Slot Machine Themes

Slot machine themes add entertainment and excitement to slot games.

Slot themes are designs and themes of a slot, there are different types of themes including animal, Irish, Egyptian and Vikings. This gives each game a unique style and helps slot players immerse themselves into the storyline, symbols and bonus games.

Find out more about the various casino slot themes and find the best one for you. Our team of experts compile the best slot themes in June 2022.

What Are Themed Slots?

All slot games are themed to some extent but some slot machine have more themes than others. There are well-known themes in the slot industry such as Egyptian and Vikings. The themes add to the excitement with unique bonus features and characters.

Slot machines have come a long way since the 3-reel classic fruit machines, you can now find various reels, different paylines and a range of slot types.

Why Play Slot Themes?

Playing games with prominent themes offer a lot more enjoyable features and types of gameplay. If you’re a movie buff then you will want to check out movie-themed games, if you’re a fan of Ancient Egypt’s history then take a look at Egyptian Themed Slots.

As you can imagine, there are lots of emotions attached to themes whereas slot games with fewer themes are often more empty and can be boring.

Most Popular Slot Themes

Find the best and most popular slot themes, we have picked out the different slot machine themes. We pick out a number of stellar slot themes.

Here are the the different slot themes available at online casinos:

Adventure Slots

Adventure Themed Slots

Adventure and explorer themes are exciting and can be set anywhere. Some adventure-themed slot games are also jungle themed. Adventure games come in many different forms with quests, jungles and sports.

Adventure slots come in all forms with different reel layouts and different paylines.

Animal Themed Slots

Animal Themed Slots

Most slot games come with animals, wildlife or mascots, there are lots of choices when it comes to animal themes, with tigers, pandas, Safari and more.

Some of the games have jungles and safaris, check out the Mega Moolah Slot and Jungle Spirit. We have unravelled the most popular animal themed slots.

Aztec Themed Slots

Aztec Themed Slots

Aztec is a specific slot theme with a range of symbols and bonuses. Aztec is an ancient civilisation in Mexico, the indigenous theme can also incorporate the Mayan themes. It comes with different symbols including pyramids, jungles, temples, artefacts and warriors.

Find the best Aztec themed slots using our complete list.

Egypt Themed Slots

EGYPT Themed Slots

Ancient Egypt themes are super-popular and have been around for decades, starting out at land-based casinos. These Egypt themed slots showcase the usual cliches including Pyramids, Pharaohs, Cleopatra and the Scarab Beetle.

We have listed the Egyptian themed slots category and all of the best games.

Movie Themed Slots

Movie Themed Slots

If you’re a fan of a certain movie then there’s a good chance you can also find it as a movie slot. Slots such as Ted, Jumanji and Planet of the Apes. Find the top movie slot games using our guide, there’s an influx of movie slot games.

Blueprint Gaming and Microgaming are known for specialising in film style games. There are lots of different type of movies.

Viking Themed Slots

Viking Themed Slots

Vikings are often part of slot games and are fun themes with the likes of Vikings & Norse Mythology Slots. The Vikings are known for their long hair, beards, boats and shields, check out the top games.

These slot machines come with bonus features, characters and ships. Find slot games such as Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Gods: Thor & Loki.

Christmas Themed Slots

Christmas Themed Slots

There are many games with festive themes and guess what? They can be played all-year round, enjoy Santa and the Elves as they come bearing gifts.

Christmas themed slots come with a red design and have all of the usual festive cliches including Father Christmas, Presents, Elves, Mistletoe, Christmas Pudding and more.

Find our favourite slots with our Christmas Slot Games Guide.

Comic Themed Slots

Comic Book Themed Slots

There are millions of comic fans and if you’re one, you can connect two hobbies with comic-related slot games. Comic themed slots come as DC or Marvel and have a range of superheroes.

Find our list of the top-rated comic slot games and find out more.

Dragon Themed Slots

Dragon Themed Slots

Dragons have been a popular legend throughout time from books to movies and now you’ll find a range of slot games with dragons. This includes Dragon’s Myth and A Dragon’s Story, these two slots have exciting features.

