Rock the Boat Slots

If you’re a fan of the king of rock, then it’s time to rock the boat.

This slot machine is based on the charismatic rockstar and one of his famous songs. If you’re looking for an exciting game that’s packed full of action, you’re in the right place.

Rock the Boat Slots is a 3-reel, 1 payline, online video slots game, powered by Microgaming. The medium variance casino game has an RTP of 95.58% and an Elvis theme. Bonus features, like Elvis Wilds, could help you win up to £8,000 in real money! The minimum bet is £0.25 and the maximum bet is £10.

Make the most of the simple yet enjoyable slot machine as you spin the reels.

Read our full Rock the Boats Slot Review, we were sceptical before writing this but after an in-depth review, we discovered some incredible details about the jackpot, wild symbols and free spins.

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Play Rock the Boat Slots Online

They play this game in two values: one coin or two coins. With the two coins, your winnings will double, so it may be worth to spend the extra coin.

The denomination of the coins ranges from 0.05 to 5. You can bet one or two coins in each spin. Each time you choose between the one coin and two coin possible winning combinations.

There are nine possible winning combinations. Still, Elvis wild is the only feature you need to focus on. This feature acts as both Wild and multiplier.

Multiplying your winnings four times when betting with two coins. The following are some winning combinations with different symbols.

Slot Info

Rock the Boat SlotsAttributes

Casino Game:

Rock the Boat Slot Game


1 pay line


3 reels slots


Microgaming Casino Software

Minimum Bet:


Max Bet:



Medium Variance Slots



Slot Theme: 

Elvis Music

Bonus Features:

Elvis Wilds

Max Win:


Free Spins:


Release Date:

1st January 2013

About Rock the Boat Slots

Rock the Boat is a traditional slot game portraying a classic American theme: Elvis.

Are you a fan of Elvis?

This is the slot for you. With the great king of rock and an accompanying guitar. With chord sound effects, micro gaming becomes another thing.

The jackpot of these 3 reels, one pay line, is four thousand coins. Which is a bit on the low side, but if you bet higher coin values, the winnings will be more significant.

How to Play Rock the Boat Slots

Two values can play this game; one coin or two coins. For two coin wagers, the wagers are larger, but the winnings are also double that of one coin so the extra money can be worth it.

Coin values are 0.25 to 5, and they can bet one or two coins per spin ranging between one and two coin gains

A range of 9 winning combinations are available and the only thing you have to think about is the Elvis Wild, which works as both Wild and a multiplier which may quadruple the bonus when you bet two coins.

Besides the one-and-two coin variations and the wild Elvis, it is simple. The accompanying pay table shows the potential gains with the different symbols.

Do you want to try your luck in the world of online gambling?

Rock the Boat Slots Free Spins

There are no free spin features on this game, it’s been created the same as a timeless classic. With its three reels and basic design, it is easy for both new and existing players to spin.

Although there are no free spins, you can play for the multipliers, the jackpot and the wild symbols.

Interactive Features

You can enjoy other features of this three reel video slot, it comes with fun graphics and some features.

You can enjoy the jackpot of 4000 coins and wild symbols.

The wild symbols are an Elvis icon and they can be substituted for any other symbol.

Paylines and Stakes

The pay line refers to the line in a slot. Which comprises a winning combination of symbols which are usually three or more.

For instance, a 5*4 slot will have 25, 30 or 50 pay lines which can be vertically, horizontally or diagonally across the reels.

How do pay lines work? Check the information about the game and paytable carefully. To understand how much you will spend and the possible winning combinations.

Choose the amount of coin, and then you can adjust the lines’ number if the game allows. Try out a few combinations of coins and lines until you find out the strategy that works best for you.

Rock the Boat Slots on Mobile Phone

Play Rock the Boat on your smartphone for real money.

With mobile technology advancement, you don’t have to stay chained to your desktop to be online. Smartphones will help you to access emails, mobile gaming, and also connect with friends.

Most people carry their tablets or smartphones with them at all times. For this, mobile gaming is an efficient method. For players to take part in their favourite slot games and online gambling.

They have developed the games in such a way it is a fully operational casino. That you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Rock the Boat Slots Graphics Design

As a typical micro gaming classic slot game. Rock the Boat will have at least a theme that is inspired by Elvis, the king of Rock.

The game’s title describes the background picture you will see. A view of a lighthouse, with a person impersonating Elvis sitting on a rowboat and a guitar.

The non-themed symbols are the ones that have single, double, and triple Bar logos.

Rock the Boat Slots Software

This Rock the Boat game utilises Microgaming software.

It’s a fast-paced video slot game that has been created by Microgaming, a famous provider that have been known to win awards.

Although we know all about Microgaming, we trialled this game for ourselves and we are happy to say that it was fast, seamless and without interruptions.

Rock the Boat Slots RTP

For Rock the Boat, the RTP is 95.58%.

Return to the player in Rock the Boat is calculated by dividing the total amount of cash returned to players by the total amount bet placed by players.

Slot Volatility

The slot volatility of Rock the Boat video slot is of medium variance.

That means you can expect frequent wins as well as big wins too.

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Rock the Boat slots is one of our favourite Microgaming slot games in October 2021.