Bingo Mega Review – £10 Free No Deposit

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Bingo and casino game addicts all a like will enjoy this website. Bingo Mega is just that, a site with plenty of bingo and casino games for its users.

Filled to the brim with games, users can enjoy the many cash prizes you could possibly win.

Many enjoy this gaming site and play it with their family and friends.


On the homepage, you can see it is very inviting as it offers live help.

This is great for the new user who isn’t quite sure about where everything is at first, especially if it’s your first time playing for cash on a gaming website.

With many followers, you can know that there are people who find this site entertaining.

Bonuses and Promotions

Like many bingo websites, it offers a sign-up bonus, what’s great about this bonus is that it actually pays you before you make your deposit.

It offers 10 euros free just for signing up. Not only do you see how user-friendly this site is, but it also shows you how many users have already benefited from it.

On the homepage, it shows you their jackpots, and how much has been won in only a month from all their winners, and the number is a staggering 600,000 euros.

This gaming website also has a unique setup for its users to actually earn a monthly income for referring friends and family, and other bingo fanatics to their games.

Speaking of games, they have a slew of them to offer. All of this ranging from casino, instant and online bingo slots.

In the casino section they have 7 different video poker games to choose from, they include American, Deuces Wild and the well-known Blackjack table game.


These are just a few they have named. In the instant games section there are also a number of games to choose from.

They have classic pull tabs that can cash out anywhere from 1 euros to 4000 euros. You can spin the wealth wheel to win up to 40 times your bet.

The slots range from 3, 4,5 and 9 Reel Slots and offer up to 20 pay lines. They give out free spins, and keep it interesting with a multitude of bonus game features.

The Bingo games featured are the games you come to know and love, 90 and 75 ball bingo are featured. Celeb bingo also offers 90 and 75 ball bingo.

There website is very organized and categorizes everything so players may navigate the website with ease.

Jackpots are all listed, and promotions are clear for the viewer to see. They also have a testimonial section for members to share there experiences.

Many winners have posted their experiences on the website, so before signing up you can already see many happy customers.

Unlike many gaming sites, they also offer a photo gallery, giving the website a friendly family feel. Bingo Mega is definitely a website worth looking into.