The Great Chicken Escape Slot Machine

Chickens may not fly, but they can sure run! These flightless birds are out, and they’re making a run for it. Watch them as they try to escape from the coop and escape the clutches of the poultry farm. This is one vegan-friendly game as you will have to aid in their escape to garner any prizes that they could produce. Dig tunnels underground or find a way to get these birds up in the air when you manoeuvre your way around the camp.

Plot your escape routes and find out how you can gain some wins as you commandeer these chickens into safety when you read The Great Chicken Escape Slots Review.

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About The Great Chicken Escape Slot Game

Do you have a knack for sneaking around and getting about undetected? The dogs and humans are taking over the chicken coop, and it’s your job to ferry the chicks to safety. The battle for supremacy is on, but who will win? Will it be the mighty dogs, or will it be the not-so-pea brained chickens?

If you’re a fan of the movie Chicken Run, then this will be a game you will enjoy. It combines some light-hearted fun, a humorous theme, and some pretty generous payouts.

This video slot game is set in what looks to be chicken-sized army barracks where Pragmatic Play brings players into a five-reel, 20 pay-line game. Players will have to act as double agents who shuffle the chickens from the barracks and out into safer pastures. It’s war and where there’s a battle there’s bound to be some spoils for the taking.

In this video slot, players will get to help the chickens fly the coop and escape with as many winning prizes as possible before the enemy finds out. With wins littered everywhere thanks to the game’s wilds, scatters, free spins, multiplier wins, mystery symbols, jackpot prizes, and even a “Click Me” bonus feature, players may find this to be one of the greatest wars on the internet.

The game also stays on theme with the great chicken escape as it includes the chickens dressed in military gear as the game’s paying symbols. The dogs here, found in the bonus rounds, act as guard dogs who won’t let the chickens escape. And when the game begins, it truly sets the tone for the entire gameplay as chickens can be seen sneaking around in an underground tunnel, trying to make their way out.

As the game plays on, an upbeat march plays as the reels spin, and whenever wins are made, the sound increases as if to announce your victory. The symbols, as well as the background image, is illustrated beautifully, and it’s made to look cartoon-like and whimsical. It combines 3-dimensional elements with 2-dimensional elements, and it all rolls together and makes a perfect, seamless gaming experience.

So, if you think you can sneak past the guards and to through the reels to steal some wins, then take this slot out for a spin and make sure you don’t chicken out! At ease, soldier! Be brave and don’t back down for there’s a 500x jackpot prize you wouldn’t want to miss.

How to Play The Great Chicken Escape Slot Online

This great chicken escape may need some planning and preparations so, here are a few tips and tricks to help you manoeuvre around the reels and steel prizes easily:

Before trying out an escape plan, any great leader would know to first toggle with the number of coins to wager. You can manage the value of the coins, the amount, and how many coins will be bet per payline. Once this is all settled, you can either click the “Spin” button to play one spin or the “Autospin” button for uninterrupted gameplay.

You can now plot the great chicken escape from any mobile (Apple or Android), tablet, or PC/ Desktop device.

Interactive Features

Wilds. As with any coop, there’s only one rooster to be found. So in this game, the rooster acts as the wild symbol as well as the leader of the great chicken escape. This symbol can replace any symbol apart from the scatter.

Scatters. The scatter symbol is represented by the scroll with the word “BONUS” on it. Players who can land three or more of this on the reels can trigger one of the random bonus features listed below or a cash prize.

Secret Tunnel. This bonus feature is a “Click Me” bonus. In this bonus feature, players will have to pick one of the chests and tunnels. This will aid in the great chicken escape.

Poultry in Motion. For this bonus feature, players will have to move one of the chickens around the map to collect as many golden eggs during the game.

Get Clucky Free Spins. This feature is one of the most helpful bonus features as it gives players ten free spins where the wilds can increase the multipliers to up to 11x.

