Money Roll Slot Machine

Does money make the world go round? Of course, it does. Money can control everything – from the way things are run, to how much people earn in a day. Money changes everything. So how can you dictate where the money goes and how much ends up in your pocket?

When you read this Money Roll Slot Review, find out how you can the reels spin and go round when you manipulate the money roll. Spin to win and you may even find yourselves with the jackpot prize! Go back to basics when you play money roll – this classic video slot game filled with old school ways to win and fun experience through the reels. Play for fun or real money and see you win soar with this slots game.

Money Roll Slot Sites

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About Money Roll Slot Game

They say that hard-earned money was made by blood, sweat, and tears. But, those were the old days. Thanks to Pragmatic Play, players can now make the money roll faster, easier, and with less blood, sweat, and tears.

Now, in this video slot game with a 3×3 reel and five payline formations, players can earn that wad of cash by spinning the reels and seeing the slots make the money roll.

If you’re in the mood to earn some cash, then get ready for this classic video slots look that will make anyone over the age of 25 nostalgic.

Its classic look makes the slots look like an actual slots machine found in a physical casino. It even has the same beeps, pings, and sounds like a classic, old-school machine.

Although, in this vintage-looking slot machine, the symbols involved aren’t the classic symbols at all.

There are no cherries or red sevens. There are, however, silver sevens, and different symbols that show money in all forms – coins, wads of cash, and gold bars. So, if you aren’t feeling rich and opulent, when you see the money roll in, you start feeling like a millionaire.

Now, this kind of old-school classic gaming provides a fun and immersive games experience, however, it does not have any other bonus game here. So, players will have to rely on their skills and intuition to gain the games payouts as there are no wilds, scatters, free spins, or other bonus features to be had.

If you want to work for your money, then this is a fun way to do it. Spin along and play for free or for real money when you play this online version of this casino games, and you might just be lucky enough to win a jackpot win as big as 1,200x multipliers!

How to Play Money Roll Slot Online

Money is alluring, but before you go about making it on the reels, here are a few tips and tricks to remember:

This is a classic-looking slot game, but whether you’re playing for free or for real money, you must first set the amount to wager and the coin’s value. These amounts can all be toggled on the bottom part of the screen. Players can also adjust how many paylines to play per spin. After toggling with these, you can either click the Spin button to play a single spin or the Autospin button for uninterrupted gameplay.

This online slot is an oldie but a goodie, and you can play this any time, anywhere on any mobile (Apple or Android), tablet, or Desktop device.

Interactive Features

This money roll reels is one of those video slots games that doesn’t have any other bonus features or games. These reels make players rely on luck, intuition, and skill alone. This makes for a more interesting and exciting gaming experience; after all, all this money is worth a little challenge.

What Symbol Triggers Money Roll Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There aren’t any free spins in this online slot to look forward to. As there are no bonus features here, there is nothing to trigger the free spins feature. However, players do not need free spins here as the payouts do land often enough to give players adequate amounts throughout the game. When you roll through the reels, you can expect to gain some pretty good payouts from the monetary symbols.

Paylines and Stakes

When players play this game, they can begin so by placing a wager between 0.05 to 25 coins per spin. Now, there are six coin values to choose from, and these amounts vary from 0.01 to 0.50 coins. Placing this wager will begin the game where players can win some payouts from the game’s symbols such as the wads of cash, gold bars, silver coins, and silver sevens.

When you land 1 to 3 of a kind of these icons, players can win anything between 1 to 6,000. The silver sevens pay the most while the silver coin pays the least so try to land as many silver sevens on the reels as you can. There aren’t any bonus features to collect here so it’s best to collect as many winning combinations as you can before the end of the game.

Money Roll Slot Game Software

Money Roll is a video slot game made possible by Pragmatic Play’s HTML5 format.

This gaming provider is known in the industry as being the lead content provider. They are also known for being accommodating as their games are available on mobile as well as desktop and pc platforms.

What is Money Roll Slot RTP?

This game is one of the non-progressive slot game by Pragmatic Play that has an RTP of 95%.

The Return to Player (RTP) rate of this online slot game is pretty fair as players can expect to get an average return of £95 per £100 bet.

Slot Volatility

This slot game has a low to medium variance level. That means that players can expect to land payouts in smaller amounts, but these do land in a frequent to semi-frequent manner, so by the end of the game, players can have some decent amounts in their pockets.


If you’re up for a more relaxed gaming experience, think again before spinning this reel because this is one of those simpler-looking slots that require a little more patience and skill. It will have you at the edge of your seats the whole time as it will give you a good challenge throughout the slot. This is because there aren’t any bonus features to rely on, so you will have to be more patient and test your skills to land bigger wins or even the jackpot prize.

So, players who are more experienced may find this more enjoyable due to the difficulty level as compared to those who are still starting. Although, if you do want a good skill test, then, by all means, make the money roll in this video slot and see just how much cash you can win!

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