Bingo Magix Review – Get £60 Free

Unfortunately, we do not recommend Bingo Magix any more as we don’t think it is one of the best sites in regards to user experience and value. Please take a look at the alternative sites below if you want to find something similar to sign up with:

See the old Bingo Magix review below:

If you’re a bingo player through and through, you’ll love Bingo Magix. It’s got a great website, bursting at the seams with features, great games, lots of bonuses, and plenty of promotions. It’s been built from the ground up for December 2019 bingo lovers, and it’s pretty impressive all of the user-friendly features that the game site promotes.

There’s a great community too! Players can communicate over a unique chat bingo feature to talk to other users, getting involved in the atmosphere of the website, build valuable friendships, and share good conversation.

Bingo Magix Bonus Codes

The site offers a wide variety of promotions for games to enjoy, as well as a wide variety of bonuses. One of the nicest features on this gaming network is how generous they are with gifts. You receive gifts not only when you join, but also periodically through your playing experience.

Users can enjoy a cool £300 every time you spend £100 (with no max limit) as well as a 350 percent deposit bonus every time you reload (up to £100).

On top of all that, you’ll also pick up a £15 bonus (plus a 600% welcome bonus) just for joining the site. These bonuses don’t cost you anything, and count toward your accumulation totals to build up more bonuses. You’ll also get a special perk to turn your first £10 deposit into £70, which is a pretty sound investment, in our books.

Communication and Support

You can get any sort of advice on this site, which makes it fun to use. You haven’t got to worry about any sketchy activity, plus this gaming networking site builds a newsletter, has searchable FAQs, supportive materials, which keeps problems solved quickly- which is much appreciated by the users of the network. You can even get a refund on money that you don’t spend (minus a 5% processing fee + £5)

Launch Dates, Networks, and Gaming Jackpots

Bingo Magix was launched in 2008, and it’s part of CozyGames’ network. The software in December 2019 is smooth and accessible, has a great atmosphere, and plenty of great games! There are over 50 slot games of every kind imaginable, and a diverse and varied Bingo experience.

The buy in prices are reasonable, and the jackpots expansive! It’s not unusual to win £2000 or more per round. Plus, you’ll be playing for a while with all of your free money, which is a win-win in our book.

Bingo Magix Mobile

The software is easy to use, and converts well on smartphones and tablets. The user’s experience is streamlined and easy, like you would expect from a popular gaming website.

Just use your Bingo Magix login in your phone or tablet and you’ll be able to sign into the site and enjoy all the top games and features. You’ll find loads of mobile bingo brands online these days as most sites now offer mobile games.


  • software is smooth and accessible
  • great atmosphere
  • plenty of great games


  • Slot games can be addictive
  • Slot games can be distracting from the bingo experience

We hope you enjoyed our review on Bingo Magix December 2019 and have great fun playing the brands games!