Prowling Panther Slot Machine

Look through the tall, moss-covered trees and behind the giant ferns to find the master of camouflage.

Strain your ears to listen to soft paws hitting the ground as the giant catwalks through the jungle floor, hunting you with its eyes. Will your luck and your sense be enough to help you outwit this wild feline?

The panther is prowling the reels to see what hidden wins he can pounce on.

Follow his lead and in this Prowling Panther Slot Review for September 2021, find out how you too can make a killing in coin wins, multipliers, and maybe even the jackpot!

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About Prowling Panther Slot Game

Prowling Panther Slot is an animal-themed slot game that focuses on the life of the Panther in the jungle. It also shows the different animals the panther hunt and encounters every day.

The Prowling Panther Slot happens deep in a lush, green forest with hanging vines and trees covered with moss. Ferns and bushes line the bottom of the screen. Even the sunlight streaming in has a green-yellowish tinge.

Prowling Panther has five reels. Reels 1 and 5 have three lines each while reels 2 and 4 have four lines each. Reel 3 has five lines. Prowling Panther Slot was last updated in early 2020.

Set in the deep thick jungle, with lush green trees and spiralling vines, is the bright green and blue reel. Parrots, toucans, panthers, and golden emblems fill the board along with brightly coloured letter symbols as the reels spin to the game’s upbeat ethnic tune.

The lion may be the king of the beasts, but in the jungle, the panther reigns supreme. He prowls in the night, and hides among leaves in the day, perfectly blending in, never to be spotted. He is black as night and as swift as a flying arrow. You only see him when he wants to be seen. He is the top predator.

Just like this mighty hunter, IGT Software provides players with this high volatility video slot with five reels and 720 paylines. 

In this game, players can expect to learn from the master hunter himself as he creeps through the reels looking for wilds, scatters, free spins, and multipliers. Patience is key to landing the prized prey, and if you hone that skill, you might win the stacked wild and 2x multiplier.

Like the jungle, the game is filled only with animal symbols and bright letters with the colours of the spritely parrot’s feathers, or the blues of a rare jungle flower. Although there are no bonus games to look forward to, players can expect a lively and entertaining graphic animation as the animals pop to life whenever wins land.

Learn to hunt for your prize, feel the anticipation build just before you land the kill, just like a panther would in the wild while stalking its prey. This is your time to shine. This is your time to be the top predator. So, sink your claws into the game, and seize everything it has to offer you. The jungle is filled with hidden prizes, just waiting to be devoured.

How to Play Prowling Panther Slots Online

To be the best hunter, here are some things to remember:

  • Click the (+/-) icons to set the number of coins to wager during the round.
  • Press the Choose Coin icon to set the value of the coins.
  • Finally, you can click Spin to begin the game.

Prowling Panther Slot is only playable on desktop computers, laptops, and Chromebooks.

Explore the forest’s bounty by playing from any mobile (Android or iOS) device, or even from a PC/ Desktop device.

Interactive Features

Prowling Panther Slot provides its players with extra bonus features to help them win bigger prizes in the game.

Panther Symbols

The different symbols in the Prowling Panther Slot are the birds found in the jungle with the panther. This includes a Scarlet Macaw with brilliant red feathers and the Tucan with deep black plumage. The other symbols in the game are the royal playing symbols. This includes the 10, Jack and Queen. The Prowling Panther Slot symbols also include the King and the Ace.

2x Wild and Stacked Wilds

The wild symbol in the Prowling Panther Slot is the 2x tile with a neon purple glow. This symbol counts as two winning symbols whenever it completes a winning combination.

The wild symbol only appears on reels 2 to 4 and can substitute for the other symbols in Prowling Panther Slot except for the gold panther scatter. This icon can award players with multipliers as well.

Scatters and Free Spins

The golden image of the panther represents the scatter symbol. Landing this will award players with some free spins. Getting extra scatter symbols during the multi-way extra feature will result in multiplier wins.

