Goblins Cave Slot Machine

If there is one thing goblins know best, it is gold.

The slot game comes with 3 reels, a colourful theme and 3 paylines. Outsmart this goblin for a shot at his treasures, you can unlock the treasure bonus, wild symbols and big wins.

This video slot has lots of opportunity and once you get to know the goblin, he’s actually friendly. Enjoy his cave and get your hands on crown symbols, red gem scatter symbols and more.

You can read our full Goblins Cave Slot Review in May 2021 as we explore the depths of the Goblin’s Cave including the software, RTP and bonuses.

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About Goblins Cave Slot Game

In this 9 reel, 3 pay-line classic slot game by Playtech Software, the friendly goblin works hard o dig up some gold and other treasures for players.

Along with his friendly demeanor comes a handful of wilds, scatters, and other bonus features to help you gain more wins.

As far as illustrations and appearances go, the Goblins Cave is pretty simple and unique in many ways. Visit the cave and all of its belongings with  a ring, teapot, crown and coins.

In efforts to change the goblins’ reputation, Playtech has made this character into a friendly cartoon who wears glasses and gets the wins for you by manually spinning the reels until you get a win.

Gone is the nasty appearance and nature of the mythical creature. It is replaced with someone who beckons and encourages players to keep spinning with him.

The overall slot is cheerful and colorful, which helps the goblin seem more welcoming than history would lead us to believe.

As this is a classic slot, no playful or jolly music can be heard while the reels spin. Only the classic hum of the game will accompany players throughout the game.

How to Play Goblins Cave Slot Online

When befriending a goblin, here are a few things to remember:

  1. Click the Line (+/-) section to set the number of the lines per spin.
  2. Click the (+/-) section to set the coin size
  3. Click the Spin button when you are ready to begin the game.
  4. Players can now lay claim on the goblin’s treasure from any mobile phone (Apple or Android), tablet, or PC device.

Interactive Features

Wilds. The wild symbol is represented by the red gem. The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter.

Scatters. The scatter symbol is represented by the lantern. Landing 3 scatter symbols will trigger the bonus round feature.

Bonus Game. For this feature, players will have to pick from a selection of chests. Each chest contains a different amount of wins.

What Symbol Triggers Goblin’s Cave Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There are lots of wins, gold, and prizes to find in the goblin’s cave but alas, these cannot be found with the help of any free spins. This is because there are no free spins to be triggered. But, the existing bonus features are helpful and generous enough to help players land some good wins.

Paylines and Stakes

Players who are worthy of gaining the goblin’s treasure are also privy to the 150x multiplier jackpot he can give out. This comes at a price of betting 0.01 to 5 coins per spin.

Though, while waiting to get this prize, players can still get some pretty good payouts by landing 3 of kind of the red, purple, or green crowns as well as 3 of a kind of the red, gold, and green teapots, or 3 of kind of the red, purple and green rings. Landing this can gain players amounts varying from 2 coins to 125.

Goblins Cave Slot Game Software

Goblins Cave was made possible by Playtech Software.

Playtech is at the forefront of the gambling and financial trade industry. They offer players innovative designs and an exciting and seamless gaming experience by providing games that can be played anytime, anywhere. They have also transitioned on to the mobile gaming platform.

What is Goblins Cave Slots RTP?

Goblins Cave is a classic slot game that has a high RTP of 96%. 

The Return to Player is an important facet of any video slot, it indicates how likely a game is to offer returns. An average RTP is 95% and anything above that amount is deemed generous. If you enjoy £1 spins then in theory, if you spin 100 times you are likely to win over £96 during that time.

It is a great way to control risk and enjoy plenty of chances of winning, find more High RTP Playtech Slots.

Slot Volatility

This Goblins Cave Game has a medium variance.

Medium variance slots allow you to enjoy regular wins and also the opportunity land big, real money wins.


All in all, the Goblins cave slot game is good fun. Despite its intriguing payout table which takes a while to get a hang of, this game puts a refreshing twist on the nature of goblins.

It is definitely easier for more seasoned players, but the overall look makes it more approachable to those with less spinning experience.

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