Bingo Stars Network

The Bingo Stars network is an emerging umbrella brand for some fantastic bingo and casino games.  While this network is still very much expanding, it makes sense to check out the sites and rooms they currently support, along with the wide variety of casino and slot games they bring to the masses.

While Bingo Stars may not be the biggest network around when it comes to online bingo and gaming, they are going to be a name that’s well worth watching.

With that in mind, we’ve set up a complete guide to the Bingo Stars network, which will give you a complete breakdown on what to expect from the brand, its sites, and its various games.  If you’re looking for bingo fun from a brand new network and want to give some different games a try, make sure to take a good look through our list and see what takes your fancy.

What is the Bingo Stars Network?

Background of space with blue/white square covering half the background. The logo for BingoStars can be seen on the space with text to the left saying "Bingo Stars Network", CTA beneath it and the BoomtownBingo Logo.
What is the Bingo Stars Network?

The Bingo Stars network is a relatively new brand of online gaming which presents a wide variety of bingo and slots games.

As the name suggests, the network is primarily concerned with bingo games, however, if you do feel like mixing things up a little, the sites they host have a variety of other titles and casino standards which you can leap into at your leisure.  Why not take a look at some of the big deals they’re leading with and take a look around?

As mentioned, the network does have some room to grow, but everyone has to start somewhere!  With that in mind, we will be refreshing our list and guide so that you always have access to the latest titles and platforms supported by the network.  In time, we expect Bingo Stars to be taking over online gaming in a big way – so it’s well worth getting behind them now to take advantage of loyalty bonuses.

Not all of the best bingo sites are hosted at the biggest networks.  Take a look at what Bingo Stars brings to the table and you could well find your ideal gaming experience in the most unlikely of places.

Bingo Websites on this Network

Bingo websites with Bingo Stars software make use of the popular Dragonfish engine.  Dragonfish is a name which is synonymous with flexible, colourful gaming and tons of big prizes.

They have been a leading force in online games for some time now, with many other big-name networks taking full advantage of the software.

It’s famous for being extremely flexible, and what’s more, some of the most characterful and colourful sites use this engine – meaning that you’re very unlikely to get bored.

Dragonfish sites have evolved massively over the years, which means that the bingo experiences through the brand have expanded, too.  There are more rooms and games here to get into than ever before. You can also find free bingo games and offers available too.

Therefore, it’s worth checking out the sites hosted through the Bingo Stars network to really take advantage of the software at its best.  If there’s one thing Bingo Stars has over the competition, it’s that they’re making full use of one of the best gaming engines on the planet.

How to Play

Bingo Stars online bingo is really easy to get into.

  • Head straight to the site of your choice and register for an account.
  • Take on a bonus code and make a deposit.
  • Claim your bonus and take a look at the bingo rooms and games available.
  • Launch a room and buy tickets for the next available game.

It really is that simple!  Even more useful is the fact that Bingo Stars’ sites are fully optimised for mobile play.  This means that even if you are playing bingo from your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to tap into a wealth of bingo games from the comfort and convenience of your portable device.

Just head for the site you want to play at and your smartphone will do the rest.  We think it’s important that all bingo and gaming sites make an effort to offer mobile-friendly games to their players, and it’s great that Bingo Stars are fully on board.

All Sites on this Network

Keeping checking our page for more details on all Bingo Stars bingo sites. These brands are all licensed by the UK Gambling Commission so you can be sure they’re secure to use. For now, let’s take a quick look at a couple of the sites being offered up by the brand:

  • Big Tease Bingo – This is Bingo Stars’ maiden bingo site, and it’s a cheeky, fun little gaming lounge with lots going on. Certainly, check it out for the latest deals and twists on bingo gaming.
  • Bingo Hollywood – Want to add a bit of glitz and glamour to your bingo games? Bingo Hollywood is where it’s at.

Take a look at Bingo Stars’ range of games today!