Bingo Gifts for Enthusiasts

It can be a real pain trying to think of or find, that perfect gift for someone you love if it’s their birthday or generally a special occasion. It’s not enough to simply go with what you know and get them their favourite wine or chocolate, is it? So if you know a bingo lover, and you want to go above the usual humdrum go-to gifts, why not consider a bingo-themed present? It makes absolutely perfect sense!

Here are some suggestions to suit a variety of tastes and price ranges. Save your time scouring the internet. 


Every bingo player worth their salt knows how vital a dauber is. You can’t play without a dauber! So many bing players, though, often use the ones provided to them when really, they could be having a lot more fun with their own. Delight a bingo-loving friend and make their game more personal by getting them a dauber that suits their personality. There is a multitude of options to be found online. Thanks to online shopping, they’re easy to procure. You don’t have to go to some special bingo equipment supplier for any of these suggestions, either!

If the budget is a little tight for you, then have a look at ‘Dab O Ink’ daubers. Prices start at less than a quid (69p, to be precise), so anyone can afford them. Perhaps it’s not the most personal gift of all time, but this particular dauber is really popular and for years has been a staple at bingo halls. You can be sure you’ve got a trusted gift, at least. It comes in 6 colours, so you can be sure to pick their favourite!

How about something with a bit more character? How does a Betty Boop dauber sound? Everyone loves Betty, the adorable 1930s cartoon! This dauber will help your friend show off their individuality and definitely to stand out in the bingo hall. Perfect for those trendy pals.

Happy holidays? You can get festive-themed daubers during the winter months! 

Bingo merchandise

Does your loved one adore bingo so much they can’t contain themselves? Do they need to tell everyone? Good. Here are some perfect gift ideas for them!

So, say you’re able to splash out a bit and you got them a couple of daubers. How about a case for them? You can personalise it with a name, with the ability to choose the text colour and the colour of the case itself, for £5.95. It’s universal, too. If it’s not being used for daubers, the two zipped internal pockets make it ideal to use as a makeup bag or even a pencil case.

How about a bingo-themed tote bag? There is no shortage of designs available. Bags sporting phrases like ‘Bingo Beauty’ or ‘Out of my way! I’m going to Bingo!’ printed on the side of the bag. Something for every single bingo lover!

Everyone loves a new mug. Wouldn’t the bingo-lover in your life appreciate one? This way, they can show off their bingo obsession whilst enjoying a nice cuppa. Invest in the choice of personalisations like including their name and/or a message, and have it sent in a lovely presentation box for that ‘wow’ factor.

More on Bingo merchandise

Here’s a little-known secret. Your DVD player isn’t just for films! That’s right, it can also be used to play games, including… You guessed it, bingo! Interactive bingo games are excellent value for money, and there is always a huge selection of themes. A bingo game DVD is ideal for a bingo enthusiast.

Do you know someone who has a cheeky game of bingo on the way to do their weekly shopping? How about a personalised, bingo-themed coin keyring with their name on it? They can have all the convenience of not needing to dig around trying to find a pound in their bag, whilst telling the world how much they love bingo!

If you know someone who loves to be noticed. Someone who likes to be different and stand out from the crowd, try a bingo ball beaded necklace! Fashionable and funny!

How about something simple, but sweet? An ‘I heart Bingo’ pin to wear about their person to show off their love for the game?

Bingo kits

Their very own bingo kit is the ultimate gift for a bingo-lover. If your friend is truly committed to the game, they’ll love this. 

Going back to the old school, they’ll love being swept up in the nostalgia. Bingo kits come with a sturdy bingo cage. When you turn the handle, a ball is released, which finds its way down the chute and waits to be called. This is spot on for bingo nights at home with family and friends.

At the more pricey end, you can get hold of an electronic bingo machine. These really are top-notch so it’s probably best only the really hardcore bingo fans are suited to these.

Whatever you choose; a DVD game, a dabber or a full-on bingo machine, your gifts will be adored by the bingo-lover in your life. Let them know you care with one of these bingo-themed gifts for that upcoming birthday, or whatever special occasion they’re lucky enough to receive gifts for! And if you don’t know someone who would appreciate these, then maybe it’s time you treated yourself?