Mega Moolah RTP

You may have come across the term RTP before. The ‘Return to Player’ is basically the payout percentage; it is the proportion that is paid back to people playing in the form of winnings – the amount of money which is returned to players over the long term.

This is just an estimated amount, as the games are down to luck which means that some people may get more back and some people may not get much at all.Mega Moolah

You need to remember that the percentage of the RTP is over the long term. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will expect to get £90 back if you spend £100 if the RTP is 90%.

Over a short period of time, even low RTPs can pay out well, whereas higher RTPs may not. This is just a prediction.

Competitive online players will look for websites with higher RTPs, as they will generally lead to more winnings. Progressive jackpot slots generally have a lower Return-To-Player.

For the official game the Mega Moolah RTP is listed at 88.12%. You may come across sites with larger RTPs and some even lower. Despite this being quite low for an online slot game, the jackpot winnings are not included.

If you know the brand well, you will know there are four different jackpots available. The real Mega Moolah RTP is 96.82% due to the progressive contribution of 8.8%.

As a slot’s comparison site, we would always recommend looking into the different payout percentages to see whether the site is worth playing on.

RTP Mega Moolah

The great thing about the RTP Mega Moolah slots have to offer is that some lucky winners can get even more than the average percentage payout due to the wide range of jackpot selections.

It is important to be aware that an RTP isn’t guaranteed. Just because a site says you will get around 96% back, this might not be the case. You could end up losing a lot more or you could end up getting back more than you put in.

You need to remember that playing casino and slots games online is generally down to luck. Not everyone will get the same percentage payout back.

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Mega Moolah Slot RTP

The Mega-Moolah slot RTP is relatively low, however this does allow for a bigger jackpot. It is important to be aware of this and make sure you are not going in blind.

Make sure you are not just playing on the Mega-Moolah slot sites for the base game payouts, as it is unlikely you will get much back. You need to be trying to win on the jackpots instead, as this will get you the better payouts.

We would recommend all new and existing players to have a look at the Return-to-Player percentage prior to signing up to the various games. Make sure to remember the following:

  • The Return-to-Player percentage is just a prediction
  • RTPs are based on long term play
  • Additional games can help to improve the percentage payout

Mega Moolah Return to Player

When it comes to the base game of Mega Moolah, return to player percentages may not seem very high however you can still get a good profit if you are getting the jackpots. This is the case in a number of different games, not just Mega-Moolah sites.

It is important to look out for the additional bonuses. Some sites may offer a slightly higher Return-To-Player but players may not receive the same money back because these sites may not offer the additional jackpots like Mega-Moolah does.

You may find that some of the slots pay out more than others, it is a good idea to try out the various slots for this reason. If you have a look at the different Mega-Moolah slot sites, you will be able to find which sites are best for you.

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