Reel Rush 2 Slot Machine

Are you in need of a little adrenaline? Then re-visit the land of sweet treats and sugar rush. Feel the excitement kick in once more as you see the mounds of sweet treats from a different perspective. Spin now so you can satisfy your sweet tooth for big jackpots one more time.

Find out what made the original version of this game an instant classic while experiencing new twists filled with wild symbols, re-spins, and free spins in this Reel Rush 2 Slot Review.

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About Reel Rush 2 Slot

This thrilling and scrumptious sequel is a game with five reels and between three to five rows. The game does not have any paylines. It’s time to turn up the madness so, instead of paylines, it gives players 3,125 maximum ways to win.

The game was released in December 2019. Now, Reel Rush 2 has many special features that can help a player win big prizes. So, you get to relish in the delectable 200 jackpot prize.

This online casino slot has a similar graphic feel as the original game. The landscape is the same as Reel Rush, with Reel Rush 2 looking in from another perspective.

The background of the game is a geometric forest made of rectangular trees and mountains with rounded corners. The trees and mountains are in different shades of green. The forest floor is littered with orange and violet mushrooms.

A tunnel is at the lower part of the screen. Train tracks cut across with three purple wagons. The reels are made five rows of blue tiles with a letter R in a blue star. Only the third row of the first and fifth reels are unblocked. The second and fourth reels have the three middle rows unblocked while the whole third reel is unblocked.

The game logo and the meter for the super tokens are on the left side of the reel. To the left is the Free Spin meter made of empty stars.

All the essential buttons to play the game can be found on the control panel. The control panel is at the bottom of the screen. The buttons are in blue and yellow accent colours.

How to Play Reel Rush 2 Slot Online

There are a couple of things that a player has to set up in order to play this game. These are the coin values and bet levels.

  • The coin value is adjustable using the – and + buttons on the right side of the control panel. The lowest coin value allowed in the game is 0.01. The highest coin value available is 0.2.
  • The bet level is the number of coins placed as a bet in one level of gaming. One bet level in Reel Rush 2 can hold 20 coins. The lowest bet level to play is one while the highest bet level is 10.
  • After customizing the coin and bet levels, players will simply have to turn the reels using the round Spin buttons. Now, if a player wants to play the slot with the highest possible stakes, you can do so by using the Bet Max button.

Rush into winning the jackpot wherever you go. Reel Rush 2 is available on tablets and mobile phones. The game is playable on Apple and Android devices.

Interactive Features

Reel Rush 2 gives its players several sweet special features to help them win bigger prizes. These features include a wild symbol, rounds of free spins, and a whole set of random special features.

  • Golden Wild. The wild symbol in Reel Rush 2 is a golden tile with the word Wild over a star. The wild symbol can substitute for other symbols in the game to complete winning combinations. The wild symbol can only appear on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels.

This symbol can appear and take effect in the base game, the re-spins, the free spins, and the Super Free Spins. 

  • Super Token Meter. The Super Token Meter is on the left side of the reel. Each time a tile clears out, 1 to 5 tokens join the Super Token Meter. The combination of the bet level and the coin value determines the Super Tokens available in the Super Token Meter. The values in the Super Token Meter are adjusted when the player changes the bet size.
  • Reel Rush 2 Re-spins. When a player lands a winning combination on the reels in any spin during the base game, one re-spin is triggered. Every time a player lands a winning combination during the re-spin, another re-spin is triggered. A player can earn up to five re-spins.
    • First Re-spin. The first re-spin clears the second and fourth blocked rows on the first reel. This spin gives a player 135 ways to win.
    • Second Re-spin. The second re-spin clears the second and fourth blocked rows on the fifth reel. This gives a player 405 ways to win.
    • Third Re-spin. The third re-spin clears the first and fifth rows on the second reel. This gives a player 675 ways to win.
    • Fourth Re-spin. The fourth re-spin clears the first and fifth rows on the fourth reel. This gives players 1125 ways to win.
    • Fifth Re-spin. The fifth re-spin clears the first and fifth rows on the first reel. This gives players 1875 ways to win.
  • Reel Rush 2 Random Features. The wagon below the reels carries random features that can be activated during that spin.
    • Second Chance. The Second Chance symbol is a big red heart surrounded by floating smaller hearts. This random feature re-spins the reels when if there is a no-win situation. Winning combinations do not clear out blocked tiles unless the Block Breaker feature is awarded at the same time.
  • Block Breaker. The Block Breaker feature unblocks 2 or 4 tiles. The reel expansion follows the clearing pattern in the re-spins.
  • Random Wilds. This feature lands 1 to 3 wilds on the reels randomly. The random wilds cannot be placed over a wild, a blocked tile, or the first reel.
  • Symbol Multiplier. A randomly chosen symbol on the reels will receive an x5, x10, x15, or x20 multiplier for all the wins with the chosen symbol. This multiplier cannot apply to the Wild symbol.
  • Symbol Upgrade. A random symbol will be chosen after the reels stop turning. This symbol will be upgraded to the next higher paying symbol in the paytable—the upgraded symbol substitutes for all instances of the original symbol.
  • Extra Free Spins. The Extra Free Spins symbol is a set of golden hearts. This feature awards one extra free spin.
  • Extra Super Token. This feature adds 1 to 15 tokens on the Super Token Meter.
  • Multiplier Boost. This feature increases the Multiplier Meter by 1.

