Spellbound Slots

Cast your spell and get real money wins in return, when playing this 3 reel slot machine.

The site showcases some classic concepts but the fusion has also incorporated a range of bonus features.

Spellbound Slots Slot Game is a 3 payline, 3 reel slot powered by Microgaming Software. With a max win of 6000x, plenty of bonuses and an RTP of 96.11%, Spellbound Slot Game is a fun experience for all types of players, regardless of if you are betting the minimum 0.25 credits or the maximum of 15.

In this Spellbound Slot Review, we sum up the site and all its features- enjoy the wild symbols, free spins and other bonus rounds.

We take a look at the slot game in November 2021, read on for everything that you need to know.

Best Spellbound Slot Sites

From our research, we have created a list of the Best Spellbound Slot Sites in November 2021:


Play Spellbound Slots Online

Are you thinking of ditching the old 3-reel machines?

If that is the case, then why not try this enormous success from Microgaming? Using the magic of this slot can make you win without compromising the timeless feeling.

The game has some fantastic features. It has Celtic like design and a sorceress with a redhead that can help take you to the supernatural world.

Spellbound Slots

Gamers find spellbound icons on the reels, like, a spectacular owl and a blooming red amulet.

Other parts of the reels have a classic feeling, an old description, and triple & double BAR icons.

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Slot Info

Spellbound SlotsAttributes

Casino Game:

Spellbound Slots Slot Game


3 ways online slot


3 reels slots games


Microgaming Games

Minimum Bet:

0.25 Credits

Max Bet:

15 Credits



Slot Theme: 

Magic and Spells

Bonus Features:

The Mystery Cards, Pot Bonus

Max Win:


Free Spins:


How To Play Spellbound Slots

The game has a nostalgic design with a reverie theme. It’s accompanied by other extra features as well. Yet, it lacks bonus games and extra free spins.

As the multiplier feature, the charming atmosphere of the bonds also attracts players.

When playing always keep the following in mind;

  • Players have the right to select one, two, three paylines.
  • A payline becomes active when the player uses one, two, three coins. Paylines usually represent active coins on reels.
  • The value of the coins ranges between 0.25 and 5.00
  • The least bet can be as low as 0.25, while the highest stake can be 15 credits.
  • The winning amount interferes with how the player chooses their paylines.

Spellbound Slot Free Spins

Spellbound Slot Free Spins No Deposit As they say, “the best things in life are free.” You can play this game online without any investment. You don’t need to register or download anything, either. These are among the latest available slots that you can play.

When these enchanted wands get to the reels, cast a spell to transform the symbols.

Interactive Features Of Spellbound

This game comes with plentiful bonus features and lots to celebrate. Make the most of real money wins on this video slot whilst also getting hold of free spins and more.

Spellbound slots come with several amazing features that make it stand out, such as;

The Mystery Cards

Any time you spin these particular cards, they might change and become your lucky wins.

Base Game

The spellbound slot appears when the base game is on and accords the following:

  • Turning one reel wild.
  • Adding crazy symbols to unsystematic positions.

Free Spins

If you land on any spell books on any reels, you will start spinning for free with one of these ‘upgrades.’

  • Wild Columns- reels five, and one goes completely wild until the spin is completed.
  • Royal removal- Each symbol with low values becomes useless after every spin.
  • Wild multiplication: Winning combination awards a multiplier that increases by an extra wild.
  • The expanding reels –it’s reels increase to 5×4 and about 1024 different ways to win.

Pot Bonus

When you’re playing a typical game, any symbols that appear go to the right side of the cauldron. After that, the feature lands a random activation that enables you to pick a playing round.

This will make you strive to move around these reels by getting green arrows.

If you get to the last point, you win any award that shows up on that reel. It could be 50x the bet on reels one to 500x on reels five

Paylines And Stakes

Each of the paylines that you chose determines how much cash you’re going to win.

Spellbound Slots Reels

If you go with more enormous stakes, you can increase your winning amount. Thus, if you go with a payline or a single coin, you can win up to 1500x the stake.

And, if you go with two paylines, you can win a stake of up to 3000x. This goes as high as 6000x with three paylines.

Spellbound Slots On Mobile

Spellbound video slot is a mobile slot game that can be enjoyed from any iOS or Android device.

You won’t need to download a mobile phone app, instead visit the site that you’re using from your mobile phone’s web browser. From there you can play as normal, enjoy a fully functional slot game and play whilst on the move.

Spellbound Slots Graphic Design

If you’re a micro-gaming enthusiast, then the spellbound screen layout won’t surprise you.

On your top left, you will find the reels. The pay-table is always on your right hand. And, you’ll find your main graphics below the screen.

The spellbound slots have the most vivid graphics.

The witch is always staring at you. The fact that her hair serves as the background of the slot title gives it a remarkable effect.

The reels appear curved with old symbols.

It doesn’t have a unique sound effect. Expect casino sound effects, beeps and whirrs when you win. And for you to see the awards you won, wait for a glistening light from the pay-table.

Spellbound Slots Software

Spellbound video slot is a software by Microgaming. The launch of this software was in September 2005. It comprises mysterious coloured graphics with a Celtic feel.

Spellbound Slots RTP

It has the RTP ranging at an average of 96.11%.

Sometimes you might assume that this game is too much, but it’s the best way to go. Who knows, you might end up changing things.

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Spellbound slots is one of our favourite Microgaming slot games in November 2021.

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