Multi-Way Extra

During this feature, players have 720 ways to win. Players can expect the symbols to give payouts when they are adjacent to one another. Also, extra multipliers will be awarded for any additional symbols found on top of each other.

Prowling Panther Slot Autoplay

The Prowling Panther Slot has the Autoplay feature. This feature allows the players to automatically spin the reels for several rounds to play Prowling Panther Slot conveniently.

What Symbol Triggers the Prowling Panther Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Prowling Panther Slot has a bonus feature free spins round to increase the wins of the player further.

The scatter symbol in the game is a golden panther head. Landing the golden panther scatter symbol on five consecutive reels in a single spin triggers the free spins round. It also awards the player with 1x the total bet combination that triggers the bonus free spins.

When the Prowling Panther Bonus Free Spins triggers, the player receives eight free spins. If more than one golden panther scatter symbol combination is present, each combination awards eight free spins. These free spins are then added together.

The Prowling Panther Slot player receives the total number of free spins.

It may seem like an impossible feat that may not be worth it, but rest assured it is. During this round, players can catch some extra scatter symbols to win multipliers and stacked wilds or get as much as 96 extra spins.

Paylines and Stakes

Prowling Panther Slot is a game with 720 ways to win. The 720 paylines are a feature made possible by the Multiway Xtra series of IGT.

The paylines in Prowling Panther Slot only pay one way, from left to right starting from the leftmost reel. The 720 paylines in the game are fixed, meaning that they cannot be adjusted.

There is a reason the beautiful creatures of the jungle are becoming rare. It is because they come abundantly in this game and are hunted so often by the lurking panther. To begin the hunt, players must place a bet ranging between 1 to 50 coins per spin. 

This action unlocks the jungle adventure filled with high and low-paying symbols. Catching the golden panther scatter may be a difficult feat, but landing the other symbols won’t be as hard. Hunting down these can result in the 50,000 coin jackpot prize. 

Watch out for the black panther, the red parrot, and the toucan for they make up the higher-paying symbols, with the panther being the most valuable one. Landing 2 to 5 of his kind on the reels will result in a payout ranging between 25 to 500 coins. Whereas landing 3 to 5 of the birds can pay players a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 250.

The card symbols (A, K, Q, J, and 10), on the other hand, can fetch players as little as five and as much as 80 when 3 to 5 of a kind land on the reels.

Prowling Panther Slot Game Software

Prowling Panther Slot is powered by IGT Software.

IGT is one of the top manufacturers of online slot games and slot machines around the world. All the clients of IGT are legalized casinos, providing quality service born from innovation and a deep understanding of technology.

What is the Prowling Panther Sot RTP?

The RTP of the Prowling Panther Slot is 94.09%.

This return rate is a great estimation of the wins that a player can expect whenever they play Prowling Panther Slot. The rate predicts that for every pound placed as a bet, the player may win back at least 95 pence.

Slot Volatility

The variance range Prowling Panther Slot game is medium to high.

A medium to high variance range promises that though average to high wins are sporadically awarded, the wins are great.

Playing Prowling Panther Slot longer means more chances to win bigger prizes.

This volatility level means the game provides players with generous payouts, but the win pays are quite rare.


Prowling Panther Slot is a great game with a fresh take to the jungle theme that is relatively common in slot games. The slot game is easy to play and easy to learn, and the combination of the paylines and coin value range help it cater to a wider audience with different budgets. The most notable feature in Prowling Panther Slot is the 2x Wild, which expands the win by counting as two symbols instead of one.

This slot is not for the faint of heart; after all, it takes a brave soul to conquer this high volatility game. Like a predator, this game will be out for your wallet and might find you easy prey if you do not exercise caution when placing bets.

But, despite this fear, this game poses a good challenge that any seasoned player will be more than willing to play, thanks to its lack of more helpful bonus features and its high volatility. The illustrations and graphics are superb and lifelike, as it aims to bring players on a real adventure for their wins.

No prey is easy to catch, but they are worth the effort in the end, just like this game. It is a high stake, high win type of slot. So, if you are up for the hunt, then try this reel out for a spin.

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