There’s more than one slot with dragons as the main theme and you can enjoy online gambling with the range of existing slot machines with dragons. Check out the full list of Dragon Themed Slots.

Fruit Themed Slots

Classic slot games come from the fruit machines with the usual cherry, lemon and orange symbols. These games generally come with other icons such as a Bell and BAR. Most online casinos will have these timeless slots with either 3 reels or 5 reels.

Expect a classic slot machine design and simple layouts. Find our favourite fruit slots.

Game Show Themed Slots

Game Show Themed Slots

Everybody loves a good game show and that is why you can extend your game show experience by immersing yourself in show slots.

Game shows such as Deal or No Deal, Bullseye and The Price is Right all come as slot games. The game show slots add spice to the bonus features, with many of the bonus spins and features based around the actual TV game show. Find the best game show slot machines in June 2022.

Greek Mythology Themed Slots

Greek Mythology Themed Slots

Greek Mythology is a favourite theme for many with Greek Gods such as Hades, Zeus, Poseidon, Medusa and more.

Like any other theme, it comes with wilds, scatters, bonus rounds and free spins. Find a list of Greek theme slots including the Age of the Gods Series. Our team have compiled a full list of online slots themed with mythology in the Greek-themed slots.

This genre can also be classed as a fantasy or mythological theme with a number of fantasy slots available to enjoy.

Gem Themed Slots

Gem Themed Slots

Classic slots have often showcased diamonds, gems and jewels. The sparkly symbols often translate into shiny bonus games.

You won’t need to search far for online casinos that offer gem themed slots. These casino games come with various features from cascading reel features to multiplier games.

Branded slots brandish exciting gem themes, find the top jewel themed slots and diamond slots using our guide.

Halloween Themed Slots

Halloween Themed Slots

There are many popular slot machine themes and Halloween is one of them. This category doubles up as a Halloween and horror theme.

Most popular themed slots from this category can be found in our full list of the best Halloween slots.

You can find the Halloween Slot and other horror themed slots.

Irish Themed Slots

Irish Themed Slots

Irish themes are well-known in the online slots world and come flashing the usual cliches such as horseshoes, Guinness, pots of gold, leprechaun and rainbows.

Popular online slot games include Lucky Leprechaun, Rainbow Riches, Irish Luck and Luck of the Irish. After playing just one of those, you will be familiar with all of the games within this theme.

Online casino game developers love Ireland and this shows in their designs, find the best Irish themed slot games. Irish slots often offer lots of Irish music and other classic slot theme features.

Irish slots are a popular slot category for a reason, there’s a number of elements to these games.

Mafia Themed Slots

Mafia Themed Slots

Gangster films are the craze of the 1990’s and 2000’s, thanks to the Godfather, Goodfellas and The Sopranos.

There are lots of different slot games that now allude to mafia stories. Find mafia and gangster themed slots in June 2022.

Casino games in the mafia genre come with lots of guns, cars, characters, money and other mobster icons.

Find branded slots including the likes of Scarface Slot in our full list of mafia themed slots.

Magic Themed Slots

Magic Themed Slots

Magic captivates all online slot machine fans and you can find a number of them in online casinos.

Find a slot game with wands, magic, wizards and magic books. There’s a list of different magic, wizard and illusion slot machines.

Pick out the best magic-themed slot games using our guide.

Martial Arts Themed Slots

Martial Arts Themed Slots

Are you ready for mastery?

Martial arts is a discipline that is known for its links to China, hence why many of the martial arts overlap Chinese themes.

Prepare to enjoy a number of popular online slot games with Bruce Lee Slot and Karate Kid Slot. Unearth your favourite martial arts themed slots.

Mexican Themed Slots

MEXICAN Themed Slots

Mexican slot games have some well-known themes such as wrestling, food and Calaveras style skulls.

Find a range of Mexican slots with one of the most popular online slots being Lucha Legends Slot.

We have unravelled the best Mexican themed slots in June 2022.

