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The world is ending, and the zombies have finally come out to rule. As the only human left, you have to start hoarding all the coins and prizes before the zombies get to them. Will you survive the breakout? Find out when you read this Zombies Slot Review.

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About Zombies Slot Game

Halloween is coming, and the undead is ready to rise. Run for your life! Waves of zombies are making their way around town in this five-reel, 20 pay-line slot game. If the undead is free to roam the streets, you will have to take extra care to get those wins. Be on your guard and light on your feet, or they might just find you.

In this scary slot game, put all those zombie movies to good use and survive to win the jackpot! Survive by hunting for wilds, scatters, and free spins to help you gain some good wins while making your way to the jackpot.

Push through all the gore and panic, collect your weapons, and run as fast as you can and into the reels to land great wins. NetEnt has come up with a game that will have players guarding their brains.

If you are not afraid of bloody brains, gorged out eyeballs and the thought of gruesome zombies invading your space, then this NetEnt Software is definitely up your alley. Imagine living the plot of the Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead and all your favourite zombie movies alike. How do you think you would fare?

Would you be victim early on in the game or would you tough it out and survive? In this thrilling game packed with good and nasty surprises alike, players will have to fight for survival. Do not bother playing nice with the undead. It’s either them or you, you choose.

From the beginning, players will be brought to an empty shopping mall, zombies lurking left and right. If you thought this game would be easy, you would be wrong. With infinite ways to win, the zombies counter that by guarding the coins. Kill them, get the coins, win. That is all you have to know.

Do not let the gore and blood of the symbols, and creepy background music scare you. You are the only human alive in a cesspool of hungry zombies. Kill them before they get you and win prizes as you go along.

How to Play Zombies Slot Online

Ready to fight off the hoards? Stay alive with these tips and tricks:

  • Click the Bet Value (+/-) section to set the value of the coins per spin.
  • Click the Bet Level (+/-) section to set the amount to bet.
  • Start the spins when you press the Spin button or Autoplay button.

Have you ever thought about how you would fare during a zombie apocalypse? Now you can from the safety of your own homes by playing on any mobile (Apple and Android), tablet, or PC device.

Interactive Features

Wilds. The wild symbol is represented by letters that spell out “wild”. This symbol can substitute for other symbols apart from scatters. There are two kinds of wilds: Stacked Wilds and Random Wilds.

  • Stacked Wilds. This wild appears on reel 3. This symbol can cover one part of the reel or the whole reel.
  • Random Wilds. This wild appears randomly, upping players’ chances of winning.

Scatters and Free Spins. The wild symbol is represented by the biohazard tube image. This symbol can appear on reels 2 to 4. Landing 3 or more scatter symbols on reels 2 to 4 will trigger the free spins feature.

What Symbol Triggers Zombie Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Sometimes, players need to head toward the biohazard symbols instead of avoiding them. For in this video slot, players must land three or more of these to get free spins. When this feature is triggered, players will get five free spins. In between each free spin, players will be treated to a video snippet of you killing zombies. Each zombie you shoot during this snippet will result in how much you win.

Paylines and Stakes

Landing the 1,000 jackpot prize can be as easy as placing a bet of 0.01 to 0.5 coins per spin. In doing so, players will not only have a chance to gain that jackpot as well as the symbol payouts that come from the high and low-value symbols.

The chainsaw, gas mask, brain, eyeballs, and other weapons serve as the higher-paying symbols. Landing 3 to 5 of a kind of these can award players a minimum of 25 coins and a maxim of 1,000 coins.

Whereas the lower-paying symbols (A, K, Q, J, and 10) can bring players lower, but still good, amounts. Players can win anything from 4 to 120 coins whenever 3 to 5 of a kind land during a single spin.

Zombies Slot Game Software

NetEnt Software has brought this gory and lifelike game of Zombie slots for players to enjoy.

NetEnt Software is leading the way with unique and premium online games that provide digital entertainment on all platforms. They now provide games for mobile play.

What is Zombies Slots RTP?

In this non-progressive video slot game that has an RTP of 97.2%, players will get a chance to win some coins, possibly hit the jackpot, all while surviving the reign of the undead.

Slot Volatility

This is a medium variance game. That means the game provides players with pretty low or fair payouts, but these only land semi-frequently. Players may still get good winning amounts, although it might take longer to land them.


If you’re obsessed with zombies and post-apocalyptic worlds, then this slot game will definitely have you engrossed and spinning the reels for hours on end. The game is both immersive and generous and provides players with fantastic and smooth gaming experience.

Although, players with more experience may benefit from this over players who are new to this kind of game as it still does require a specific level of skill to land some wins.

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