Golden Dragon Slot Machine

Can you feel the dragon’s fire? Where there’s gold, there’s bound to be a dragon lurking nearby. They can sniff out the treasure from miles away and when they see what they want, they come swooping down to get them. This online slot is loaded with gold so it won’t take long for a fiery beast to find it.

Golden Dragon Slots is a 3-reel video slot game with 5 paylines and a fantasy theme. Powered by Microgaming, this medium variance casino game has an RTP of 93.5%. Win some prizes like the £25,000 jackpot using the Dragon Wild Bonus Feature or the paying icons like the bar, sword, and shield symbols.

Experience the power of the golden dragon when you play this online slot! But dragons are tricky creatures. Learn how to conquer this online slot machine game when you read this Golden Dragon Slot Review.

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About Golden Dragon Slot Game

Long ago, dragons were believed to roam the earth searching for food and treasure. Their eyes would glisten at the sight of gold and jewels so they would make it a point to collect as much as they could. They also guarded it fiercely, so much so that no human dared go near it.

Until now. Thanks to Microgaming, players can now get near enough to the dragon to get his hoard of prizes and wins in this 3 reel, 5 paylines classic slot game. The Golden Dragon slots has three reels with five paylines – the most common type of slot machines. With this, the Golden Dragon Slot makes for an uncomplicated game as it’s straight forward and only has one bonus feature.

Despite the lack of more helpful features, the Golden Dragon Slot game will give players the luck to have good earnings. This eastern take on a common slot machine game will pay up big. And as if challenging a dragon for gold wasn’t enough, to up the challenge, the game only gives off a wild bonus feature. There are no scatters, bonus games, or free spins to look forward to. However, there is an 80x jackpot prize to be had.

The reel comes with an Eastern theme. The golden dragon who guards his treasure shows on the bottom part of the reel image — vivid colours of red and gold make-up most of the graphics. In keeping with the simplicity of this slot machine game, the graphics are of 2D quality. The visuals on the reels are excellent since they won’t confuse the player.

There are no multipliers in this game but to enhance the game, Microgaming has included interactive sounds for winning combinations.

Now, the golden dragon classic slot requires a flash player to start. As it is a classic slot, is not available for play on mobile phones. So, what are you waiting for? Challenge the dragon and see if he will find you worthy of his treasure and you may even end up with the jackpot win!

Slot Info

Golden Dragon SlotsAttributes

Casino Game:

Golden Dragon Slot Game


5 pay lines


3 reel slot 


Microgaming Slot Games

Minimum Bet:


Max Bet:



Medium Variance Slots



Slot Theme: 

Gold, Dragon, Fantasy

Bonus Features:

Dragon Wilds

Max Win:


Free Spins:


Release Date:

January 2002

How to Play Golden Dragon Slot Online

The player starts by betting on the pay lines to activate. The least amount of bet is one coin per pay line. The largest bet is five coins per pay line. If you’re undecided, you can always choose the “Bet Max” button which allows you to place the maximum amount of coins per spin. Once the player chooses which pay lines to activate, the reel starts. Activating all pay lines gives a better chance to land a winning combination. Three of the same icons on an active pay line make a winning combination.

Interactive Features

As an extra feature of this game, Microgaming has made it simple. There is only one additional feature and that is the wild bonus feature. The “wild” in this classic slot is represented by the Dragon Head icon. The wild dragon symbol may replace other symbols to get a winning combination.

What Symbol Triggers Golden Dragon Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There is only one dragon and he serves as the game’s wild symbol. Now, as there is only one bonus feature to be had in this slot game, players can expect to rely solely on this bonus alone. There are no scatters or additional icons so no free spins can be triggered or activated.

Paylines and Stakes

This game is a classic slot machine. There are five pay lines to activate before a spin. Remember that a player may activate as little as one pay line. Activating all five pay lines gives a better chance to win.

The smallest bet a player can make is one coin, and the biggest is five coins. Placing the most bet will activate all pay lines. Once the 5th and last pay line is active, the player has a chance to win 5,000 coins as a jackpot. The 5,000 coins are the largest win of this slot machine game.

Now, we mentioned that the game’s icons can create payouts whenever winning combinations are landed. So, keep an eye out for these as the winning combinations on this game are:

  • Any BAR icon on the reels is four coins.
  • 3 single BAR icons give ten coins.
  • 3 double BARs icons give 40 coins.
  • 3 triple BARs icons give 60 coins.
  • 3 Swords and Shield icons give 80 coins.
  • 3 Dragon wild symbols on the centre pay line give 1,000 coins.
  • 3 Dragon wild symbols on the top reels give 1,500 coins.
  • 3 Dragon wild symbols on the bottom reels give 2,000 coins.
  • 3 Dragon wild symbols on the top-bottom diagonal pay line give 2,500 coins.
  • 3 Dragon wild symbols on the bottom-top diagonal pay line give 5,000 coins.

Golden Dragon Slot Game Software

The Golden Dragon Slots software is provided by Microgaming.

This gaming provider is known for developing the world’s first online casino software as the first mobile casino in 2004. Since then, they’ve been responsible for a multitude of exciting games! They also launch a new game monthly which they now make available on all platforms.

What is Golden Dragon Slots RTP?

Golden Dragon Slots has an RTP payout percentage of 93.5%.

A slot machine’s RTP or Return to Player value determines the amount of winnable income per spin. So, each player can expect to get a payout of £93 for every £100 bet. This is fair in terms of a player’s chances of winning and, if £1 is wagered per spin, then players can expect to get a fair amount of winnings by the end of the game.

Slot Volatility

This slot has a medium volatility rating. That means that players can expect some decent amounts to come from the game albeit in a semi-frequent manner. Now,  this shows the simple gameplay and this draws more beginners to this game as the rate allows the game’s payouts to be more easily or readily accessible. So this Microgaming slot is one of the few slots that are truly beginner-friendly.


If you’re in the mood for a more casual game, then this is the one to spin. The simple, straight to the point graphics and theme make for a good and easy game that’s great for experienced players who want a more relaxed game or those who are fairly new and are still getting used to the slot game.

Even though the game only has one bonus feature to work with, it actually doesn’t leave players wanting as the payouts do land frequently enough for players to gain some good amounts throughout the game. So, if you’re up for some medieval play with a golden dragon and his treasure trove, then take this slot for a spin and see just how much gold the mighty fire-breathing dragon is inclined to give you!

This great Chinese themed slots game comes with amazing graphics and keeps you feeling immersed throughout your experience.

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