option. You’re able to then play for a winning combination.

Inferno slot machine can be played on iOS or Android devices. This game enables you to embrace the fully functional game without the need for any software.

Interactive Features

You can find scatter symbols and a gamble feature, although this game doesn’t put much emphasis on bonus features, there’s a lot to celebrate.

  • Scatters. The scatter in this online slot is the golden crown covered in gemstones. Players will be awarded over 25,000 coins by landing five scatters anywhere on the reels.
  • Gamble Feature. Each time you win, you get the chance to land bigger wins by risking it for more. Pick from red or black and see if you can unravel extra wins.

What Symbol Triggers Inferno Slots Bonus Free Spins?

This game aims to challenge players, so it does not have any free spin bonus features or any symbols to trigger any free spins.

Paylines and Stakes

An 80,000 jackpot is tempting, indeed. To get a chance to grab that prize, players must first place a bet between 0.40 coins to 100 coins per spin.

Of course, the devil won’t make it easy to nab that jackpot. While you wait for that prize to appear, you can try to land some scatter wins – landing anything from 3 to 5 of a kind will fetch players 10 to 15 coins.

If this proves to be a challenge, players can always go for the classic symbols to help gain some wins. These are the star, bell, grapes, assorted fruits, and cherries. The star shines the brightest as it acts as the highest paying symbol. It can award players as little as 100 coins and as much as 10,000 coins when 3 to 5 of a kind lands on the reels.

The rest of the symbols can award coin amounts that vary from 5 to 500 coins when at least 3 of a kind lands on the reels.

Inferno Slot Game Software

Novomatic Software has once again given players a taste of a classic slot game with Inferno.

Novomatic is a famous software provider who’s known worldwide for providing players with high-tech, modern, immersive games.

Use our Novomatic Slots list to find the best slot games from this exciting game technology.

What is Inferno Slots RTP?

The Inferno slot is a non-progressive game with an RTP of 95%.

To earn as much as £95 for every £100 wagered, players should rely on games like these with a good payout percentage.

Slot volatility

This slot’s high variance means that the payout will be generous.

The variance represents the volatility of the slot game, highly volatile slots such as this one are known for paying out big wins.


For those who are looking for a good challenge, this game is one to try out. It combines classic slot gaming with modern gameplay experience to give players a good challenge that will keep anyone on their toes the entire game.

Despite the lack of more bonus features such as wilds and free spins, players will definitely enjoy the challenge of trying to land wins as the payouts can be quite generous.

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