To The Other Side. During this feature, players will be given ten free spins wherein every wild will be collected on the first nine free spins, and all the wilds will go back on the 10th spin.

Big Money Bonus. This bonus feature allows players to click on one of the 12 barrels shown on the screen. Each barrel either contains a multiplier win or a golden egg. During the big money bonus, players can also get a chance to gamble the wins, with each gamble more difficult than the last. More can be won during the big money bonus than the secret tunnel bonus.

What Symbol Triggers The Great Chicken Escape Slot Bonus Free Spins?

This is one of those slots that gives players numerous ways to win, and in these kinds of slots, players can expect a couple of different free spins options. Pragmatic play brings players the Get Clucky Free Spins option and the To the Other Side bonus feature which can both be triggered by landing some scatters.

However, Pragmatic Play also gives players a Random Spin Feature where, during any spin, players can trigger 1 of the three features: the Guard Dog Wild, The Chicken Run Wild, and the Care Package:

  • Guard Dog Wild. During this feature, up to 9 wild guard dog symbols will randomly drop onto the reels.
  • Chicken Run Wild. For this bonus, players can get as many as four wild reels added, and this will take the form of a recruitment poster.
  • Care Package. This is one of the bonus features wherein players can expect a random stack of golden eggs to appear on the reels. These act as mystery symbols and they can turn into any symbol on the reels.

Paylines and Stakes

For about as little as 0.20 and as much as 100 coins per spin, players can play the Great Chicken Escape slots where gambling amounts may be as risky as gambling the lives of these chickens. Good thing, the great escape isn’t as dangerous as a real battle.

Once players begin to play the slot, they can expect some payouts from the jackpot prize, the bonus features, and the symbol payouts. One of the helpful bonus features in the slot is the big money bonus, and the numerous free spins as these can reward cash prizes and or multiplier wins. These bonus features also land frequently enough so players won’t have to worry about leaving empty-handed.

The slot does have a couple of free spins to gain here, so it keeps the wins rolling. But one thing players should try to land are the high and low-paying symbols. The higher-value symbols consist of the game’s characters all dressed in military uniforms and the game’s logo. They can give out amounts ranging from 0.10 to 5 coins whenever 3 to 5 of a kind of them lands. Also, in these slots, as can be expected, there are lower-value symbols that come in the form of card symbols.

These are the A, K, Q, and J symbols which can bring players a minimum of 0.04 for landing 3 of a kind, and a maximum of 1 coin for landing 5 of a kind. Every great escape starts off small, so work your way up until you find your way out of the compound and into freedom!

The Great Chicken Escape Slot Game Software

The Great Chicken Escape Slot was made possible by Pragmatic Play.

This gaming provider is known in the industry as being the lead content provider. They offer innovative, regulated, and mobile-focused multi-product portfolios to players because they aim to provide players with premium entertainment and seamless gaming experiences. They are also known for being accommodating as their games are available on mobile as well as desktop and pc platforms and they come in 31 different languages and all currencies.

What is The Great Chicken Escape Slot RTP?

The Great Chicken Escape has an RTP of 96.5%.

This return to player level gives players a chance to win £96 for every £100 wagered. The Great Chicken Escape may encourage you to help chickens escape, but it also guides you to the wins as it does allow pretty fair amounts to drop throughout the game.

Slot Volatility

This slot game is one of those medium to high variance slots. Thanks to Pragmatic Play, players expect to land some pretty decent amounts in a semi-frequent manner with this volatility rating.


Pragmatic Play has done it again in this Great Chicken Escape slot. This is one slot that players can play all day long. It has beneficial and quirky features that land often enough and it even has a bonus called Poultry in Motion where players can appreciate the amazing graphics and the whimsical feature that gives some fantastic bonus prizes. Also, surprisingly, there are a ton of free spins here that can help players land even more winning combinations so really, this slot is one that welcomes anyone and everyone, no matter the skill level. So, if you’re up for a daring rush through the reels, then take this slot out for a spin!

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