Bridesmaids Slot Machine

Join in on the fun, and all the fighting, that ensues as an unlikely group of bridesmaids work together to give their friends the perfect wedding she deserves. Will you be the best bridesmaid ever?

Learn how to land big wins with wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus games, and free spins in this Bridesmaids Slot Review.

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About Bridesmaids Slot

Bridesmaids Slot is a slot game with a theme that is based on the movie with the same name. The slot game follows the misadventures of a group of women who were the bridesmaids of a common friend.

Bridesmaids Slot is an online video slot game with 5 reels and 4 lines on each of the reels. The slot game was first released on the 6th of August, 2015.

Bridesmaids Slot has a pink background with a pattern made of circles of different sizes. The slot game has a cheery pop song playing in the background. The colours in the Bridesmaids Slot are bright pastel pinks, light blues, deep magentas, and whites.

Bridemaids Slot has some impressive storytelling that effectively sets the scene of the gameplay through visual and audio graphics.

All winning combinations are also highlighted with smooth transitions and animations.

How to Play Bridesmaids Slot Online

If you want to start playing Bridesmaids Slot, there are some things you need to prepare. Here are the steps to take whenever you play Bridesmaids Slot.

  • Players can begin adjusting the game elements by controlling the coin size. The Bridesmaids Slot coin size can be adjusted using the + and – buttons on the control panel. Players can place as little as 0.01 coin size on an active payline for one round. The biggest coin size that a player can place for one round in a single payline is 0.1.
  • When the player is done controlling the coin size, the player can start turning the reels using the Spin button.

Bridesmaids Slot has been designed and optimized by designers so that it can be played using different devices. It is available on phones and tablets with either Android or Apple operating systems. It can also be played on desktop computers.

Interactive Features

The Bridesmaids Slot gives its players several special features that can help a player win more prizes.

Bridemaids Icons

The Bridesmaids slot game has many symbols that are aligned with the theme of the game. All the low paying symbols in the game symbols from classic playing cards. These low paying symbols include the suit of clubs in the colour blue and the suit of diamonds in the colour green. It also includes the suit of hearts in the colour orange and the suit of spades in the colour red.

All the high paying icons in the game are based on memorable characters from the movie. These include Becca over the purple background and the blonde girl named Rita who has a blue background.

The other high paying symbols in the game include Megan with the green background and another blonde named Helen who has a pink background. This pay range also includes a third blonde named Annie who has a yellow background.

Of all the symbols in the Bridesmaids Slot game, the highest paying symbol in the game is the bride named Lilian. Lilian is the lady with a white dress and red background.

Bridesmaid Wild

In the Bridesmaid Slot game, the wild symbol is the game title with the movie cover. This symbol has the bride along with her bridesmaids leaning on a brick wall. This wild symbol can take the place of other symbols in the slot game to form more winning combinations across an active payline. The only special symbol that this wild symbol cannot replace is the scatter.

Stacked Wild

In the Bridesmaids Slot base game and during the free spins round, the wild Bridesmaids symbol may land stacked on the reels. This means that more than one wild symbol can appear on one reel.

Bridesmaid Autoplay

In the Bridesmaids Slot game, players have the option to turn the reels automatically. This option is called Autoplay. It allows players to set the number of rounds that the reels spin without interruption.

What Symbol Trigger the Bridesmaids Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The Bridesmaids slot game has a bonus free spins round and a bonus game for its players.

Scatter Cupcake

In the Bridesmaids slot game, the scatter symbol is a cupcake with a flower-shaped frosting on top. Whenever the player lands this symbol on three or more consecutive reels, the Wheel Bonus game starts. This scatter cupcake symbol can also award players with wins.

Wheel Bonus

After being triggered, the Wheel Bonus game feature brings the player to another screen. In this screen, there is a wheel that the player spins that will show the player which bonus round will be played.

Cupcake Booster

This booster comes in the form of a batch of cupcakes. Before the bonus game starts, the player chooses a cupcake to receive a booster. Boosters can:

  • augment all pink cash prizes
  • augment all blue cash prizes
  • augment all cash prizes on the wheel
  • add 2 extra wheel pointers

After the player learns which bonus game is awarded, the player proceeds to another screen to play.

Boutique Bonus

When the wheel lands on the Boutique Bonus round, the player has to play a matching game, matching the bridesmaids to win bonus multipliers and cash prize. If the player manages to play this bonus game longer, they can expect to win bigger bonuses.

The Boutique Bonus ends when the player matches the icons of the bride.

Magic Moments Bonus

The Magic Moments bonus game awards players with prizes. In this bonus game, the player goes through the different events from the movie. If the player selects the carrots, the Magic Moments Bonus ends.

Friendship Free Spins

In this Bridesmaids Slot Free Spins bonus, the player has more chances of winning with stacked symbols. In this free spins round, the Annie symbol appears stacked on the first and second reel. The other stacked symbol is Helen that will appear stacked on the fourth and fifth reel.

In this feature, the Lilian symbol appears stacked on the third reel. Lilian is also a wild symbol for the Annie and Helen symbols.

Flying High Free Spins

In this Flying High Free Spins round, the players receive 10 free spins. This feature also has the Rolling Reels and Growling Wilds feature active as added bonuses.

Rolling Reels

The Rolling Reels feature awards multiple consecutive wins to players.

Growling Wilds

The Growling Wilds feature stacks increase by 1 Wild per spin. Up to 13 stacks can be stacked on a reel.

Paylines and Stakes

Bridesmaids Slot is an online slot game that has five reels and four lines. For a player to win prizes from the Bridesmaids Slot game, they have to form a winning combination with at least three matching symbols across an active payline.

For every active payline, only the highest paying winning combination is paid.

The smallest bet a player has to place in the Bridesmaid Slot for every round is 0.4 and the most a player can place as a bet on each round is 4.

The paylines in Bridesmaids Slot are fixed, meaning that the player cannot change the number of active paylines. All the paylines pay one-way, with winning combinations forming from the left reel to the right reel. Bridesmaids Slot gives players 40 way to win on every spin.

Bridesmaids Slot Game Software

Bridesmaids Slot was developed using IGT software.

IGT is a leader in the online gaming industry. The company has been a forerunner in developing casino games for both inland and online casinos. It has also been providing inclusive gaming services, taking into consideration the welfare of all of its stakeholders. IGT has established relationships with many online companies to produce slot games with branded themes.

What is the Bridesmaids Slot RTP?

Bridesmaids Slot has an RTP of 96%.

The 96% return-to-player rate gives players a quick estimation of the wins they can expect from the game. The rate explains that every 1 pound placed as a stake may give players at least 96 cents in return.

What is the Bridesmaids Slot Variance?

The variance of Bridesmaids Slots is within the medium range. A medium variance range explains that for regular wins are consistently awarded in the game. Playing Bridesmaids Slot longer means having more opportunities to win bigger prizes.


Bridesmaids Slot has many features that make it a fun and interactive game. The different bonus games, such as the Boutique Bonus game and the Magic Moments Bonus game, help the players earn more profit from the slot game. On top of this, the Friendship Free Spins and the Flying High Free Spins add even more opportunities to win more jackpots.

Including a progressive jackpot to the Bridesmaids Slot game may help make it more popular. The Bridesmaids Slot game is as exciting as the movie it was based on.

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