Bingo Hombre Review – Up to 500 Free Spins

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Jumpman Gaming bingo and 15 Network have combined their efforts to bring more fun to the online playing community. The network is continuing to add variety to its online offerings with the recent introduction of Bingo Hombre Login.

This bingo game made its official debut during the fall of 2014.

With the desert-themed backdrop, your animated host the and lively background music who could possibly resist becoming immersed in a virtual Fiesta of bingo-themed activities?

From its 9/14 arrival, this game has proven to be extremely popular with players. Now it’s time to take a closer look at what this bingo adventure has to offer.

Available Games

This platform also provides players chances to win with game variations that include both 75 and 90 ball Bingo. There are also numerous game rooms available. You get to choose the specific room in which you want to play.

The 75 ball game has achieved success with players from the States. The balls are numbered 1-75 and players receive cards that are marked with 25 bingo spaces. The middle space is free. This results in 24 total spaces that can be marked. There are a variety of patterns that can be created.

Straight lines, top row, bottom row and bow-ties are just a few of the choices that may be selected. Each time a new game is being started there will be a new pattern that corresponds with a winning bingo. The first player who matches the chosen game pattern is declared the winner.

The UK also has a preferred Bingo game-90 Ball. There are balls numbered 1-90 and the cards contain a total of 27 individual Bingo squares. Winners are those who complete a full number line. You can also win if you match all of the numbers on 2 or 3 lines. 3 lines (27 total numbers) is a Full House. Players can purchase multiple cards with six rows of numbered spaces or just play one individual card at a time.

Bingo Hombre Bonus

With many sites, a promo code will be needed to make use of the promotional offers. The site offers a huge range of bonus codes and games to enjoy, so make sure to look around the site and check if you are eligible for the bonus.

There is a huge welcome bonus up for grabs with plenty to win. Make sure you try this out when you sign up to ensure you get the most for your money.

Virtual Play

The first page is designed as an online welcome to guests and players. You can scan the page to read about the promotions. The gaming fun opens in the Newbie Room. Perhaps you will want to play a few of the free games before you begin competing for prizes.

  • Playing time for Free Bingo games (9 am until 1 pm daily)
  • Party Night time is 8p-10p
  • Open Room- Fridays (beginning at 9 pm)
  • Your ticket cost is 25 pence for Newbie players.
  • Sign up and become part of the Bingo Hombre gaming community. Click the New Player option. Choose the game you wish to play and purchase the appropriate card(s). Game on!
  • *Mobile Bingo Options will be expanding the playing opportunities for Bingo Hombre gamers.


The site is made on the back of Jumpman Gaming and 15 Network so the standard of games and software are high. I’m uncertain about the level of support you are given and cashout times.