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Kelly’s Eye Bingo is the launch in mid-October by Cozy Games. Anyone who knows their Bingo will tell you that ‘Kelly’s Eye’ means number 1, and make no mistake they aren’t shy in claiming to be the #1 Online Bingo Site.

However there’s no shortage of rival sites who like to say the same thing, so let’s take a tour and see if Kelly does indeed put her money where her mouth is.

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty it’s worth mentioning right away that you can tell a lot of effort – and probably a lot of expensive graphic designers – have gone into setting up this site.

It’s classily colourful with a delicate textured blue background that serves well to highlight the numerous options that are presented in a non-intrusive, sophisticated yet fun style. Kelly herself is a rather enchanting lady gently beckoning her visitors to check out the options. Well, if you insist…

What Games are Available?

Lots! Starting with the Bingo there are 30, 50, 75, 80 & 90 ball games to be had throughout the day and night all of which can be searched to see when the next session is scheduled, represented by a ticking down clock. It’s pretty clear that Kelly has the Bingo well in hand, and as expected there are options to pre-buy your entry into sessions in advance.

Yet there’s also plenty more to the site than Bingo. Kelly’s Eye is a virtual seaside amusement arcade of table games to play, ranging from casino classics such as various forms of roulette and casino blackjack online, as well as enough slots and digital games to put Caesar’s Palace to shame. There’s plenty to keep you busy while you wait for your Bingo session to start, that’s for sure.

Kelly’s Eye Bingo Bonuses

Not bad as far as they go but hardly groundbreaking if truth be told. There’s a straight up 300% welcome bonus for all new users once they’ve completed the application and made your first deposit of at least £10

There’s also plenty of big promotions to keep you coming back too, including a respectable cash-back offer for those who credit their accounts with £25, and also lotteries and prize draws too.

How Are The Games To Play?

I’ll split this down to a general appraisal of the three main parts of Kelly’s empire as to describe every game would take a small book! You can tell by the design, page layout and loading process that they’ve mostly been designed by the same team – and this is no bad thing.


As well formatted as any Bingo I’ve played online. Intuitive, easy to follow and all done with that sense of roller-coaster British fun that oozes from the site in general. Very good and I can’t really fault it at all, but as I’m a scrooge I’ll award a handsome – 4.5/5


Is it me or do all roulette wheels look the same? You can’t really go wrong with the classics, so I decided to take a closer inspection of the games. All very nicely done, and importantly no incessantly annoying whizzing and bleeping that can so often let these down. Good but not spectacular – 4/5


Pretty good although I’m not a big fan, the themes are imaginative and there’s absolutely loads of them to choose from. In the interests of research I had a turn on ‘Big Ben’ (oo-er!), ‘Kitten Ball’ and ‘Cool Wolf’. High production values as usual, but at the end of the day it’s slots – 3.5/5

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What Are The Deposit Options?

In a word – comprehensive. Credit and debit card of course, but Kelly also accepts deposit via bingo Neteller, Skrill and PaySafe. Minimum deposit is £10. The registration process is pretty straightforward but you do need to prove your ID before you can make any withdrawal – there’s loads of help for anyone worried about this.

Can I Play On My Mobile?

You can indeed and Apple, Android, Tablets etc are all supported. Plus you get an extra £5 bonus for playing one of the 47 games on offer from your mobile too.