The Wish Master Slot Machine

Do you want to know how you can make all your wishes come true with a simple click of the reels? Well, arising from the tale of a faraway place, of sultans, magic carpets and castles filled with rare jewels come the wish master – the Genie.

Enter if you dare, for, in The Wish Master Slot Review, you can wish for the jackpot or want for more spins. Ask for anything that will help you land a win. Rub the lamp to set him free, and he will awaken to grant you wishes, three!

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About The Wish Master Slot Game

Do you think it’s easy being a genie in a lamp? Granting wishes is tricky business. Your wish may be his command, but if you do not prove worthy, then you may go home empty-handed. Step into the world of Arabian nights to play with the Wishmaster himself. The game consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines and rides on multiple wild features.

Explore the treasures of the cave, find the lamp and unleash the Genie. It is time to make your wishes come true.

The Wish Master starts by bringing players through the cave of wonders, with gems, jewels, and treasures on each side. As you go deeper into the cave, players will find the Genie’s lamp – the ultimate treasure in the cave.

The deep, rich colours of the graphics and illustrations give everyone a realistic perspective of what it is like to be in the Arabian setting. It will lure and intrigue the magpie in every player.

As you begin to play, soothing Arabic flute tunes fill the background, rooting players into the theme. The moment you begin the spin, the sound of numerous falling coins fills your ears.

This game exudes richness and wealth, making players think of the ways to win spins, multipliers and the jackpot. Meeting the Genie himself, who is as mystic and frightening as anyone could imagine, is a sight to behold. The Genie, with his glowing, burning red eyes, and hands that shoot out flames, will make any player think twice about what wishes they hope to ask for.

Though everything about this reel is captivating and exciting; the Genie may take centre stage, but even the symbols are well thought of and planned. From serpents to scorpions and beautifully illustrated felines, the reels wholeheartedly captured the culture of Arabian nights.

How to Play The Wish Master Slot Online

Wishing can get quite tricky, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you with your wishes:

Firstly, adjust the number of coins per line as well as the value by clicking the (+/-) section. If you don’t want to decide on the value, you can always click on the “Max Bet” button in order to put the highest amount of coins per spin. Then, you can either click the Spin button to start one spin or the Autoplay button for a set of uninterrupted spins.

Originally being accessible only through PC online play, The Wish Master has since been upgraded. Due to the HTML5 format, it now lets players access the game on any PC, mobile or tablet device.

Interactive Features

Scatter Symbol. The scatter symbol is the scroll symbol.

Extra Wild. The additional wild symbols are the lion and snake symbols.

Wild Reel. The wild reel is triggered by the reel that contains the scatter symbol.

Expanding Wild. The wild symbol can expand to award players with a wild reel.

Random Wild. After each spin, two random wilds will appear on the reels.

Multiplier. This feature will award a 2x or 3x multiplier. This feature will award a 6x multiplier if both multipliers appear.

What Symbol Triggers The Wish Master Slot Bonus Free Spins?

As this game relies on wilds, there are no free spins to be had. The Genie can grant all your wishes save for the free spins bonus feature.

Paylines and Stakes

When you think about it, wishing for a 750 multiplier is truly a prize to wait for. Though, before anyone can make any wishes, players must first place a bet between 1 to 10 coins per spin.

Doing so will begin the game filled with excellent paying symbols, with both high and low values.

The pink snake, orange tiger, green scorpion and the blue bird all act as the higher-paying symbols of the bunch. Landing 3 to 5 of these on the reels can award players anything from 30 to 750 coins.

Whereas the lower-paying symbols (A, K, Q, and J) pose as the lower-paying symbols. By landing 3 to 5 of a kind, each player can win amounts as little as five coins and a smooch as 100 coins.

The Wish Master Slot Game Software

The Wish Master video game and its HTML5 format were made possible by NetEnt Software.

NetEnt Software is a household name as they are known in the gaming industry for providing players with unique and premium online games. Their games are accessible on all platforms, including mobile play.

What is The Wish Master Slots RTP?

The Wish Master is a non-progressive slot game that has an RTP of 96.6%.

Slot Volatility

Low to medium in variance, this slot offers low payouts, but they frequently happen enough so players will have a chance to gain some substantial amounts.


This online casino slot is a fun and entertaining game suitable for all levels of players. It has a limited range of bonus features, as most of them are wilds or multipliers, but depending on these symbols may be more beneficial than not as they can bring in more winning combinations to the board. So if you’re up for a magic-filled game, then this slot is one to try out.

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