Quackpot Bingo Review – Deposit £10 Play with £40

This brand has now closed. We recommend the below brands which are similar:

Quackpot Bingo is a gaming site that offers players games such as bingo, slots and tournament competition.

Games on the site can be plaid for free or for cash prizes. This site first came into existence in 2005 and has been entertaining loyal customers and casual players ever since.

Here is some basic information about Quack Pot Bingo that will help players to get the experience from this site.

What Type of Games are Available on Quack Pot?

Quackpot Bingo offers over 35 different types of games. The best Bingo games and tournament related games are designed to be played with other competitors and the slot games are usually played alone.

The games have different themes and the bingo game offers jackpots for cash prizes.

This site is also mobile friendly bingo, there are lots of other games which have this option. These include Tombola Bingo and Sundae Bingo.

How does it work?

Players who want to compete for cash prizes or play the slots for fun will have to register. The registration process begins by signing up for an account on the website.

Players will be asked for their personal information and their credit, debit or bank account information.

These methods can be used to pay for the cash games at Quack Pot Bingo. Players will also have to meet the minimum age requirement to play the games.

Players should also keep in mind that they cannot have more than one account registered to each IP number or computer.

If a player has more than one account registered to the same person under the same IP address their account will be closed and their balances forfeited.

Also, a person with multiple accounts will not be able to make withdrawals.

If more than one person wants to play from the same IP address or network they can. But the account has to be set up with a different name and financial information.

Quackpot Bingo Bonuses & Spins

Players can get bonus bucks (often called “BBs”) from Quack Pot Bingo.

They are complimentary, promotional bonuses given by the site to players to thank them for loyalty; or for taking part in certain chat games and promotions. BBs are used to play a lot of the games on the site.

Bonus bucks can also help extend a player’s time on the games and give them additional chances to win prizes.

All free bonuses given to players will usually have wagering requirements. Withdrawing winnings on free money games is subject to Terms & Condition.

Perks and Bonuses

Players who want to claim bonus codes will have to log into their Quack Pot account and click on the “My Account” section.

Once they click on this section they will then need to hit the “Redeem Coupon” button. Then they will be prompted to select a coupon type.

If there are further instructions to be followed and they will be explained. After a player finishes signing up for everything the cash will be added to the account instantly.

Players will usually find promotion listed under the “promo” section on the site. Quack Pot regularly updates the promo section.

Players can use the Live Help feature to speak with the site’s support team for further information about this benefit.

They can also contact the support team with questions by using the email address support@livebingonetwork.co.uk.

Players can also check the site for free tickets and spins. They can do this by logging into their account and clicking on the “Free” section on their profile.

Keep in mind that free tickets can only be used once a person’s account balance reaches zero. Free tickets can also be used in any bingo room to purchase more tickets.

There is also a loyalty scheme for customers and it provides them with extra bonuses for every deposit that they make on the site.

Every time a player engages in an eligible game with real money, they earn loyalty points.