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Snooker is a great cue sport with a rich and fascinating history. It has become very popular in the UK and many other places around the world, with many people playing this game for fun and entertainment as well as in competitions and tournaments. A very social game, with rules that are relatively easy to follow, this game has a huge following and provides people with enormous fun and entertainment. This article gives an insight into the game of snooker, useful tips for beginners and how to bet on the game.

How To Play Snooker

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As mentioned above, snooker is a game which is loved by a lot of people. However, it’s a very complex game, that needs one to be aware of the rules of the game before starting to play it. There are a number of great places to bet on the snooker but here on our William Hill Snooker page is very easy and clear!

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So if you are a beginner in playing snooker, below are some of its rules:

1. Snooker, on a full table, has a total of 15 red balls and six colours to pot with the white cue ball. If you were to clear the table in one swoop, the highest score you could get would be 147. Don`t expect to do this anytime soon!

2. You get 1 point for every red ball you pot, with the others in the following order: yellow 2 points, green 3, brown 4, blue 5, pink 6 and black 7.

3. To start scoring you must first pot a red ball and then follow this with any of the colours, then a red ball again followed by any colour and so on. The reds stay in the pockets, but the colours are re-spotted. When all the reds have been potted, after the shot on the last red you can select any colour to pot, which if it is potted gets re-spotted, and after that, you must pot the yellow, then the green, then brown, then blue, then pink, then black.

4. When it is your turn at the table, you stay there until you either miss a shot or play a foul shot. It is then your opponents turn to play.

5. A foul shot can be due to a number of things. Among them are missing the colour you were supposed to be playing, potting the wrong coloured ball, having the cue ball go into the pocket, hitting another ball of the wrong colour first, going off the table with the cue ball, or touching one of the balls on the table with your hands or arm.

6. You lose 4 points if you play a foul shot on a red, but if you are playing a colour such as blue, pink or black or if you are playing a red and you foul by hitting or potting one of these colours. You lose 5 points if it’s the blue, 6 points if it is a pink, or 7 points if it is a black.

7. It is important once you have learned how to play snooker that you adhere to its rules and play the game fairly and correctly so as to uphold the fine traditions of the game.

8. The player who scores the most points once all the balls have been potted is the winner.

9. You use chalk to dust the cue tip on your snooker cue which helps to prevent any bad contact with the cue ball.

10. If you cannot reach the cue ball with your cue, you are allowed to use a rest to hold the cue while you play your shot.

These are the main rules you need to know on how to play snooker. Learning snooker with a good guide and taking help from experts along with the proper following of the rules of the game can definitely help you come out as a winner.

Tips for Playing Snooker

If you are one of those that enjoys playing snooker and you are looking to improve your game, there are a number of tips that can help you to get better. Some snooker tips that can help you to play a more enjoyable and successful game of snooker include:

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Practice: It is important to remember that the snooker players you see in tournaments on television were not born with their skills! They practice for literally hours each day in some cases, which means spending time along practising their routine, shots, positioning, and cue control. It is important to ensure that you practice your game if you want to get really good at snooker. Of course, you won’t have to commit as much time as the professionals, but it is still important to spend some time practising on your own to get your game just right.

Stance: Developing and maintaining your snooker stance is important, so it is a good idea to spend time developing this until you have it just right. Your snooker stance forms a very important part of your game, as it is this stance that will give your stability, balance, and put you in a solid position to take your shots. Once you have mastered the stance, you will find it far easier to take smooth, controlled shots.

Your own cue: It is worthwhile remembering that while starting out using communal cues is fine you might fare better getting your own cue if you want to develop your game and become much better at snooker. Communal cues are used by many people and are often worn and not particularly well maintained. If you get your own cue, you can choose one that you feel really comfortable holding and playing with, which is important when it comes to being able to focus on your game. You can also maintain your own cue so that you benefit from the optimum performance from the cue.

Online coaching: You may find it very useful to join an online coaching programme where you can access a range of tools and resources relating to snooker such as snooker DVDs, online videos, tips, and advice from experts, and more.

Snooker Betting

If you’re not interested in playing or watching snooker, then you might be interested in making money with Snooker betting. There are a range of snooker betting sites which you can use.

The popularity of snooker betting is increasing with each passing day with many gamblers across the world winning a lot of money from the betting. The opportunities of making money with snooker betting have even increased more than ever thanks to the increase in the number of ranking events in recent years.

Punters can now wager into various snooker tournaments such as The Shoot Out, Snooker World Championships, and the Premier League.

We would recommend checking out the snooker bet types before placing any bets to ensure you know which are the best bets to take.

There is also in-play or live betting offered by several Snooker betting websites where you can bet as the game is on-going. So you don’t have to limit yourself to football betting while there are other pleasant opportunities available for you.

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