FairyTale Legends: Hansel & Gretel Slot Machine

If you have a sweet tooth, then get ready to stroll around the dark forest in search of some wins. But be careful! Don’t forget to leave some breadcrumbs behind so you can find your way to the jackpot. Witches are lurking about so keep an eye out for them and their delectable treats.

In this Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel Slot Review, Learn how to navigate your way through the forest to get as many of the witch’s wins as you can.

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About Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel Slot Game

Just like in the classic fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, this slot game’s colourful and whimsical candy background lures in players just like the candy house called out to Hansel and Gretel.

Another game developed by NetEnt software, the Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel is a five-reel and ten pay-lines video slot. Filled with fun bonus features that help the players to win more, this game lets players embark on a journey around the forest while meeting all the well-known characters such as Hansel and Gretel and even the (in)famous candy house.

Inspired by one of the most memorable childhood stories about two siblings, Hansel and Gretel, NetEnt software made a slot that fully immerses players into the magically eerie world of Hansel and Gretel. The design of the slots themselves mimics the main thing that lures in the children – candy! Bright, colourful, tasty looking candy captures players just like how it hypnotized the children from the story.

The reels are transparent and put against dark night background; the game allows the characters and symbols to shine. To add to the effect, the entire game is accompanied by whimsical sound effects.

How to Play Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel Slot Online

Before roaming the London streets, here are some tips and tricks for you:

To begin, you the number of coins you want to bet or click the Max Bet button to set the maximum bet available. Once you are satisfied with your bet amounts, you can click the Spin button to begin the game. For uninterrupted gameplay, you can opt to press the Autoplay button.

For players, young and old, the Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel is now available on PC desktops as well as mobile devices like Androids, iPhones, iPads, and tablets. You can play this on demo mode or for real money anytime, anywhere!

Interactive Features

Fairy Wonder Spin feature. This is a feature where a cluster of 5 and 9 game logo symbols appear for one spin. This allows players to win up to 400x the bet.

The Fairy Surprise feature. This bonus can be triggered randomly during the main game. This feature randomly chooses a symbol which then turns all other symbols on the reel into the chosen symbol until the player gets a winning combination. This allows players to win over 31x the bet.

Fairy Wild Spin feature. This occurs when two full stacks of wilds appear on reels one, two, four, and five during the main game. This feature triggers the Stacked Wild Re-Spin feature. This allows players to win over 400x the bet.

Treasure Chest bonus. The treasure chest acts as the scatter symbol. This bonus symbol appears on reels one, three and five in the main game.

Candy House Bonus feature. For this feature, players get to pick three out of fifteen items; each one corresponds to a multiplier prize. After picking the three items, players can choose between receiving the average value of the three multipliers or pick 1 of the 3. This feature allows players to win 120x the total bet.

Coin win feature. This feature gives players a cash amount of 15x the total bet. This feature also awards players with the Free Spins feature (10 free spins). This allows players to win up to 400x the bet on every free spin.

Stacked Wilds. These wilds only appear on reels two and four in the main game and reels one and five on the wild re-spin feature.

What Symbol Triggers Fairytale Legends: Hansel and Gretel Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Golden treasure chests are always a good sign. For this game, players must try to land at least three gold chest symbols to trigger the free spins bonus feature. Let the chests of gold lead you to countless spins and infinite wins.

  • Two free spins can be triggered by landing one golden chest symbol on the reels.
  • Four free spins can be triggered by landing two golden chest symbol on the reels.
  • Ten free spins can be triggered by landing three golden chest symbol on the reels.

Paylines and Stakes

0.10 to 200 coins can get you far, especially when you’re taking an adventure through the dark woods with Hansel and Gretel.

Explore the woods to and try to pick up as many bread crumb wins as you can. When you bump into the fairy, hold out your hands, and wait for the free spin prizes she has in store for you. Players can win anything from 2 to 10 free spins by landing some golden chests on the reels.

Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel Slot Game Software

Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel Slots is another classic slot game from NetEnt Software.

NetEnt Software is one of the software providers known for leading the way with unique and premium online games. They provide players with digital entertainment on all platforms including games for mobile play.

What is Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel Slots RTP?

The Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel slots is a non-progressive game, and has a high RTP of 96.7%.

Slot Volatility

This game, thanks to the high volatility rating, is not exactly a walk in the park. Players can expect some good payouts but these seldom arrive, but when it does, the wins come tumbling down.


Hansel and Gretel’s adventure through the woods is not for the faint of heart or those who are looking for an easy game to kill time with.

No, this game poses a good challenge as well as some fun, interactive, and exciting features that make for good gameplay experience.

This game may be entertaining, but it might be suited for more practised or expert players as caution needs to be exercised when placing bets.

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