What Symbol Trigger the Reel Rush 2 Bonus Free Spins?

Reel Rush 2 gives its players a bonus spin round.

  • Free Spins Meter. The empty stars to the right of the reels are the Free Spins meter. Whenever two blocked tiles are cleared during the base game, the Free Spins meter fills up one star. When the Free Spins Meter is filled, and all the blocked tiles are removed, the Free Spins round triggers.
  • Free Spins Round. When the Free Spins is triggered, the player is taken to another screen to spend the Free Spins. In this feature, a player has three options: Buy Super Tokens, Gamble Super Tokens, and Start Using the Free Spins.
    • Buy Super Tokens to reach 2000 tokens and activate the Super Free Spins round.
    • Gamble Super Tokens gives a player the chance to play the Super Free Spins round with the current amount of Super Tokens.
    • A player can start playing the Free Spins round with Free Spins or 8 Super Free Spins.
  • Super Free Spins. When this feature is triggered, all the wins are multiplied by the Progressive Multiplier. The meter is on the right side of the reel during the Super Free Spin round. Every time a winning combination lands, the Progressive Multiplier increases. The Multiplier Boost also increases the Progressive Multiplier.

Paylines and Stakes

To win at Reel Rush 2, a player has to land three or more matching symbols in any position on three or more adjacent reels. The combination has to be formed starting from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.

The symbols in the game are made of different kinds of candies. The ones with lower payouts include the oval candies in different colours. On the other hand, the icons with higher payouts include the rectangular candies in various fruity flavours.

Here are the pays each symbol starting from the lowest payer the highest payer. The first value beside each symbol is the pay for a three-of-a-kind followed by the payout for a four-of-a-kind. The last value is the pay for landing five matching symbols across adjacent reels.

  • Purple Candy = 1, 5, 10
  • Green Candy = 1, 5, 10
  • Yellow Candy = 1, 5, 10
  • Orange Cangdy = 1, 6, 12
  • Red Candy = 1, 6, 12
  • Blueberry Candy = 5, 10, 20
  • Grape Candy = 5, 10, 20
  • Watermelon Candy = 7, 15, 30
  • Orange Candy = 7, 15, 30
  • Pineapple Candy = 8, 25, 100
  • Strawberry Candy = 10, 50, 200

Reel Rush 2 Slot Game Software

Reel Rush 2 is a game released and developed by the company NetEnt.

It is a video-based slot game. NetEnt officially migrated to HTML5 in 2017, so the game runs on this software. Reel Rush 2 is on Instant Play format. This kind of design enables players to not have to download any application or other software to play the game. The game is accessible directly on the host website.

What is the Reel Rush 2 Slot RTP?

Reel Rush 2 has an RTP rate of 95%.

This is the current average rate in the industry.

What is the Reel Rush 2 Slot Variance?

Reel Rush 2 Slot is a game with medium variance.

The variance means a player can expect to land average wins throughout the game.


Reel Rush 2 is an excellent sequel to a classic game. The quirky music and visual design are inviting to both novice and experienced players. The many unique features in the game offer more chances to win bigger prizes.

The RTP rate of the game is good enough to assure players of high jackpots. Adding a progressive jackpot can increase the appeal of the game. All in all, Reel Rush 2 exceeded the expectations of a sequel.

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