The 13 Best Casinos in the World

Even if you’re an avid fan of online casino fun, you have to admit that nothing quite beats taking a look at authentic table and card games in the real world.

While there are plenty of high street casinos and chains based in the UK, you might actually fancy taking a look at some of the biggest and best-loved names in global gaming.

You don’t always have to go to Vegas to get access to the best – but it’s definitely a good starting point!

Here’s our rundown of the very best casinos on the planet – there are 13 of them, so are you feeling lucky?

1. Caesar’s Palace

When you think of casinos, you probably think of Caesar’s Palace first.  It’s one of Las Vegas’ most iconic casinos, and it’s been featured on all the small and big screens you can think of.

It’s built around the idea of a dramatic, Roman resort, and it’s often seen to be the very height of gaming luxury.

Take on tables, cards, luxury hotel and bar suites and even an extensive TV lounge for sports betting galore.

2. Foxwoods Resort

Head over to Connecticut and you’ll find the world-famous Foxwoods Resort.  This Native American-styled casino is more than double the size of Caesar’s Palace, and it can welcome around 5,000 people at any one time.

There is almost one slot machine to ever player, too.  What’s especially interesting about Foxwoods is the fact that it’s made up of six different resorts!

3. MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Let’s head back to Vegas briefly.  A rival of the world-famous Caesar’s Palace, the MGM Casino and Hotel is a true mainstay of the Vegas gaming circuit.

It’s said to be one of the biggest draws on the planet for sports betting, which means if you fancy the odd flutter at Ladbrokes every now and again, MGM is sure to really blow you away.

4. MGM Grand, Macau

And believe it or not, there’s another MGM branch out in China, too!  With over 830 slot machines for you to play at on the main gaming floor, you can also check into one of nearly 600 hotel suites at the same resort.

Fancy card and table games?  Pick a table, any table – from one of 400 plus.  If you didn’t expect to find the height of luxury gaming out in China, you’ll be very pleasantly mistaken.

5. Casino Baden-Baden

Oddly enough, this is a casino you’ll find in Baden-Baden, one of Germany’s most gorgeous traditional towns.  Its casino is one of the oldest in the world, as it dates back to the 18th century!

It is a truly luxurious escape for any true casino lover, and with over 100 different, exclusive slot machines waiting for you here, it’s a night out you’ll remember for years to come.

6. The Borgata

Let’s head back to the US for a moment, and take in Atlantic City.  The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa has everything you’d ever want from a luxury resort in the heart of an American metropolis.

With over a staggering 4,000 machines for you to try your hand at, it’s one of the biggest gaming collections in the US.

It’s in the top ten largest casinos in the world at present, and there are more than 2000 different hotel suites for you to pick from.

7. The Empire Casino

At last – it’s time to head to Blighty.  London’s Empire Casino is one of the youngest gaming establishments on our best-list, though despite its youth, it’s made an incredible mark on the world of casino fun.

It’s been around since 2007 and is perhaps most famous for its private feel and for its World Series of Poker events.  There are stacks of games, bars and restaurant facilities to dive into, too.

8. Tusk Rio

Jetting over to Klerksdorp, this South African casino resort is well-deserving of a slot on our top list.  It’s in the top five biggest casinos in the world and is certainly one of the country’s premier gaming establishment.

Drinking establishments and hundreds of slot games await you here, in a casino lounge that carries a unique luxury to it.

9. Sun City

Even bolder and brighter than Tusk Rio, perhaps, is the colossal Sun City Casino Resort, also in South Africa.  Choose from more than 800 different slot games and stay at one of four different hotels.

It’s one of the most opulent casino experiences you’ll have in the region.  Why not give it a look?

10. The City of Dreams

Fantastic name, fantastic resort.  We’re heading back to Macau for this entry, where The City of Dreams resort boasts more than 500 different tables for card gaming and more.

If you prefer slots, take a look at over 1,300 different machines on the main gaming floor.  This spectacular, grandiose gaming resort is a must-visit for any gamers heading out East.

11. Casino de Monte Carlo

Monaco is well-known for its royalty, its racing, and its rip-roaring casino trade.  Casino de Monte Carlo, based in the capital, is a gaming club fit for billionaires.

This incredible casino paradise is lavishly decorated and is over a century and a half old.  It’s home to exclusive twists on card and table games, too, so certainly come along and give the games here a try.

12. The Wynn

Las Vegas’ Wynn Casino is reportedly one of the most costly gaming resorts to have ever been built.

Over 200 acres of amazing casino action awaits you here, with stacks of restaurants and bars, as well as an exclusive golf course and shopping centre built-in.

It’s an all-in-one resort you’re not going to want to miss.

13. The Venetian, Macau

Let’s end our list with the biggest casino in the world and of all time.  Stay at a hotel boasting over 3,000 suites on-site and take your chance on just as many slot machines.

With nearly 900 tables set up for gaming, too, it’s unlikely you’ll run out of things to do at this imposing, Goliath casino out in central China.

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It’s Over to You

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