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They were the proclaimer of heroes and the goddesses of the arts; the muses proclaimed stories for our ancestors to hear.

Each one was blessed with a special gift. Worship these goddesses, and you may just be blessed with infinite riches. Find out how to please these proclaimers of heroes and get their blessings by reading this Muse Slots Review.

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About Muse Slot Game

Many aeons ago, back when the earth was new, only the ancient Greek gods reigned the world; gods and the muses. If you, like Hercules and the other ancient Olympians, wished for talent and luck, fame and fortune, you would have to pray to them, hoping against hope that you would be blessed with their gifts.

Wander down to a seaside village in this Greek-themed 5 reel, 25 pay-line slot game, NetEnt Software presents players with a welcome only these daughters of Zeus can give. They will be by your side on your journey to greatness and watch as you win over obstacles and even gain some wilds, scatters, and free spins along the way.

If you succeed, you might even make it into Olympus! You can reach for the heavens or settle with the jackpot instead. Since the Muses are known as the goddesses of the arts, the reels are set to reflect the arts – that involves music, writing and poetry, food, and the like.

In this game, NetEnt had gone above and beyond. Rather, they had reached Olympus’ level when they produced this slot game. The illustrations on this slot bring meaning into the mythological creatures known to ancient Greek culture.

The reels are colourful and inviting, with the soft pink and purple hues of the clouds, the wine and even the muted gold tones of the other symbols. The background is very reminiscent of how stories depicted Olympus and the great theatres, and it was all cleverly brought to life in this game.

Now, it may seem impossible – to venture into the unknown and try to earn the love of the muses. But, if you are devout, they may just give you a generous helping of wealth that no mortal will be able to fathom. Now that is the gospel truth.

How to Play Muse Slot Online

Try not to anger the gods. Here are some tips the Ancient Greeks have for you:

  • Click the Bet Value (+/-) section to set the value of the coins per spin.
  • Click the Bet Level (+/-) section to set the amount to bet.
  • Either click Autoplay or Spin once you’re ready to begin the game.

Players can make their way to Olympus from any mobile (Apple and Android), tablet, or PC device.

Interactive Features

Wilds. There are three wild icons available in this game, represented by three muses. These wilds can substitute for other symbols except for the scatter and multiplier symbols.

  • The 2x Wild Multiplier. The redhead muse represents this wild symbol. This symbol can double your wins.
  • The Sticky Wild. The violet-haired muse represents this wild symbol. This symbol will keep the wild in place as you take another spin.
  • The Expanding Wild.  The brunette muse represents this wild symbol. This kind of wild will expand to cover the entire reel.

Scatters and Free Spins. The sandal with wings represents the scatter symbol. Three or more of the scatters can trigger the Free Spins feature.

What Symbol Triggers Muse Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Flitting through the reels can be easy if you manage to land some sandal scatter symbols. By landing 3 to 5 of these on the reels, players can get as much as 30 free spins. Thankfully, in this game, the gods are very giving as well as the free spins feature can be retriggered.

  • Three scatters will give players over ten free spins.
  • Four of the scatter icons will reward players with 20 free spins.
  • Five scatter symbols will reward players with 30 free spins.
  • The muses can reward players with additional wilds during the free spins feature.

Paylines and Stakes

The generosity of the gods goes as much as giving players the chance to win a 5,000 cash jackpot. But they do not give without first receiving anything. So, players must lay down a bet ranging from 1 to 10 coins per spin.

Only then will this godlike game begin. The muses present players with high and low-value symbols during the game to help gain some wins. Keep an eye out for the harp, scroll, paint set, chalice and grapes as these act as the higher-paying symbols.

Players who can land anything between 3 to 5 of a kind of these can win amounts varying from 10 to 500 coins. In contrast, the lower-paying symbols (A, K, Q, J, and 10) can pay players a minimum of 2 coins for landing 3 of a kind, and a maximum of 100 coins for landing 5 of a kind.

Muse Slot Game Software

The gift of the muses was made possible by NetEnt Software.

If you’re looking for premiere games online that provide digital entertainment on platforms including mobile play, then look no further than NetEnt Software. They are currently leading the way with their unique and entertaining games.

What is Muse Slots RTP?

This non-progressive video slot game has an RTP of 97%.

Slot Volatility

The Muse Slot is a medium variance kind of game. Having this kind of volatility means the game provides players with pretty good payouts, but these only land semi-frequently. Players may still get reasonable winning amounts, although it might take longer to land them.


This is not for the feeble or weak-hearted. When you deal with the gods, prepare to offer up something you may not be ready to part with. In the case of this game, it’s your amount bets. The variance of the game lets players win some excellent wins from the muses, but it may take a while to make any substantial amounts. So, since that’s a bit of a challenge, players with more experience are encouraged to give this shot a try over those who are just getting to know this kind of game.

It can be pretty generous, though, especially with the few but beneficial bonus features. These do, however, don’t land every second so players must still exercise caution when placing bets.

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