The Wolf’s Bane Slot Machine

Once upon a time, dark and sinister monsters roamed the Earth. Humans were nothing but toys, playthings that were hunted by such terrors. Among those creatures was the werewolf – the most terrifying of them all. His breath sent chills on even the hottest day, and his stare could make the strongest man turn to stone.

It was rumoured that defeating such a beast would bring unsurmountable treasures. Test your bravery and your skill, for, in this Wolfs Bane Slot Review, you can find out if you are strong enough to go against him to steal his prizes or if you too will be captured by the wolf.

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About The Wolf’s Bane Slot Game

Travel back to the 18th century, to the era where fire and swords were your only defence against the darkness. Grab your torches and ready your spear, be alert for the wold could be near. He’s on the prowl, and the medieval villages know it. The bone-chilling game of Wolf’s Bane is a five-reel, ten pay-line horror-themed video slot that showcases the terror of the werewolf.

The townsfolk are ready for the hunt, with their pitchforks and rifles and shovels. Join them on the quest to hunt down and defeat the bloodthirsty creature and search for his wilds, scatters, free spins, and other bonus features he may have hidden.

But be wary, the moon is full and night is cloudless. More challenging for you to win the jackpot, and easier for him to see you all.

Sink your teeth into the deceptively realistic animations and graphics of the Wolf’s Bane slot game. The game will take you to a small, dark medieval village that is riddled with werewolves and other creatures of the dark. Players are welcomed by the loud howl of the beast himself. Ravens cawing accompanies you as you play the reels as if marking your imminent loss.

The abandoned, muddy streets are clear of both mortal and beast while you play, yet the sound lingers, making every hair on your neck stand as you play along.

The characters and symbols on the reels are all bloodied as if already victimized by the werewolf. His sharp claws claw at the reels every time players make a winning combination, as this seems to be his bane. Join the brave village people and hunt down the werewolf. You might even find a pot filled with gold should you be successful.

How to Play The Wolf’s Bane Slot Online

Hunt him down before he hunts you. Here are some reminders you should take note of:

Click the Coin Level and Coin Value (+/-) sections to set the number of coins and their value. You can press the Press Fast Forward to set the speed at which the reels turn. Now, when you’re ready to begin the game, you can click the Spin button for one spin or the Autoplay button for uninterrupted gameplay.

The Wolf’s Bane is a thrilling adventure slot game that will strike fear into anyone’s heart. You can play from under the covers or on the streets if you are brave enough to walk alone. The game is now accessible from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Interactive Features

Scatter. The Scatter symbol is the full moon image. Landing this can result in some free spins.

Wild. The Wild symbol is the werewolf man image. One out of four wild symbols will be picked at random to feature in the free spins.

  • Regular Wild
  • Expanding Wild – This wild will expand to cover the whole reel to generate a win.
  • 2x Multiplier Wild – This feature will add a 2x multiplier to any win.
  • Spreading Wild – This feature will turn the adjacent symbol into a wild symbol.

Bonus Game. This bonus is the Pick and Click game. You can trigger this feature by landing three of the ‘man with crossbow’ images. This feature is triggered if that image lands on reels one, three and five only players will get to choose one bonus symbol. Prizes of the bonus symbol vary from 5x and 50x your bet.

What Symbol Triggers The Wolfs Bane Slot Bonus Free Spins?

In the light of the full moon, magic ensues, and man becomes a wolf. By landing three or more of the full moon scatter symbols, the free spins feature will be triggered.

  • Three full moons will award players with ten free spins.
  • Four full moon scatters will award players with 20 free spins.
  • Five full moon scatter symbols will award players with 30 free spins.

Paylines and Stakes

Landing the 500x multiplier jackpot is about as tricky as capturing a werewolf. But by placing a bet between 0.10 to 100 coins per spin, players can get a chance to do so.

By placing the bets, players unlock a game that shows players both high and low-paying symbols. Keep an eye out for the villagers such as the man with the gun, the woman with the candle, the man with the shovel, and the girl with the green bottle.

They make up the higher-paying symbols. Players who can land anything from 3 to 5 of a kind on the reels, players can get as little as 0.75 coins and as much as 25 coins.

But if they elude you, the lower valued symbols are still there to support you. By landing 3 to 5 of a kind of the A, K, Q, or J symbols, players can win anything between 0.25 coins to 5 coins.

The Wolf’s Bane Slot Game Software

NetEnt Software brought about the Wolf’s Bane video game.

NetEnt Software provides digital entertainment on all platforms. They now provide games for mobile play.

What is The Wolf’s Bane Slots RTP?

Creeping into a high RTP of 96.74% is the non-progressive Wolf’s Bane video slots game.

Slot Volatility

The game offers low payouts as the variance level is low to medium in rating.

The pay might not be what you’d expect, but they do happen often enough to land some substantial wins.


You can’t go wrong with this thrillingly entertaining game. This online slot game is great for those looking for a less challenging game as it is perfect for players of all levels. The bonus features are quite plentiful, and they do offer assistance now and then so players will be sure not to leave the game empty-handed. The theme, graphics, and overall presentation of the game are spectacularly chilling, so if you’re up for some fright night gaming, this is the slot to try out.

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