The Best Ladbrokes Advert Collection

Upcoming 2018 Ladbrokes Ads

We’d love to hear what type of Ladbrokes adverts you would like to see in 2018, and when the time comes we will update our page with the ones we like the most.

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Ladbrokes Adverts 2017

“Lights, Kamara, Action!”

Ladbrokes latest advert sees Chris “Kammy” Kamara playing the more familiar role of the commentator as he watches a penalty smash off the crossbar and somehow end up in the back of the net.

This then ends with Kammy screaming out his trademark “Unbelievable!” before the even more unbelievable Ladbrokes betting offer pops up on screen. Very, very clever ad. @k22jbc seemed to think so too:

Ladbrokes Adverts 2016

“Unbelievable! TV Advert | Edit My Acca”

Probably my favourite ad from these guys, Ladbrokes’ “Unbelievable! TV Advert” ingeniously integrates Chris Kamara’s face on a range of cafe-goers discussing the great features of the Ladbrokes brand app to the man on the phone.

In fact, Kammy plays so many people in this that we compiled a small list of all of his characters to prove it:

  • The Waitress
  • The Builder next to the lead character
  • ALL three builders on the table opposite him
  • The old lady
  • The cyclist
  • The woman working from her laptop
  • The 80s disco guy

And if that wasn’t enough, the main character’s voice even turns into Kammy’s…

Chris Kamara acting
Kammy playing multiple roles

I think what makes this add so clever is the variety of characters that Kammy plays throughout the advert, as it gives off the impression that everyone the man speaks to known about the great features of the Ladbrokes mobile app. Overall this is a really clever ad that gets the point across perfectly.

“When The Fun Stops, Stop”

What I like about this advert is Ladbrokes’ ability to promote not betting beyond your means but in a catchy and memorable way. This is done through the cover “Bad Betty” being performed by all of the actors throughout the video and really puts the point across well.

Overall this is one of my favourite of theirs as the message is presented in a really unique way.

Ladbrokes Adverts 2015

“5 Team Money Back”

This clever advertisement shows a man celebrating his 5th team on his accumulator taking the lead, but to see the goal later be disallowed due to an offside decision. As his face turns from ecstasy to despair, you don’t then expect the next scene to see him dancing in the club, but he is.

Actor in Ladbrokes advertisement
The moment the offside flag was raised..

The reason for this is because of the “5 team money back” offer that Ladbrokes is promoting, which states that as long as 4 teams win on your 5 team accumulator, you get your money back. This advert is created well and promotes their offer excellently.

The “Ladbrokes Life 3-Character” Advert

In this ad, Ladbrokes perfectly portrays a typical day out with the lads. The theme of the advertisement is to showcase the many different types of betting man, including the optimistic one, the generous one, and the constantly happy one.

The personal element of this advert is what makes it so inviting and easy to watch, which really adds an element of friendship to sports betting and promotes Ladbrokes in a very generous way.

Bonus: Behind the Scene of the Ladbrokes Cafe Ad

We felt it was worth it to add the outtakes of the famous Ladbrokes Cafe Ad which on its own, is funny enough to be a real advert in itself. The video itself shows the star studded line up messing up lines, laughing and generally just having a great time on the set of the advertisement.

Who was in the Ladbrokes cafe Advert?

The idea of the ad was to have the ex-footballers and TV personalities exchanging banter in a working class cafe, with the waitress offering her opinion as she serves them food. This ad was excellent in the fact that its actors were so high profile. Just to get an idea, here’s a list of those in the video.

Ladbrokes Advert Actors:

  1. Chris Kamara (Construction Worker)
  2. Lee Dixon (Construction Worker)
  3. Ally McCoist (Construction Worker)
  4. Kirsty Gallacher (Waitress)
  5. Jimmy Hill (Chef)

Not bad, right?!

Ladbrokes Adverts 2014

The Ladbrokes adverts really took off in 2014. It was the first year they really started to stand out from the rest and were always being talked about because of their humorous adverts on TV. Their main adverts during 2014 were the 5 adverts of the gambling personality stereotypes that are very funny and relatable to a lot of people.

‘The Believer’

The Believer involves a man who horrendously fails a bicycle kick in a real game of football with his mates. This relates to the decisions he makes gambling as he risks it all for a big win, just like he does in the football match. As the description says, ‘The Believer’ is admired for his courage and bravery.

Seems like some professional footballers look up to ‘The Believer’. Arouna Kone has been taking bits of inspiration from his overhead kick by the looks of it!

‘Mr Brightside’

‘Mr Brightside’ is described as the responsible gambler. Should usually make a winning and will always know what he’s betting on. This is a very relatable and funny advert as many lads will know what it feels like to be the responsible gambler in the group! No matter how much you lose you won’t let it get you down or affect your night!

The advert includes a willing gambler on a night out. He is having a good time and has a bet placed. All is looking good as he successfully wins his bet on the first goalscorer only to have the linesman rule the goal out and ruin his fun. Does he let it get to him? Of course not! He bounces straight back and keeps enjoying his night out by dancing aimlessly in the club. Pretty funny to watch if you ask me!

‘The Professor’

The Professor is the analytic one in the group. Research, statistics, analytics… this guy knows it all. No bet is being placed without this guy spending hours researching the probability of a win. Keep ‘The Professor’ as a close friend as they are usually the biggest winners of the bunch and will be able to give you a few tips with statistics to back them up.

The Professor likes to analyse every fact and stat

The advert involves a man on a date with a head full of statistics. He has no interest in his date and is completely thinking about the statistics behind his bet on the England vs Italy World Cup match. Seems fair enough to me.

‘Generous John’

This is a friend that is great to have! Someone who spends their winnings treating you? Count me in! ‘Generous John’ is someone who humbly brags about their big wins by taking their friends out. Not a great trait to have, but I’m sure their friends won’t complain too much when they are flying around a Go-Kart course!

In the advert, the gambler is seen in a really positive light as he treats all his friends to food and drinks. Being labeled as the ‘Everyday Santa Claus’ is not an easy nickname to get but when you treat your mates like this guy you will get the respect you deserve. The humorous aspect of the advert comes when he is seen on the Go-Kart track looking aggressive and competitive against his mates.

‘Gut Truster’

The ‘Gut Truster’ is the one who will always trust his pure instincts when it comes to betting. He knows that his bets will not always go his way and that he might face some losses, but he won’t let it affect his decisions. This is a really relatable stereotype for many betters, especially including the ones who bet for fun at events or during the events.

Labrokes Gut Truster Advert
Gut Truster Actor in Ladbrokes Advert

In this advert, the gambler is seen buying a fur coat because his gut tells him to. A friend tries handing him some statistics before he bets but the gambler refuses and continues to bet on the horse that he has a good feeling about. Also a very relatable stereotype. Ladbrokes have these stereotyped gamblers spot on!

So, out of the 5 characters, who would you say you are?

  1. The Believer
  2. Mr Brightside
  3. The Professor
  4. Generous John
  5. Gut Truster

These adverts are all really funny and relatable to the gambling audience. Ladbrokes successfully target their subscribers who are made up of gamblers who use their service to try and win money in the sports they love. By creating these personas in their adverts, viewers are able to have a laugh with their mates and hopefully share the videos across their platforms.