Empire Bingo Review – Up to 500 Free Spins

In recent years, the number of online bingo websites has grown rapidly. With the amount of UK bingo halls now falling at an even faster rate, it looks like fans of the game are making it clear what they want.

With Empire Bingo, you can play a huge range of different bingo games online, with everything from 90 and 75 ball bingo, to bingo jackpots, slot games, and weekly prize events to keep you entertained. Why choose to play in silence, when you could be laughing up a storm and winning big too?

Empire Bingo Welcome Bonus

When you sign up to Empire Bingo you are welcomed with a great welcome bonus where you are able to gain more free play. They currently have a 500 free spins offer available, check out this page to see more sites with this bonus.

If a player earns loyalty points, by getting involved with bingo chat games and tournaments, they will be able to exchange them for cash deposits.


At Empire Bingo, players can get involved with a wide range of online games. The two most popular are 90 ball game and 75 ball bingo, and they can be played across a number of different rooms. You can reach these rooms by visiting the lobby area of the website.

Whilst 90 ball bingo is the standard game played in the UK (with individual lines and a full card resulting in a win), 75 ball bingo is a little different. It is the most popular game played in America, and it works in much the same way, except that the win is earned when a player marks off all of the numbers on their card in a specific predefined pattern.

What is it like to Play on Empire Bingo?

The online bingo games at Empire Bingo are a treat for fans because they offer an evolution of the traditional bingo platform. These days, people do not want to sit in a dusty hall and play in complete silence. They want to have fun with their gaming, and they can do this at Empire Bingo.

There are no real rules because players are in their own homes – as long as members are polite, respectful, and treat the games properly, they can conduct their bingo games in whatever way they see fit. For example, it is just as common for players to get friends round and play together, as it is for them to play alone at home

Empire Bingo Mobile

Yes, the games hosted on Empire Bingo are optimised for mobile devices. However, in order to play bingo on a mobile, participants must be running Google Chrome as their main browser.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

As aforementioned, lots of players appreciate the freedom to create whatever bingo environment suits them best. If they want to shout about a big win, they can without a snooty caller ordering them to be quiet. It is also much easier to keep track of spending online, as credit reserves can be checked in seconds.

The only real disadvantage to playing online bingo is the fact that it takes some getting used to, particularly for older players. Yet, on the other hand, this learning curve offers mature users a chance to get to grips with new technology.

For some, memories of dabbers and ball wheels are hard to shake, but it does not take long to feel the benefit of this bingo evolution. The games are easy to play success is almost guaranteed, so get yourself online and grab yourself an Empire Bingo victory today.


Overall, we think you should take a look at Empire Bingo today and try out their site to enjoy their fun games and promotions.