Bitten Slot Machine

(Un)dying to sink your teeth into some juicy online slot machine wins? The beautiful vampire ladies are making their way to the reels, and they’re luring in some fun bonus features and a ton of multiplier and cash prizes worth being hunted down.

In this Bitten Slot Review, find out how you can stash as many wins into your crypt before the sun rises, just like a true child of the night.

Bitten Slot Sites

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About Bitten Slots Game

Do you have enough garlic cloves, wooden stakes, and silver crosses ready? The vampires are about to rise from their slumber. Play their game well to avoid being their snack and make it out alive!

When the skies are starless and pitch black, and the moon is full, that’s when the fearsome and bewitching monsters come out to play. Bats swiftly flit about in the dead of night, further adding to the chilling setting.

The question is, are you brave enough to play this horror-themed video slot to gain the thrilling casino prizes the vamps bring to this online slot machine?

Bitten is a 5 reels, 20 paylines slot by IGT Software. Venture into the dark woods and take this bloody great slot for a spin!

Make like the Count and his undead bride by draining the reels of all the wins from the bonus symbols, wild and scatters, free spins bonus, and other fun IGT slot bonus feature.

When you play Bitten, you will see that the reels remain pretty dark throughout the game.

Since this online slots has a horror and gore theme to follow, players can expect to see some blood-tinged symbols come up from their 2-Dimensional graves to fill the reels.

Expect some chilling signs to make their way to the reels to hand you a frightening cash prize on this night of the living dead slot games. If you’re one of the lucky mortals to be gifted by these creatures, you may find yourselves with a max payout 250,000 jackpot!

The count is intent on making the night memorable with his handful of casinos bonus game.

Every detail of the graphics, illustrations, and background sounds was thought of perfectly, so it really sets the tone and mood for when you play on the Count’s paylines, reels 5 online casinos game.

There are even some blood-filled wine glasses, lit candles on vintage candelabras, and intricate-looking jewellery to accompany you as you spin.

Count Dracula and his vampish bride are coming. So, step into the sinister world of vampires and bite off as many casino games prizes as you are able to before the sun comes up!

How to Play Bitten Slots Online

Before you become a full-fledged vamp, here are some tips and tricks to note before you play the vamps games:

Begin the games by deciding how much you want to deposit on the line per spin. You can do this by selecting the (+/-) buttons on the control panel to adjust the number of coins to bet as well as the value of the bet. Then simply click either the Spin or Autospin options to begin the game Bitten.

Remember, you can always try out the game for free or for fun before deciding to play the slot Bitten for real money. The game Bitten can be accessed online on any mobile, tablet, or PC device.

Interactive Features

Anyone can enjoy this thrilling casino game whether on mobile if you’re on the go, or your desktop device. There are also bitten bonus games and features that make the games more enjoyable as well since they can give pretty great win payouts too!

Wild Symbol

The bitten logo stands for the slots wild icon. The word “BITTEN” is written on the symbol, and it can stand in for any icon on the reels. This symbol cannot replace the bonus scatter icon.

Scatters and Free Spins

The crypt bonus symbol with the words “THE CRYPT BONUS” represents the slots scatter symbol. If you have the skills to land at least 3 of these, then you can win a free spin bonus along with a multiplier bonus.


As mentioned, selected games can also give you multiplier wins valued between 2x to max 5x multipliers. Although, if you’re lucky, you can also win the max bonus 50x multipliers.

Bonus Round

During this bonus feature, players will see a row of coffins displayed. You will have to pick one but keep in mind that each coffin corresponds to a certain number of bonus free spins that you can win.

What Symbol Triggers Bitten Slots Bonus Free Spins?

Bitten has a number of free spins bonus available in this bonus. You can get this by landing 3 to 5 Crypt scatter icons in one slots spin. The total number of free spins you get per spin will depend on how many scatters you can land.

  • 3 Bitten scatters gets you 5 to 14 crypt free spins and a 5x multiplier.
  • 4 Bitten scatters gets you 8 to 17 crypt free spins and a 10x multiplier.
  • 5 Bitten scatters get you 10 to 20 crypt free spins and a 50x multiplier.

You can also retrigger this casinos feature by landing more scatters to win a max of 50 free spins bonus!

Paylines and Stakes

Earning some vampire casino wins here isn’t as hard as battling an actual vamp. So, whether you’re a high-stakes player who likes to place the max bet or someone new to slots and prefers the min deposit, this game is sure to give you some bloody good wins.

In this paylines 20 slots, the Bitten wagering requirements are between a min deposit of 1 and a max bet of 5 per spin.

It does take guts to go against the undead, but surely anyone would go for it since there’s a whopping 250,000 jackpot casinos prize lurking within the crypt. Talk about a rewarding deposit bonus!

Even though it takes a while to win this, you can still gain some significant amounts by landing a combination of the casinos low and high-paying symbols.

If you’re more of a max win player, then you should try landing the blood-filled goblets, candles, and gold heart jewellery. Depending on your casino deposit, you can gain a minimum of 2 coins and a max of 500.

The other paying icons are made up of the Count’s other belongings. These can fetch a minimum of 2 for landing 2 of a kind and a max of 400 by landing 5 of a kind.

Players can also rely on the lower-value symbols like the classic card symbols. Landing the bloodied A K Q J 10 icons can give lower pays of around 5 to 100 coins. So, you can bet the min deposit and still possibly gain these paying icons.

Bitten Slots Game Software

The Bitten video slots games was made possible by IGT Software.

IGT is one of the major gaming providers in the industry. They are well known for supplying players with premium, enjoyable, and creative content that showcases the company’s leading-edge technology.

What is the Bitten Slot RTP?

The Bitten Slot is a video slot game that is non-progressive with RTP 95.02%.

This kind of RTP payout percentage allows anyone who places a bet of max £100 to gain approximately £95 in one game.

Slot Volatility

This chilling online casinos game has a medium to high variance level.

IGT’s Bitten Slot volatility rating lets players gain a good, fair payout amount for the total bet deposit in one game. This casino slots payout, although quite generous, does not occur as frequently but is worth it in the long run.


In this casinos review, we have highlighted how this game is one for the books.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into the horror genre, a newbie to casino gaming, or the type of player who likes to put in a big deposit from the get-go as this IGT’s casinos RTP is proof that you will get some just rewards no matter how much you decide to bet.

Now, it does take strategy to land the jackpot or retrigger the multiplier and free spins features in selected games. Seasoned players may have an advantage here as the vamps don’t make it too easy to land their bonus prizes.

The game is hypnotic, challenging, and immersive. The details of these undead beings’ terrifying beauty, along with the way the whole game was made, really does make you feel like you’re part of a horror flick.

What’s great about it is that it’s so accessible, and you can play this on the go or at home from any mobile or laptop! All in all, it generates a wonderful gaming experience even with the challenge of landing substantial vampire prizes.

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