Music Themed Slots

Music Themed Slots

Music is something we enjoy each day and now there are music themed slots, with lots of online slot games featuring famous bands, music eras or genres.

Play slots in the 60’s, 70’s or play band slots such as Guns n Roses. You will also find Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix and Karaoke Party Slot.

We have a list of music themed slots that offer some incredible bonuses and free spins that add to the theme.

Chinese Themed Slots

Oriental Themed Slots

There’s a number of lucky Chinese slots with anime, martial arts, cuisine and temples.

You will be able to pick a number of different online casino slots that come with these symbols such as temples, characters and lucky numbers.

We have found the best Oriental Slots in June 2022.

Pirate Themed Slots

Pirate Themed Slots

You won’t be short of pirate themed slots with lots of captains, pirates and ships in the slots world.

Slots themes such as pirate ones provide plenty of entertainment and a variety of bonus games, this slot theme will send cannonballs your way.

Pirate slots come with skull flags, exciting bonuses and many have big wins up for grabs.

Romance Themed Slots

Romance Themed Slots

There’s something alluring about romantic themes, and there’s a number of classic slots with a love story.

This includes Romeo & Juliet but there are many other bizarre and wonderful inclusions of romantic themed slot games. Many of them have a loved up couple, love letters and more.

Microgaming are one of the most popular developers and they host lots of love-themed slots. They are easy to find at different online casino sites, keep a look out for romantic slots.

Space Themed Slots

Space Themed Slots

Space-themed games are rare and come with aliens, solar systems, stars or cartoon-style games.

Classics such as Starburst are available but you can also find modern slots with aliens with Astro Legends and Reactoonz. Reactoonz has reactor reels and other crazy bonus features that adds to the vibrant mayhem that offers lots of winning combinations.

Find the list of space themed and alien slot games in June 2022. Find games based in outer space as you look to land some out of this world surprises.

Sport Themed Slots

Sport Themed Slots

Fans of sports will love the collection of sports themed slot games.

Sports slots are video slots that brandish tennis, baseball, football, cricket, basketball and many other highly loved sports.

One of the most popular series is the Star slots such as Football Star, Cricket Star and Rugby Star. These different games have been created by numerous slot developers and many of them star a range of famous sports stars.

Check out our favourite sports themed slot games with our full list.

Ocean Themed Slots

Ocean Themed Slots

Ocean themed slots are also underwater slot games with fish, boats, fishing and other water-based games.

There are lots of games that have exciting bonuses, free spins and wilds. If you’re looking for jackpots then you may be in luck. Ocean themed slots have online game bonuses.

Wild West Themed Slots

Wild Themed Slots

Native Americans, Cowboys, Indians and Gunslingers are all part of this wild theme.

The Wild West is exactly that, find some slots enriched with the wild west theme with a number of cowboys and Indians out in the desert.

Pick out the best wild west theme games using our help, we even discovered that this category tends to offer a lot of generous payout percentage slots.

Witch Themed Slots

Witch Themed Slots

Witch themed slots feature a witch character and come with lots of spells, wands and potions.

Find the best witch themed slot games using our magic list of the best slots themed with witches and other sorcery.


Where to Play Themed Slots?

Play a range of themed slots at Slotty Vegas Slots, 32 Red or Paddy Power.

It’s not difficult to find casinos that have themes as most online casinos offer a variety of slot themes. Find your favourite slot sites and they’ll be sure to have different slots from slot designers.

What are the Best Slot Themes?

Online gambling provides just about every category but our favourite slot themes are:

  • Adventure Themed
  • Animal Themed
  • Aztec Themed
  • Ancient Egypt Themed
  • Movie Themed
  • Viking Themed
  • Christmas Themed
  • Comic Book Themed
  • Dragon Themed
  • Martial Arts Themed
  • Movie Slots
  • Game Show Themed
  • Sports Themed

What Bonus Features are Available at Different Slot Themes?

You won’t be short of bonus features, these games comes with free spins, multipliers, cascading reels, jackpots, wilds and scatters.

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