9 Reasons Online Slots Are Superior to Casino Machines

Whether or not you are a casino gamer or an online slots fan, there’s no denying that there are crucial differences between playing on the web and cracking a one-armed bandit for real.

Plenty of people choose to play casino games online for the convenience, and who can blame them?

However, there are many more reasons why online slots are superior to casino machines.  If you ask us, as slots and online gaming experts, we think online slot machines still have a way to go.

Here are nine reasons why it’s better to play on mobile or at home than in a big casino.

1. Welcome Deals and Bonuses

One of the main reasons you’ll love playing slots online is for the welcome deals.  Bonus codes simply aren’t available from mainstream casinos.

While you may get the odd freebie here and there, don’t bank on getting any free credit anything like that which you can claim online.

2. Progressive Jackpots and Shared Cashpots

In real life casinos, you’ll only ever be able to win money that a casino holds in a strict pot.  Many online casinos and specific games now let you win millions of pounds through shared jackpots and progressive bonuses.

This means that several sites can be connected together for players to share in the chance to win some big money.  The more casinos which link together, the bigger the prizes will be.  Simple!

3. Play for Free

When’s the last time a real casino let you play games for free?  It’s certainly not very often.  Online gaming lounges, on the whole, let you try games before you pay into them.

It’s a great way to get a feel for specific games without having to waste any of your own money in the bargain.  Beyond this, make sure to check out free play casino games whenever you go online and have a play around of titles which appeal to you.

4. No One’s Watching You

Have you ever played a slot machine in a casino and have been left feeling a bit out in the open?  No surprise, therefore, that so many people choose to play online for extra privacy.

Many people prefer to play games on their own without anyone giving them tips or hints along the way.  Simply put, it’s a great way to play games solo.

5. It’s Safe

Playing casino games in public not only carries an element of financial risk, but one of safety, too.

If you’d prefer not to play games with real money in public, you can choose to enjoy them in complete privacy and safety in your own home or on your mobile.

All your money is kept safe online, and you have no fear of anyone trying to steal your winnings.

6. Brilliant Games

Sure, there are plenty of great games and brands out there on the high street and in casinos, but none of it compares to the online scene.

There are thousands of amazing games available for you to get into, with more being created and added all the time.  You really need to see the array of games and titles exploding onto the online scene.

7. Loyalty Pays Off

There may be some casinos and clubs which have VIP membership schemes.  However, do they really compare to the freebies and offers you’ll get from an online deal or two?  Maybe not.

Signing up to an online VIP scheme will give you access to fresh deals and bonuses as and when they come live.  This means you will always be kept in the loop on what’s happening.

You’ll get invitations to competitions, exclusive chances to win jackpots, and more.  There is simply more variety from online loyalty bonuses that you’ll miss out if you only play in real casinos.

8. Guaranteed Payouts

Well – to an extent.  Many people have used RTP, or return to player, to work out the edge that they might have on specific slots and games online.  In casinos, you run the risk of falling prey to the house edge at every turn.

While it’s sometimes hard to quantify how well you’ll do on slots online, it’s even harder to figure out your chances when you play for real in a casino.

You, therefore, have much more chance of winning big prizes by going online or playing via mobile.

9. Flexible Gaming

Playing casino and slots games on the go is more commonplace nowadays than ever before thanks to the rise of mobile casinos and slots games built for phones and tablets.

The vast majority of slots and casino sites now offer mobile gaming, which means it is well worth taking a look at your favourites sites and games catalogues to try out their portable platforms.

You simply can’t get this kind of flexibility with real life casinos!

Keep it Online

There are plenty of great reasons to play real life slot games.  However, playing slots online is just as fun, and perhaps more lucrative for you.

Why not take a look at our slot games guides and see what takes your fancy?