Raw Bingo Review – 500% Sign up Bonus

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Bingo just got a lot more exciting. This site is taking Bingo to a whole new level. A person can play this game from the comfort of their own home. The game is easy to download and a user account is free to set up.

Raw Bingo has a number of great games. There is a chat set up so players can talk to one another if they chose to and make some friends while they play.


Raw Bingo offers a number of games. In addition to the Bingo games, there are a number of different slot machine games to choose from. There are a number of different Bingo games and a new game starts every couple of minutes. Some of the games allow the player a chance to hit the mega jackpot and win even more money with Bingo.

The slot machines featured on this site give a player the chance to hit many different bonus features. There are specials for free spins as well. Players can join in a tourney game as well. The player that hits the most bingos or gets the most points on a slot game in a specific amount of time wins the big prize.

Raw Bingo Bonuses

Raw Bingo has special bonuses to reward players. There is a bonus for the top 15 players that have won the most game in a weeks time period. There are also bonuses for 10 randomly chosen players that made a deposit into their player’s account during the week. Each week 10 lucky people that have logged onto the site and played a game will win a prize.

For new players, Raw Bingo will match their first deposit by 350%. They will match the second deposit by 250% and the third by 300%. There are also special contest and drawings that are held throughout the year. In addition to playing on the computer, players can access the online casino from their iPhone, tablet, or a device with the Android operating system.

The Software

Once the online Cozy Games software is downloaded all a player has to do is log into their account and select the game they want to play. To download the software a player will click download and follow the on-screen directions.

A person will need to register for an account. They will pick a username, password, and enter their contact information. They will also need to enter banking information to make deposits and withdraws. All of the information is transported through the top of the line internet security.


This site offers huge deposit matching rates for new players. There are many different bingo and slot machine games to choose from. The games start every couple of minutes so a player can log on and enjoy the fun whenever they feel like it.


Like any gambling site, there is not a sure thing. A person can lose a lot of money if they are not careful. Online betting is not currently open to residents of the United States.

Raw Bingo offers the players the chance to win a lot of money. The graphics are bright and colourful. This site can be accessed from any mobile device. Raw Bingo allows players to enjoy all the fun of bingo and slot machines no matter where they are.