Deep Sea Dosh Slot Machine

Do not let the tides get you down when you play Deep Sea Dosh Slots. Shout out a loud “Shell, yeah!” with every big prize you win in the game.

Deep Sea Dosh Slots is a 3-reel video slot game with an ocean theme and 1 payline. Powered by Microgaming, this high variance casino game has an RTP of 96.5%. To gain that, you can use the mix of classic and themed symbols like cherries, lemons, oranges, crabs, fish, pearls, and mermaids.

Explore the secret underwater kingdom ruled by Neptune himself and win awesome prizes.  Keep reading our Deep Sea Dosh slot review to learn more about this top game.

Get your sand dollars ready and reel in a big catch with this slot machine.

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About The Game

Deep Sea Dosh slot is one of the many online games developed by Microgaming. It is a video-based slot game released in 2009.

The game has three reels and it works around a single payline. This is a marine-themed, classic casino slot.

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Deep Sea Dosh Slot Game


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Treasure Chest Bonus

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Under the Sea Themed Slot Design

Deep Sea Dosh Slots is set in the depths of the deep sea.

The reels of the game are set against the ocean floor with a scheming shark peeking in from the side. The reels have a mermaid and a merman guarding it on either side. It is placed in the middle of the screen.

The paytable and value symbols are found at the right side of the reels. The multiplier is found in the left side.

There are also treasure chest symbols that hold hidden treasure at the upper half of the screen.

Like almost all the games developed by Microgaming, this one has symbols that are in line with its theme. It successfully combined traditional slot-game fruit symbols with marine-themed symbols.

How to Play Deep Sea Dosh Slot

Deep Sea Dosh Slot is a three-reel game that is perfect for the beginner slot gamer. It has a single payline that runs right across the middle of the reels

To begin playing this slot machine, first, adjust the coin size. The smallest coin size available in the game is 0.1. The biggest coin size in the game is 10.

After setting the coin size, set the bet on the payline. The payline only holds one coin per spin.

Finally, let the reels start rolling by clicking on the green clam button. Sit back and watch the rewards come in waves.

Paylines and Stakes

The single payline of the Deep Sea Dosh slot makes it a good introductory game for newbie gamers.

To win in this slot game, a player needs to line up three symbols in a row.

The symbols are cute combinations of fruit and marine symbols with different pay values. There are nine symbols in Deep Sea Dosh slots.

The fruit symbols have a lower pay rate. The fruit symbols in the game are the following:

  • Cherries
  • Lemons
  • Oranges

The marine-related symbols have a higher pay rate. The symbols in the game are:

  • Crab
  • Yellow Fish
  • Pearl
  • Mermaid
  • Merman

One traditional slot symbol in the game is the bar symbol.

These symbols have different pay values that affect the prizes that a gamer can win. Landing a combination of a symbol in all three reels can win a gamer a big prize depending on their bet.

In ascending order:

  • Landing three Cherries will pay a return of bet
  • Landing three Lemons will pay the bet multiplied twice
  • Landing three Oranges will pay the bet multiplied by four
  • Three Bars on the reels will give a multiplier of 8
  • Landing three Crabs in the reels is equal to a multiplier of 10
  • Three Yellow Fishes in the reels pay time 20
  • Finding three Pearls will pay times 40

The highest paying symbols in the game are the merman and the mermaid. The mermaid pays a multiplier of 80. The merman pays the bet times 500 if a gamer manages to land it on all three reels.

There are no free spins available within the game but be sure to look out for free spin offers from some of the top slot websites.

Interactive Features

Deep Sea Dosh Slots does not have a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. However, the game has other features that make up for this.

The game has the nudge and the hold as the additional features. Each of these two can be strategically used during the game.

  • Nudges are randomly awarded to the players. A player can then shake the reels to change the symbols that have already landed.
  • Hold gives the gamer the power to stop one reel from turning while the other reels continue turning.

There is a neon sign found right above the reels. The phrases that flash on this sign can help gamer increase their winnings. These messages are the Shifta and the Let’em Spin.

  • Shifta – If the shifta appears on the signage, it means that after every non-winning spin, the shifta feature can put the reels into a winning combination.
  • Let’em Spin – The Let’em Spin gives the gamer a guaranteed win once it flashes on the screen. All a gamer has to do is press the Spin button.

Deep Sea Dosh Slot also has a bonus game involving the treasure chests. The bonus game is randomly triggered.

When the bonus game is triggered, the reels slowly fill with water. As the water pours in, a set of chests containing random multipliers open. This sends an offer to the gamer.

If the gamer accepts the offer, the bonus game is over. If a gamer rejects the offer, more water fills the reels and another set of chests open with another offer.

When there are no more chests left to open, the last offer will be applied.

What is the Deep Sea Dosh Software?

The Deep Sea Dosh slot game is powered by Microgaming software.

If you’ve played at the top slot sites before you are probably familiar with this provider. They run many of the most popular games so you can be sure it’s a top-quality game.

Deep Sea Dosh Slot RTP

The Deep Sea Dosh Slot RTP is 96.5%.

This is a fairly good Return to Player value which is similar to many games from the Microgaming software platform. It’s definitely worth giving this game a go for the possible returns.

Slot Variance

This ocean-themed game has high slot volatility.

So it’s great for players who are chasing those big wins. The game may not pay out as often as some others, but when it does you can generally get a bigger prize.

Check out more games with high slot variance to see similar options.

Dive Into the Ocean

The Deep Sea Dosh is a fun and interactive game for both newbies and veteran gamers. The simple payline and additional features deliver on the promise of hours enjoyment while winning big prizes.

Dive deep into the sea of slot games with this popular slot machine.

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